Our Association with the Minnesota State Horticultural Society MSHS

If you have been wondering what our relationship with the MSHS is and what benefits we get from this relationship, you will be interested in the information below coming directly from the MSHS website.

Beginning in the 1930’s, MSHS developed special membership programs for individuals who had joined a local garden club. These garden club members gave – and still give – the society and their community’s time, donations, energy, enthusiasm, and ideas. Today, 130 statewide garden clubs are affiliates of the MSHS and nearly 2,000 people are garden club members of the society.

One member from the club can join or all can join as there is not a quantity minimum.

Garden Club members receive year-round member benefits at a reduced rate.

2010 MSHS Garden Club Benefits

  • Six issues of Northern Gardener magazine – Published every other month, this magazine will allow you to track gardening events statewide and learn the latest growing and new plant information. Have ideas for your garden and your club at your finger tips.
  • 15% discount on all merchandise purchases with MSHS – On-line, over the phone, at MSHS or events.
  • A one time 25% off coupon on a merchandise purchase – On-line, over the phone, at MSHS or events.
  • Member discount card good for discounts at nurseries available statewide – Save significant money on your plant purchases.
  • Discounts on classes, events and tours with MSHS – At MSHS, participating nurseries, domestic & international tours.
  • Access to the MSHS library – On-line, over the phone and at MSHS.
  • Garden club member & district awards – Show off your best and brightest! Give your members, club or district the recognition they deserve at our annual awards event and in the Northern Gardener.
  • Speaker’s roster – Statewide list of speakers for your club. Available on-line or hard copy.
  • MSHS E-mail newsletter – Emailed every month so we can keep in contact - MSHS news, events & information.
  • Garden club district support funds – Your district will receive funding back for each garden club member of MSHS in your district. Funds can be used to educate your region on the leading topics in horticulture today.
  • Northern Gardener calendar of events – Your club may list your meetings and special events in the calendar of events in theNorthern Gardener and on our website.
  • Discounted membership with the MN Landscape Arboretum, Como Park Zoo and Conservatory and the Walker Art Center.
  • NEW or Lapsed (12 months or more) also receive a $25 merchandise credit with White Flower Farm mail order nursery! Must join for a full year – pro-rated memberships do not qualify.
Levels Available

$35 - Individual garden club member – all above benefits apply for one person.

$38 - Dual – all above benefits apply for two people at the same address.

$50 - Household – all above benefits apply for one or two people at the same address plus they receive two tickets to the Spring Mpls. Home & Garden Show and two tickets to the Minnesota Home & Patio Show.

How it Works

  • If you are joining thru your club, one of your officers will take payment & forward your name, address & payment on to MSHS. (Some clubs prefer that you join directly thru MSHS, please check with one of your club’s officers to see which they prefer.)
  • If you are joining directly with MSHS, please send your name, address, telephone, email, the garden club you belong to and the level at which you are joining to MSHS.
  • Members can join MSHS at any time throughout the year.
  • Your subscription will start with the next issue of the magazine and you will receive your membership card within two weeks.
Please contact me with any questions or if I can help you join MSHS. I also welcome the opportunity to attend one of your garden club meetings and share all of the great details about joining MSHS.

Lisa Williams – Hardman
MSHS Membership Coordinator


One more Expo picture!

Sooo cute!

Madison Expo

A great time was had by all

Correction to meeting minutes and a note from Joann

Joann Gray of Sunshine Gardens wrote to thank us for inviting her to talk about her much beloved coral bells--our pleasure, Joann. She asked us to make one correction to our minutes to prevent a possible disaster in the spring. We had:

Some of the tiarellas can take full sun.

That should be some heucheras can take full sun

Joann warns that tiarellas are shade lovers so should not be put in full sun.

I have made the correction in the minutes.

Joann will be coming to our March meeting to present on small water features. Can't wait! Can't wait for spring!!


February 2012 Meeting Minutes

February meeting for Burnett Garden Club Feb . 9, 2012

Members present were: Wanda B., Pam D., Kris H., Mary G., Mary C., Lucille D., Janet B., Georgianne K., Linnea S., Becky and Tim T., Sue A., and Cindy K.

Pam called the meeting to order at 6:35.

The minutes from the January meeting are on the blog for all to view.

The treasurer had no report, but we do have money in our account.

Committee reports: None

Old Business:

At the January meeting, Nicole Peterson, from the Grantsburg Chamber of Commerce spoke to us about the Chamber, what they do and all of the benefits that they provide for their members. Tonight, we discussed the idea of the garden club joining the Chamber of Commerce. Do we want to take advantage of the advertising that it would provide? If we join, do we need someone to go to the meetings? Pam D. agreed to be our contact person, if we join. We discussed the cost of $50 for our club, which is a non-profit. Do we want to pay out $50, would we get enough out of it to make it worthwhile?? We agreed to table the discussion and pick it up again at the March meeting.

New Business:

We discussed starting up an email account for the Garden Club so people may contact us by computer.Who would monitor it?

Dean at Wood River Garden Store gave Mary G. a copy of an awesome new magazine "Wisconsin Gardener". Mary passed the copy around for all to view. Dean will offer the magazine at his store. If you subscribe for 1 year through Wood River Garden Store, Dean will offer a 10% discount on items at the store. 1 year = 6 issues for $20.00.

Go to www.wisconsingardeningmag.com to view the magazine.

Kristie H. reported that she mailed out the Club booklets to those who did not attend the January meeting, when the booklets were passed out.

Dean has invited the Garden Club to come to his store for an early preview of items he has available. He would like us to come in April. He opens the store on April 21, but we get a sneak peek! We discussed a few different dates in April and voted. It was decided, by the majority, to go on Saturday April 7th at Noon. We can look through the store and go somewhere afterwards for refreshments and our April Meeting.

The treasurer spoke for a short while about the money in our account. Do we want the Club to be on a budget? Do we want to have a spending plan? Do we want to be accountable with our money? Do we want to have some money that we Save, some for Expenses, and some to Give Away?? Our plant sale in June is true income. Do we want to discuss the possibility of scholarships for Master Gardeners, spend on advertising, etc? How do we want to categorize our income and expenses?

Mary G., current Treasurer, and Becky T., former Treasurer, will get together before the next meeting to go over the past reports and provide a spreadsheet of income and expenses so see where the Club stands.

Motion was made to adjourn by Kristie and seconded by Mary C.

Refreshments were provided by Becky T. and Georgianne K. Thanks for the wonderful treats.

Joann Gray, from Sunshine Gardens, was our featured speaker for the meeting.
She had a beautiful slide show presentation on Heucheras, Heucherellas, and Tiarellas.

There are at least 150 different varieties of Heucheras. Heucheras prefer humus rich, well drained soil and some shade. Some of the Heucheras can tolerate full sun. All of the plants she mentioned need shelter from the hot afternoon sun. Heuchera "Villosa" will take heat and humidity. The darker leafed plants can tolerate more heat than the lighter ones.

Joann was a delightful speaker and had a very informative and lovely presentation. Thank you very much Joann.

Submitted by Janet Byers


Wisconsin Gardening Magazine!

A new magazine on the market!

Wisconsin Gardening Magazine

Give it a look on-line!

Joann Gray of Sunshine Gardens

Joann Gray of Sunshine Gardens in Cushing gave a great presentation on Heucheras, Heucherellas and Tiarellas. Lots of wonderful pictures of the wide variety of these wonderful plants was provided in a PowerPoint presentation. We are all excited about visiting her at Sunshine Gardens this spring to load up on these great plants.


Sunshine Gardens:

Check out some of these varieties at Joann's favorite Terra Nova Nursery Website:

Terra Nova Nursery on YouTube:
Thanks Joann, for an information packed presentation.