Meeting Minutes, October 2014

The October Burnett Garden Club meeting was called to order by President Pam Davies at 6:45 p.m. on Thursday, October 9, 2014.  The meeting was held at Harvey Allen Outdoors in Grantsburg.  Each member introduced themselves, as new member, Deb Norling was there.

Secretary Report
The minutes from the September meeting were posted on the blog.  It was discussed that the Plant Sale next year may only be on Saturday.  Other than that, the minutes were approved and seconded.

Treasure Report
Georgianne Kleiss has a summary of the budget year to date.
Grantoberfest profit is about $112.50; which has $30 deducted for the booth rental.
June Plant Sale  The cost of signs is $85.00 which will come out of the general budget.  The total income for this sale is to be calculated.  The revenue was low due to the rainy weather.
Membership fees of $5 each person should be paid to Georgianne as soon as possible.
HORT magazine dues need to be paid to Georgianne by October 20 for those who are interested.

UW North Country MG Training is on October 11 in Spooner, WI.  If you want to attend this please let Pam know as soon as possible.
MSHS speaker roster – if anyone is interested in this, please let Kris Henning know.

Standing Committee Reports
Plant Sale (in June) – Kris brought up the concern if it is worth having the sale on Friday.  Georgianne will break down the income for each day, and this will be discussed next year before the sale.  Also, discussion was held about individually pricing plants, possibly with a colored tag, so that it will be easier when people purchase them.

Planting gardens in community areas
- Memory Lake Park – This area was planted in the late spring, using $350.00 from the Village of Grantsburg.  Some of the plants will mature, and annuals will be planted again.
- Library – Pam and Georgianne met with people this week about estimating costs for various flowers to be in their garden.  How this garden will be maintained is to be determined.  The garden will have 90% perennials.  Plans are for the library to have a grand opening in April, 2015.  What will be planted in the spring of 2015 is to be determined by the budget.
- Holiday In the Park – Anyone who has items to donate for this should let Lisa Slater or Audrey Edmunds know, as they are the chair’s of this committee.  It will be set up the week after Thanksgiving, or possibly earlier to get a good spot.

Planning/Yearbook Committee
Kris Henning and Mary Charmoli are working on the yearbook, and will try to have it done by the December meeting.  A sign up for refreshments, and another for meeting ideas was passed around.  Also, there will be a sign up for weeding to be done by the Grantsburg sign on Hwy. 70, which will need to be cared for next spring and summer.

Special Committee Reports
Community Garden Tour - Teresa Halls headed this up in 2014.  Linnea Seume will take over doing this in 2015. It is suggested that we tour 4 – 5 gardens.  Everyone enjoyed touring Sandra Harmon, Becky Lake and Mary Charmoli’s gardens this past summer and would like to see them again in 2015, along with possibly Sharon Danielson’s.

Grantoberfest – Georgianne stated this is the second year that the Garden Club has had a booth/tent at this event.  Two members joined at this event this year. Various donated items were sold, but the sales were not stated yet.  It is suggested that we start bringing items to sell to Pam Davies’ house at any time, to collect for the sale, and possibly sell some items at the Plant sale in June.

Burnett County Fairground Plant Boxes – Lisa Slater advised that the Jr. Fair kids maintained theses boxes, after flowers and plants were planted by Pam Davies, Audrey Edmunds and Lisa Slater.  Donna Chell donated many flowers and vegetables for this.  It was discussed making signs to put by the planters to acknowledge who donated the plants and who helps maintain them.  The sign making is a possible project for an upcoming meeting.

New Business  
The election of new officers will take place at the November meeting.  Nominations are:

President – Kris Henning
Vice President – Wanda Biorn
Secretary – Audrey Edmunds
Treasure – Georgianne Kleiss

There will be a new committee to handle press releases and social media.  Pam Davies and Lisa Slater are willing to chair this.
Planning/Yearbook Committee – Kris Henning and Mary Charmoli
Grantoberfest – Georgianne Kleiss
Holiday In The Park – to be determined

New Ideas
*It was discussed to possibly have meeting in various locations around the area.  We don’t want to loose the room that we have at the High School, but may hold a few more meetings at other locations.
*Someone may compile a list that shares resources that Club Members have.
*The Garden Club may collect and display a shelf area with gardening/plant books at the Grantsburg Library.

Food and refreshments were then served.  Lisa Slater demonstrated barn quilts that she makes, and gave everyone a tour of the Harvey Allen facility.

The next Garden Club meeting will be held on November 13 at the Grantsburg High School.  The nomination of club officers will take place, and a Willow Workshop will be held.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

Submitted by Audrey Edmunds


Highlights of the October 2014 meeting! A great time was had by all!

The October meeting at Harvey Allen Outdoor Store was fun and productive.  Over 12 members were present including new member, Deb Norling!! Great refreshments were provided by Rosemary and Janet.

Lisa gave a tour of the metal fabrication and wood shop at the Harvey Allen Outdoor Store where husband Charlie produces specialty spa water fixtures, deer stands, and hunting shacks. Lisa produces barn quilts out of the shop as well. She talked about her interest in barn quilts and how she goes about making them. The process is exacting and time consuming. Lisa offers a large number of designs and various sizes of barn quilts and provides mounting services.  She dreams of one day being able to create a barn quilt tour in Burnett County.

On the business end:
We put together the slate of nominees for 2015 officers. They are:

  • President: Kris Henning
  • Vice President: Wanda Biorn
  • Secretary: Audry Edmunds
  • Treasurer: Georgianne Kleiss
  • Information officer: Pam Davies

The election will be held at the next meeting. If you would like to stand for any of these positions, please put forward your name as soon as possible.

Dues are coming in for 2015. Please get your $5.00 dues in to Georgianne. If you want to join or renew with the Minnesota State Horticultural Society and subscribe to Northern Gardener please get a check to Georgianne for $37.00 made out to MSHS before October 29 so she can get these mailed in.

Standing and special committees are forming. If you'd like to help out on any of these, send in your name.

  • Plant Sale: Kris, chair
  • Community Planting: (Grantsburg sign, Memory Lake garden, new library addition gardens, fairgrounds planters) Pam/Georgianne/Lisa co-chairs
  • Holiday in the Park: still looking for a chair in 2015
  • Planning/Yearbook: Kris/Mary C co-chairs
  • Tours: Linnea, chair
  • Grantoberfest: Georgianne, chair
  • PR/correspondence: Pam/Lisa Slater co-chairs

Refreshments calendar is being set up. We will post the list soon so others can fill in where needed.

If you have any program ideas or would like to volunteer to be on the garden tour in 2015 please let me or Kris know.

Jacki Bedworth will be doing a Willow Weaving Workshop at the next meeting on November 13, Thursday, 6:30 PM room 111, Grantsburg High School.This is always a fun workshop. Jacki will determine a good project we can do in an hour. Watch for further information.

If you haven't visited the Memory Lake Garden, here are a couple of pictures taken on October 5. Notice the  marigolds grown from seed and planted here by Georgianne!! They are huge!! Click on the pictures to get large view.


Meeting Reminder, October 9, 6:30 PM Harvey Allen Outdoors Store!!

Our next meeting:

October 9, Barn Quilt Presentation by Lisa Slater 6:30 PM at Harvey Allen Outdoors Store on Hwy 70 west of town!!

Agenda: dues/planning for 2015/signup

Presentation by Lisa Slater of her fabulous barn quilts. She will show us how she makes them! Lisa creates custom barn quilts and handles installation as well. If you've ever thought of adorning your barn or other out buildings with a fabulous work or art, now is the time to learn more about it!!

Refreshments will be provided by Rosemary and Janet

Hope to see everyone there.

Meeting Minutes, September 2014

September 11, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 6:45 pm. by Kris Henning. Pam was not present for the meeting.

May 2014 was our last meeting official meeting. The minutes from that meeting are online. Janet made a motion to approve the minutes from the May meeting and Wanda seconded the motion. The minutes were approved.

The treasurer was not at the meeting so there was no treasurer's report. Kris stated that we should have about $1500 in our club account.

Grantoberfest will be held at the Grantsburg Fairgrounds on Sept. 20th. The garden club will have a booth. We still need donations of items to sell at our booth. We have a nice mixture of items so far.

We discussed the plant sale that we had in June. This year we had the sale start on Friday eve for a couple of hours and then again on Saturday for quite a few hours. We will need to speak to the treasurer to find out how much money was raised this year. Also need to discuss if we think it was profitable to have the sale both Friday evening and Saturday.

We discussed the excursion to Wanda's home in Rush City earlier this year. Only three people showed up for this. Wanda put a lot of time and effort into getting ready for this tour. Attendance was disappointing.  Do we want to try this again next year? Maybe that day just did not work for most members?

The local garden tour in July was a great success. We had over a dozen people for the tour. First we went to the home of Sandra and Butch Harmon. Sandra has many small  gardens and very interesting features in her gardens. Next, we went to the home of Becky and Wayne Lake. Becky has LOTS of HUGE gardens that were filled with many varieties of perennials, annuals, grasses and wonderful features that spark a lot of interest and conversation. The final destination was at the home of Jim and Mary Charmoli. Mary has many beautiful gardens, also, including a large veggie garden, which included a tomato plant that bears BLACK tomatoes. Wow. It will be interesting to find out if they are as tasty as the usual ones. Mary has many varieties of hostas, daylilies and other perennials. We got to see her wonderful potting shed, too. We had our treats in their very lovely home. A big THANK YOU to all of the garden hosts. We all had a great time.

We have information from Kevin Schoessow, Spooner Ag. representative,  about Master Gardener classes that will be offered in Grantsburg and Spooner this Fall, Winter and next Spring. Please check your email for details from Pam and forms to sign up.

Next meeting we will need to discuss the weeding schedule. If the schedule from this year worked for everyone, we may be able to keep that one for next year. We may tweek it a little if we get new members.

Lists were passed out to write down our ideas for future speakers and ideas for future meetings. The list will get passed around a couple more times to give enough ideas to choose from for next year. The officers will review our ideas, get speakers lined up and the booklet will be printed later.

The October meeting will be at the Harvey Allen Outdoor Sports, just outside of Grantsburg, on Hwy 70 on October 9th at 6:30 pm. Lisa will do a demonstration on how to create a barn quilt. Sounds very interesting and lots of fun! Janet and Rosemary will provide the refreshments.

Refreshments tonight were provided by Linnea and Sue A. Yummy.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Wanda and seconded by Sue A.

Our feature presentation is a slide show of the daylily convention in Ohio that Kris Henning attended. Kris did a wonderful job of creating this slide show with many photos of fabulous gardens full of daylilies and other perennials. It had been very hot and dry there prior to the tour so some of the gardens were not at their peak, but they were all very interesting to look at with lovely plants. Thanks so much Kris for a great presentation and guiding us through the tour.

Thank you,
Janet Byers


Master Gardener Training has commenced!! But it's not too late to join in!

The North Country Master Gardener Association which serves Burnett, Washburn and Sawyer counties has started Master Gardener Training. I have started training with this class and found the first class very engaging and informative. We met at the UW Extension Service Ag Station just east of Spooner on Hwy 70 on Saturday, September 27, at 9 am. Half the class was spent inside and half was outside. The weather couldn't have been better!!

The training will consist of both online videos and classroom work.  Classes meet at various locations and times and options are available.  We received a 300 plus page loose leaf notebook textbook with chapters related to what we will be learning in class and on the videos.

If you missed the Sept 10 informational meeting (which I missed) and the first class on September 27th you might still be able to start the training this fall by attending the Saturday, October 11, class at the Spooner Ag Station from 9am to 1pm.  If you are interested, I will be attending that class so we can carpool. You will want to contact Kevin Schoessow  (715) 635-3506 or 1-800-528-1914) leave  a message if he does not answer. He will get back to you. Cost is $120.00. You may not have to pay all at once. And remember, the garden club has a scholarship available for part of the tuition once the program is completed.

If you are interested but not sure, email me and I will send you the tentative schedule of classes. You can also check out the website for the video classes at   http://blogs.ces.uwex.edu/mgvlevel1/

Here are some pictures of our time out doors at the ag station discussing site location, plant structure and pest and disease issues.

Come and join the fun!!