Meeting Minute, December 2015

Burnett Garden Club
Dec. 10, 2015
Short meeting @ Christmas Party

  1. President Mary Charmoli called the meeting to order at 8:00 pm.
  2. Secretary’s report was posted on the blog and approved.
  3. Treasurer’s report- Jackie Gerrick. After expenses, current balance is $1,975.73. Report stands.
  4. Old Business:
    1. Cookbook report- Lisa Slater and Jackie Gerrick.
  • 3-ring binder books cost $8.20; can sell for $11-13
  • Spiral binder books cost $4.40; can sell for $8-10
  • Minimums are 100 books with 150 recipes; recipe/culture notes cost additional $0.25 each, but if we type in the books ourselves, we save that .25.
  • Turnaround time is about 30 days for production.
Vote was taken to go ahead with this project, and to get the spiral bound book.
For our January meeting, Jackie will get a firm price from the company and we will set an upper limit on our budget for it.
Each person send in 6-7 recipes apiece to Pam or Jackie, specify the category (appetizer, dessert, etc.), and number them all in order of priority for the book in case we get too many (#1-favorite, #7 can leave out). Recipes need to be turned in by March.
    1. Block quilt report- Lisa. We need about 15 more blocks done to finish the quilt. At the January meeting, we will schedule a get-together and paint more blocks.
  1. New Business:
    1. Think about who could teach the November wreath workshop.
    2. Plant Sale ideas for promotion-Charlene suggested using a Gator-type ATV downtown for promotion (subject to Big Gust Days & Village rules). Susan Augustson does have a mini-donkey we could use with a signboard, too. Tabled until January meeting.
  2. Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.


Another Holiday Potuck come and gone...

Thursday December 10 was our 2015 Holiday Potluck and a great time it was!
We missed all those who could not make it this year.
15 members and 3 spouses attended.
Here are a few moments in the evening (click on the pictures for a bigger view).
Getting everything ready for the arrival of the guests!
Beverage and dessert table

Oops, forgot to move the kitty's scratching post.
Mary C preparing her dish 

Mary G chatting with Rick. Sorry Mary, I got you with your mouth full!

Mary, Kris, Lisa, Linnea and Georgianne
Becky and Tim. Oops, caught Becky in a yawn.    
Left to right: Lucille, Jackie (our new treasurer) Janet, Susan, Charlene and Mary C
Ruth, Kris and Lucille

Charlene, Mary C, Audrey, Jackie, Linnea and Janet

Mary C, our new president for 2016

Audrey, Jackie, Linnea and Janet opening gifts after the dice game

Susan opening her gift with husband Scott

Here is the whole group of members (except for Becky as she had to leave early).
Thanks to Scott Augustson for taking this group photo!
Left to right and front to back: Georgianne, Jackie; Susan, Janet, Lucille, Mary G, Charlene; Lisa, Kris, Pam, Linnea, Audrey, Ruth and Mary C


Annual Holiday Potluck is this Thursday, 6:00 at Pam's house

The holiday potluck is almost here. 

If you did not sign up, no problem. Just bring what you want and come. The more the merrier.

If you have to be late, no problem, better late than not at all, we want to see you!

Need a ride? no problem. Just call a member near you or call me, Kris or Mary C for help finding a ride.

We do welcome spouses/significant others. We also welcome other guests, especially those thinking about becoming members!!

Kris      715 *  689  2333
Mary C 715 *  349  8388
Pam     612 *  978  0234 is the best number to get me at. 

Directions: 216 N Pine Street in Grantsburg. I am half a block north of the post office on Pine Street. 

From east or west on HWY 70 go north at the stoplight in Grantsburg. Stay on this street (this is Pine Street) until you run into my garage--just past the post office. There is demolition of a building going on across the street so I hope there won't be a lot o machinery in the way. 

Hope to see you all here!!

2014 Holiday Potluck at Kris'


2016 Planning Meeting at big success!!

Once again the planning committee, made up of the new Officers for 2016 and committee chairs, got together to plan out our next year calendar. We hope you like what we came up with for you!! We had a great time. Here are a couple of pictures to show you how much fun it is to be an officer or a committee chair and attend the planning meeting!!

What would a planning meeting be without food!! 

We need to get a club selfie stick so everyone can get into the picture!!

Thanks to Lisa for hosting us at Harvey Allen Outdoor Store!


2016 Officers

President-Mary Charmoli 715-349-8388 Webster marycharmoli@gmail.com
Co-President and Secretary-Kris Henning 715-689-2333 Frederic henning@grantsburgtelcom.net
Vice-President-Wanda Biorn 320-358-3858 Rush City, Mn wanda.biorn@grantsburg.k12.wi
Treasurer-Jackie Gerrick 612 270 7247 Grantsburg jrolsen925@gmail.com
Historian-Lucille Danielson, 715-689-2288 Grantsburg lumd@grantsburgtelcom.net
Notification, blog admin-Pam Davies, Grantsburg pameladavies@yahoo.com


Holiday Potluck, Get signed up for the type of dish you want to bring

We will be having our Annual Holiday Potluck on December 10, Thursday 6:00 PM  at Pam Davies' house in downtown Grantsburg. Check the blog tab for Potluck! to see what is needed then let me know what type of dish you plan to bring (or the specific dish if you know--I never know until the last minute). I will try to keep the Potluck! page updated.

The potluck is open to spouses, significant others and friends! as are all meetings.

A little heads up for the new members. You can bring a $10.00 gift if you choose. We do encourage home made items as we have a lot of talented members. We always play a dice game to distribute the gifts. If you choose to opt out that is okay too!

For anyone who wants to carpool or needs a ride be sure to let someone know--me or an officer. No one should miss the party for want of a ride. We have members coming from all over so there will surely be someone handy to pick you up and bring you home!

I will post directions as the dates get nearer.

P.S. to anyone considering joining our club, the holiday potluck is a good way to get to know us. We are a lot of fun!

Meeting minutes, November 2015

Burnett Garden Club
Meeting minutes November 12 2015

The meeting was called to order by Kris H at 7:40 due to the workshop (paint needed time to dry!) Attending were: Kris, Mary C, Rosemary, Mary G, Traci J (new member), Gail L (new member), Georgianne, Pam, Jackie, Lisa, Sue, Charlene, Jennifer (left before meeting), Mark and Teresa (new members), Becky, Tim. ( I think that’s everyone but I’m not sure).
Minutes from the Oct. 8th meeting were summarized by the President as they were posted late. No corrections offered.  Motion to accept minutes, Mary C, seconded Pam. Minutes accepted.
Georgianne gave the treasurer’s report. Beginning balance was $1935.69; funds added brought subtotal to $2049.73 (dues, new members, t-shirt sales). Payouts brought total to $1,922.98 (MSHS memberships, other reimbursements).
New members were introduced—from last month Jackie Gerrick and Charlene Strabel.  This month we have Mark and Teresa Riewestahl, Gail Lando and Traci Johnson. Rosemary has enrolled her 7-year-old granddaughter Dakotah Johnson as a new member – she really wants to be a member.   No other announcements.

Standing Committee Reports.
Holiday in the Park-Lisa & Audrey. Pam suggested setting up as soon as possible for good weather and the ground isn’t frozen, no snow. Lisa plans for wreath from last year. Pam offered metal trees with lights. Lisa suggested anyone can add to the display if they have something to add. Installation will be as time permits.
Special Committee reports—county fair float. Pam plans to decorate her pickup truck bed as a basket full of flowers. Wants donations of artificial flowers.

Old Business
T-shirts available, $10 each. Check blog for sizes still available.
Club cookbooks. Lisa & Jackie. Jackie presented options. Found a likely publisher with good prices and lots of options.  We seemed to prefer the three-ring notebook type. Small run of less than 150 would put retail price at about $13.00. Larger run reduces price substantially, could probably retail at $10.00 with a run of 200.  We need to collect recipes. Pam will digitize any recipes that are hand written if they are mailed or handed over to her.  March 1 is the deadline for getting recipes to Pam. Pam will send out email regarding recipes.
June Garden party in place of June garden/green house tour--third Thursday evening in June. Ruthie will host.

New Business.
Election of Officers for 2016. Slate: Pres-Mary Charmoli, Co-Pres-Kris H., Vice-Pres-Wanda, Treasurer-Jackie, Secretary-Kris H. Charlene moved to accept these officers as the 2016 officers. Pam seconded. Motion carried.

Any Other Business.
Planning committee meeting will be Friday November 20 at 4:30 pm at Pam’s house.
Georgianne suggested we have a meeting where members bring a guest. Pam suggested it be the garden party meeting.  This seemed to be accepted.  Include in old business next meeting to affirm.
Adjourn. Pam moved to adjourn, Mary C seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:10.
Tonight: Workshop on creating wood block quilt panels.
Next meeting: Christmas Party Potluck at Pam’s. $10 gift exchange voluntary. Club provides paper products—hostess procures. Pam will send out email on signing up for potluck.
Refreshments tonight provided by Georgianne and Susan.
Many thanks to Lisa for hosting tonight meeting at Harvey Allen Outdoor Store and providing paint and brushes and a great place to work!! 
Minutes submitted by Pam, edited by Kris H


Meeting Minutes October 2015

Burnett Garden Club
Oct. 8, 2015 Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 6:40pm
Secretary report: The minutes from the Sept. meeting are on the blog. The minutes were approved. Our secretary, Audrey, is not present for the meeting, so Janet will take notes.
Treasurer's report:   We have collected $50 in member dues and $40 in T shirt sales since last month and no expenses for the month. Our total is now $1,935.61. The report was approved.
Sign-up sheets were passed around again for members to sign up for bringing refreshments to meetings, sign up for various committees, list ideas for future programs and workshops for next year, sign up for hosting the Christmas party next year and sign up to have your garden or recommend someone else's garden to be on our Community Garden Tour for next year. We still have openings for providing meeting refreshments and we need lots more ideas for programs for next year.
Pam Davies will host the Christmas party at her lovely home this year. Thanks Pam.
Committee Reports:
Grantoberfest went very well for us this year. We attracted some interest and maybe new members?
Holiday in the park:   Please contact Lisa & Audrey if you can help set up or donate items to be used in the display.
The Welcome to Grantsburg sign is looking very good, the Asters are looking lovely. We had a killing frost that wiped out the gorgeous zinnias.
Pam and Georgianne planted 20 large red tulips at the Grantsburg Library garden. They will add lovely color next spring. Kris will donate some daffodils to plant in the garden, too.
Old Business:
Pam brought the T Shirts that we have left. We have several sizes available and they are only $10 each. Please contact Pam if you are interested.
We are forming a committee to discuss how to re-vamp the Welcome to Grantsburg sign next year.
New Business:
We discussed having a June garden party next year instead of planning an outing going to various garden centers. We scheduled those outings for Saturdays and did not get many people to sign up. We would like to have a garden party on a Thursday evening in June and hope to attract more members with the event on a week night. The hostess will be able to choose a theme, members can decide what dish to bring and maybe we want to dress up?? ** Ruth Andersen has volunteered to host the garden party at her lovely home and gardens** More details to come soon.
We discussed the idea of creating a garden club cookbook with recipes, garden hints and tips, etc. to sell and raise money for the club.
Lisa is willing to chair the committee. New member, Jackie, has experience with creating cookbooks and will check on pricing for us. Thanks, Jackie and Lisa.
We discussed the possibility of creating a float for the Fair parade for next year. Pam has a lot of suggestions. Maybe a member has access to a hay wagon to use or Pam is willing to let us decorate her truck. Pam will chair this committee. We have time since the fair is next August. Never too early to start putting together our ideas.
Other Business:
We will have elections in November.
Mary C and Kris are willing to be co-presidents.
Wanda is willing to remain as vice president.
Secretary and treasurer positions are still open. Please consider being nominated for one of these positions.  *Note—Jackie Gerrick has volunteered as Treasurer.
We will now be using a different room at the High School for our meetings. We will move from room 111 to room 115, which is across the hall way from 111.
In late November or early December the Executive Committee (the officers) will meet to discuss and decide the agenda for next year.
Teresa Halls was a club member, but she moved away to Spokane, WA in early August. Janet gave the club an update on how well Teresa is doing out there. Pam brought in a very nice card that was sent around for club members to write a note to Teresa. Janet will mail the card to Teresa.
Janet and Rhonda provided refreshments this evening. Thanks so much.
Our next meeting will be at the Harvey Allen Outdoor Sports building on Hwy. 70 just west of Grantsburg. Lisa will be hosting our meeting. The members will be painting wooden quilt blocks. The club will supply the primer. Pam and Kris will bring the blocks to Lisa prior to the meeting to prime them. Each member will have a block to paint. Please dress in painting clothes.
We have 2 new members joining the club this evening. Please welcome Charlene Strabel and Jackie Gerrick.
Meeting was adjourned and we started our program for the evening: Gardening with Children presented by Pam Davies and her guest, Sara Jensen.
Pam had many books available for us to look at about gardening with children. Sara gardens with her two small boys. Pam and Sara had a lot of fun ideas about gardening with children, how to keep it interesting and fun for them, how to get them involved because they want to not because they HAVE to help out. Thank you very much to Pam and to Sara for all of the good advice.

Kris Henning brought in extra plants from her fairy garden to share with the club members. Thanks so much Kris.


Meeting Reminder: Thursday, October 8, 6:30 PM, Grantsburg High School, Room 111

We will be meeting at our usual time and place, the second Thursday of the month which comes on October 8 this month (thanks for the reminder Georgianne!), room 111 at the Grantsburg High School, 6:30 PM.

Agenda will include: collecting dues for 2016, sign up sheets for 2016 committees, nomination of officers for 2016. And, planning for 2016.

Our program will be a "directed" discussion on Gardening with Children led by Pam D. Bring your experiences, ideas and questions and lets talk about why in the world anyone would want to garden with children!!  ;-)

Refreshments will be provided by Janet and Teresa

All meetings are open to the public. Please join us!


Grantoberfest 2015!! A beautiful day for a fair!

Burnett Garden Club had a booth at Grantoberfest again this year. This is our third year participating in this fun event. Here are a few pictures of our booth before the festivities got started!

Lisa brought the stand for her barn quilt but it got commandeered for our sign before she could get back with the barn quilt, sorry Lisa!! We did have both the barn quilt and a great American flag on a shipping palate. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the booth with the barn quilt or the palate flag.

Linnea provided pumpkins and squash for decorating as well as succulents to display and give away.
Georgianne provided the beautiful new canopy! Our garden club plant sale sign worked great folded so the "plant sale" portion could not be seen. The Grantsburg Chamber of Commerce provided the cornstalk decorations.

We displayed blown up photos throughout the booth of all the fun things we have done in the club. We also displayed examples of some of our workshop products as well as other fun things club members have made to enhance their gardens and yards. Thanks to all the members who provided display materials.

Lucille came by to visit and helped us pass the time. Lots of other members came by to see us as well. This great photo of Georgianne and Lucille is borrowed from the Grantsburg Chamber of Commerce FB page. 

We spoke with many potential members and handed out brochures. We also made a few contacts for possible programs: Tom Bell who is new to vermiculture was willing to come and talk at one of our meetings about using worms to create compost. Also, Valerie Vollendorf of Vintage Meadows, specializing in antique flowers and heirloom vegetable seeds came by. We thought she would make a great presenter for the garden club!! Let's add these two to our list for 2016!  

Thank you to Georgianne for all her hard work putting together the 2015 Grantoberfest booth for our club!! And to me, Pam, her trusty sidekick!

Our first Grantoberfest booth indoors in 2013!

Check out more photos of grantoberfest at this Facebook link  2015 Grantoberfest (you will have to be logged onto FB to see it)

Meeting Minutes, September 2015

Sept 10, 2015
Meeting was called to order at 6:45 by President Kris Henning.
The secretary is absent; Janet Byers will take the minutes.

Secretary’s report: The minutes from the last meeting held in May are on the blog and were approved.
Treasurer’s report: Georgianne informed us that we now have $1862.30 in our account.
At our annual plant sale in June, we sold $713.75 worth of plants. We had expenses of $133.20 to pot up the plants for the sale. The Grantsburg Library bought $99.00 worth of our left over plants for the new planting at the library. This gave us a total, after expenses, of $679.55 in plant sales. We also sold our pretty pink Garden Club T shirts for $10 each for a total of $160.00. We spent $50 on prizes at the picnic, and $38.00 on meat and buns for that picnic.
We spent $77.00 in July to plant the containers at the Grantsburg Fairgrounds. We spent $20 for the newspaper ad for the plant sale and we spent $76.00 at Wood River garden store for the annuals for the Welcome to Grantsburg sign on Hwy. 70.
The treasurer’s report stood as reported.

Kris passed around sign-up sheets for 2016 refreshments, committees, and program suggestions.
We will collect club dues in September and October of $5.00 per member. If you would like to purchase the Horticulture magazine for $37.00, please let Georgianne or Kris know right away. A subscription to that magazine has many benefits.
We have a guest joining us tonight, Rhonda Johnson of Grantsburg. Rhonda decided tonight to join the club. Welcome Rhonda!!

Committee reports:

  • Grantoberfest—Georgianne/Pam: We will have a booth at the Grantoberfest at the Grantsburg Fairgrounds on Sept 19th from 10am to 4pm. There will be a celebration of the Sesquicentennial of Grantsburg this year. Our club will be displaying items that our club members have made at our various meetings showcasing the wonderful projects that we make and showing how much fun we have at our meetings. Please bring the items you would like displayed to Pam’s house this week. They will be on display only- not for sale. Bring your items such as fairy gardens, bird baths, wicker items, etc. We can also still use more volunteers to help at our booth. Contact Pam if you are available to help, even if it is just for an hour or two.
  • Holiday in the Park—Lisa: We will be having a display again this year for Holiday in the Park. Lisa and Audrey are the chairs for this display. Please contact either one of them with your ideas or to volunteer to help setting up the display.
  • Plant Sale—Kris: We did not set up plants for sale on Friday night this year—it just did not pay. The income and expense sheet was discussed under Treasurer’s report.
  • Sign/Flagpole planting—Georgianne/Pam: Our club has been planting at the Welcome to Grantsburg sign on Hwy 70 since 1989. We have done a great job with it each year.  The zinnias are fantastic this year! We will be discussing revamping it a bit next year. The flag pole planting also looks great this year. The marigolds there reseeded themselves again and are doing well.
  • Tours—Linnea: We had our Community garden tour on July 16th. We had at least 20 people joining us on the tour. We went to see Sandra Harmon's home and gardens again this year to see all of her additions and to see how well the gardens have done this year. Then we visited the Grantsburg Library, next the Faith Lutheran Church veggie display garden, next to the lovely rolling expanse of gardens at Sharon and Rick Danielson's home. Wonderful ideas, ponds, trellises, trees, fabulous perennial gardens. We finished with a bang at the lovely home/gardens of Dean and Sue Faulhaber. Wow!

At our upcoming meetings, we will be discussing the possibility of a June garden party. Would be lots of fun!

  • Fairgrounds planting—Lisa: We want to thank Wood River Garden Center and Village Floral for the flowers/plants that they donated that we planted at the fairgrounds this year. The 4H kids made some new planters this year and they watered the plants all summer. And the plants look GREAT!

  • Library planting update—Georgianne and Pam planted the trees, perennials and shrubs at the Library.   Thanks so much to both of you. They have been weeding and watering the plants all summer. The mulch seems to be thick enough to be helping to keep moisture in and weeds down. Pam would like to see some large red tulips planted in there this Fall to add a wonderful burst of color in the Spring. Pam will check at the garden center to see if they have some bulbs. Mark Dahlberg donated a lovely Japanese lilac tree to the Library plantings this year. This is to honor his dear wife Maude.  Pam planted the tree and it is doing well.

Club T-Shirts—Lisa: We still have more garden club T shirts left for sale- only $10 each!

New Business: It was suggested that we look at doing a club cookbook for fundraising, with growing tips and photos of our club activities. Maybe also a float for the Fair parade?

Any other business:
Some of our members went to the Twilight Garden Tour at the Spooner Ag Station. They had stormy weather so the events were moved inside and it all went very well!!

Brag Time:
Linnea and Becky did VERY WELL at the Burnett County Ag. Fair in August this year. They each had many entries and captured many, many ribbons. Honorary Junior Garden Club member McKenzie Harmon also did very well at the fair with her Fairy Garden that she made at one of our meetings this Spring. Congrats to all!!
Meeting adjourned at 7:35. Next meeting Oct. 8th, Speaker-Pam Davies on Gardening with Children and update on MG class, refreshments Janet & Rhonda.

We are also having our seed/plant exchange tonight. THANK YOU so much to all who brought in plants/ seeds to share. What a wonderful variety.

Our presentation tonight is:
Preserving Your Produce,  presented by Mary C. and Kris.

Both ladies did a wonderful job of showing us what to do with the various canning/preserving items that they brought with, were very good at explaining what to do and not to do with your produce. They spoke about hot packing, cold packing, pressure cookers, water bath canners, dehydration and much more. They also had a wonderful hand out (Intro to Canning) from Ball. The session was very helpful and very informative. Thank you so much Kris and Mary.


2015 Burnett County Fair-Grantsburg Members Triumphant!!

If you didn't get over to the fair grounds this weekend, you missed some great exhibits and free pie and ice cream. A lot of great cows, horses, chickens and rabbits to see, fun rides and tasty treats. But the best part was admiring all the beautiful plants and flowers competing for recognition.

The garden club can be proud of members Linnea, Becky and honorary junior member McKenzie Harmon!! It would be great to see more members showing and competing next year!

Here are some of the highlights! If I mislabeled any of these, please let me know and I'll make the correction.

Becky's Glads-arrangement of 5 or more stems--1st place!

Becky's dinner table arrangement got 1st and Exceptional!

Becky's bouquet of garden flowers, 1st place

Becky's artistically arranged basket, 1st place

Becky's outdoor mix of 3 or more took 1st and Exceptional!

This is, I believe, McKenzie Harmon's first year exhibiting. She took 2nd place with this fairy garden in one of the outdoor planter categories!

And McKenzie took 1st Place Exceptional with this mixed planter of 3 or more varieties!
Congratulations to McKenzie. Sandra, you must be so proud!!

Linnea took 1st with this mixed planter.

And 1st place Exceptional in the flowering houseplant category

Linna took first with this plant of under 1 year old

And 1st for this flowering houseplant hanging arrangement

These fabulous sunflower where 1st place winners for Linnea as well.

These are just a sampling of the prizes Becky and Linnea garnered for their efforts in both gardening and arranging for display. Let's see how many garden club members we can get to exhibit and compete in 2016 even if in just one or two categories. Maybe Linnea and Becky will do a presentation for the club on how to do this some time in the spring!! Maybe the May meeting??? We could even decide on what we want to exhibit and fill out our forms together at the meeting! 

Our next meeting is September 10, 6:30 PM at the High School, Room 111. Then we have Grantoberfest, September 19!    


Gardens are looking great!

Thank you to everyone who has been weeding and watering at the sign garden and the Memory Lake flagpole garden. They look great!


2015 Garden club picnic @ Charlie & Lisa's

Here are the photos that I took from the Garden Club picnic. Sorry, forgot the food table! We had a small but fun group this time. Lucille joined us and it was great to see her and her Zucchini Casserole was a hit!

Winners in the contests: Lucille-1st for bouquet, Kris & Lisa-tie for 1st for containers (we just split the prize money for 1st & 2nd in two), Charlie Slater-1st in grilling, Lisa Slater-1st in Hostessing, Mary Griesbach-1st in Realty education!

A good time was had by all on Charlie and Lisa's deck!

Thanks again, Charlie & Lisa!

Posted by Kris



Get your Pre-Registration in for Burnett Co Ag Society Fair by August 13

It is time to get your pre-registration in to the Burnett Co Ag Society Fair!! The process is made easy by everything you need being available on line or you can pick up Fair Books at the various locations throughout town.

Fair dates: Aug 27-30
Pre-Registration deadline: Aug 13 mailed in to 13100 Carl Berg Rd. • Grantsburg, WI 54840
Pick up entry tags Wednesday, August 26 from 3 to 7 p.m.
All entries may be taken home at 4 p.m. on August 30, 2015

Here are links for fair information and for PDFs of the fair book and entry form



If you have never exhibited at the fair, talk to Becky T. She will be happy to explain how the process works. Her number is in the Garden Club Booklet.

Scroll through exhibit rules and then find the Division (Open or Senior--over 62), Department, Class and Lot you are interested in.

For Gardening look for these and other classes

Class D - Apples (lots of 4)
Class F - Grapes (2 bunches)
Class J - Vegetables
Class K - Herbs (potted only)
Class L - Largest (measure not weight)
Class M - Garden Display

Class A - Cut Flowers
Class B - Potted Outdoor Plants
Class C - House Plants
Class D - Bouquets & Arrangements

SENIOR CITIZEN Division Age 62 & Over

Various Classes

Various Classes

There are other Departments such as photography, woodworking, clothing etc.

See you at the fair!!


Local garden tour a great success

We had a great turnout at the garden club annual community garden tour. Approximately 17 people turned out to have a look at five area gardens. Here are some pictures of what we saw!

We gathered at Sandra Harmon's at 6 PM 

We toured Sandra's garden last year and came back one year
 later to see what Sandra has accomplished!
This is only her second year at this site. 

 Delightfully whimsical is the best way to describe
Sandra's gardens!
Sandra has a great eye for what
works together.

Every space becomes an opportunity to combine props and plants

Always something for the eye to delight in

Fun and colorful use of found objects

Sandra telling us where she acquired many of the objects she's
incorporated into her gardens and yard

This huge bed is really coming together. Sandra adds new
plants as she acquires them.
Can't wait to see how this bed matures!

Hauling all these wood chips from the public works
dump site was quite a job!

Love the canoe! And the chairs and tables.
Thanks Sandra for another look at your gardens

Next stop, the Grantsburg Library to see how the
 new gardens are coming along

I forgot to take pictures so these are from a month ago.
The sculpture was donated by Bruce Erickson.
Georgianne donated and laid out the flagstone path
to allow children to get up close and enjoy the sculpture.

At Faith Lutheran Church we were invited to tour
the community vegetable garden

This is the second year for these raised bed gardens.
Everything was so beautiful and lush. 

Marilyn Kooiker came to a meeting last fall to
tell us about what they are doing

Food from these gardens are donated to the food shelf
 as well as being available to the community at large.
Thank you to all the FLC community garden gardeners
for letting us tour your garden 

Our next stop was the gardens of Sharon and Rick Danielson

The gently sloping land was a beautiful setting 

The gardens were in full bloom

The gentle rain let up so we could more comfortably
ramble about and take in all the delightful beds

This raised bed vegetable garden drew us to explore

We all loved the tunnel frame used for climbing beans!
And the sun flowers!
Another view of the pole beans climbing the the frame

Jolene enjoying this beautiful bed

Kris and Linnea checking out this beautifully landscaped pond.
 Breath taking!

Love the dry stream bed passing through the arbor

A massive lush vegie garden topped off the tour at the
 Danielson's. Thank you Sharon and Rick.

Our last garden, Sue and Dean Faulhaber's, topped off a great tour!

Dean talked about the storm that took away 100 trees in 2011
and how the gardens have changed since then

Dean talked about experiments with methods and plants,
 successes and failures

A view of the extensive deck off the house

Two different vegie gardens allow for rotation of some crops

Another view of the vegie bed 

Beautifully orchestrated gardens transition from ornamental
 to vegetables in one continuous bed

Dean is a great community resource for gardeners
and a born teacher!


Sue, Kris and Cynthia tend the fire that
awaits us at the end of the tour

Another view of these gorgeous gardens

My all time favorite touch, boardwalks!! Love, love, love them!

Georgianne enjoying the serenity of these wonderful gardens.
Thank you Sue and Dean 
Thanks to all the gardeners who let us enjoy their labors of love. And thank you to Sandy Hinrich, Jolene, Jennifer, and Kris for the sumptuous repast we enjoyed after the tour. Sorry I did not get a picture of the table--I was too busy eating and enjoying the fire.