2015 Burnett County Fair-Grantsburg Members Triumphant!!

If you didn't get over to the fair grounds this weekend, you missed some great exhibits and free pie and ice cream. A lot of great cows, horses, chickens and rabbits to see, fun rides and tasty treats. But the best part was admiring all the beautiful plants and flowers competing for recognition.

The garden club can be proud of members Linnea, Becky and honorary junior member McKenzie Harmon!! It would be great to see more members showing and competing next year!

Here are some of the highlights! If I mislabeled any of these, please let me know and I'll make the correction.

Becky's Glads-arrangement of 5 or more stems--1st place!

Becky's dinner table arrangement got 1st and Exceptional!

Becky's bouquet of garden flowers, 1st place

Becky's artistically arranged basket, 1st place

Becky's outdoor mix of 3 or more took 1st and Exceptional!

This is, I believe, McKenzie Harmon's first year exhibiting. She took 2nd place with this fairy garden in one of the outdoor planter categories!

And McKenzie took 1st Place Exceptional with this mixed planter of 3 or more varieties!
Congratulations to McKenzie. Sandra, you must be so proud!!

Linnea took 1st with this mixed planter.

And 1st place Exceptional in the flowering houseplant category

Linna took first with this plant of under 1 year old

And 1st for this flowering houseplant hanging arrangement

These fabulous sunflower where 1st place winners for Linnea as well.

These are just a sampling of the prizes Becky and Linnea garnered for their efforts in both gardening and arranging for display. Let's see how many garden club members we can get to exhibit and compete in 2016 even if in just one or two categories. Maybe Linnea and Becky will do a presentation for the club on how to do this some time in the spring!! Maybe the May meeting??? We could even decide on what we want to exhibit and fill out our forms together at the meeting! 

Our next meeting is September 10, 6:30 PM at the High School, Room 111. Then we have Grantoberfest, September 19!    


Gardens are looking great!

Thank you to everyone who has been weeding and watering at the sign garden and the Memory Lake flagpole garden. They look great!


2015 Garden club picnic @ Charlie & Lisa's

Here are the photos that I took from the Garden Club picnic. Sorry, forgot the food table! We had a small but fun group this time. Lucille joined us and it was great to see her and her Zucchini Casserole was a hit!

Winners in the contests: Lucille-1st for bouquet, Kris & Lisa-tie for 1st for containers (we just split the prize money for 1st & 2nd in two), Charlie Slater-1st in grilling, Lisa Slater-1st in Hostessing, Mary Griesbach-1st in Realty education!

A good time was had by all on Charlie and Lisa's deck!

Thanks again, Charlie & Lisa!

Posted by Kris