A Great Garden Tour!

14 participants had a terrific time at the 2012 Burnett Garden Club garden tour. Here are some photos to drool over!!
The CCC Garden. Becky gave a wonderful tour explaining the history and purpose of the garden.
Enjoying the CCC gardens in transition. A work in progress as are all gardens!
Linnea and Rick Seume's shade to sun transformed gardens. Spectacular!!
Wandering about Linnea and Rick's extensive gardens...then, next door to Shirley's.
Shirley Nelson's back garden, Mary C paying the weeding toll!!
 Shirley's front garden, love those sculptures!!
 Jacki Bedworth's cottage garden. Willow gardens in back and a smudge fire!!
 Jacki let us see her willow weaving workshop. This is one of her creations. Watch for photos in later post.
 Georgianne Kleiss' terrace gardens overlooking a beautiful spring fed pond.
Georgianne's veggie garden with broccoli ready to harvest!

We enjoyed refreshments provided by Mary G, Nori and the BGC at Georgianne's where we had a tour of the original log house that has been incorporated into the dramatic home design.

Nori and Carrie, we missed you  both and hope you are on the mend.

A great big thank you to all the host gardeners. We had a terrific time!


Please note change to order of gardens in tour

The order of gardens in the tour have been adjusted to make travel more direct. Check previous post and note the new order. Also, here is a link to google maps with driving directions to each location.

Rain or shine!!


2012 Community Garden Tour Thursday, July 19, 5:30 pm

The Burnett Garden Club will be having our annual garden tour on Thursday evening, July 19 beginning at 5:30 pm.  Rain or shine!!

  • We will begin at the CCC Burnett Medical Center Garden at 5:30.  Park on the St. George Street side of the medical center. We can expect to spend about twenty to thirty minutes here. Those who want to carpool can leave some vehicles at the Medical center.
  • Then on to see Linnea  and Rick Seume's at 415 E Madison Ave (phone) 715 529 2958. We may wish to spend a little more time here
  • Then we go to see Jackie Bedworth at 519 N Pine St (phone) 715 463 5267. Jackie says about thirty minutes here.
  • We will finish at Georgianne Kleiss' at approximately 7:15 - 7:45, 313 N Russell St (phone) 715 463 3343 where we will have refreshments provided by Nori, Mary G and Carrie.

Thanks in advance to all the participating gardeners for welcoming us to their gardens. The public is welcome. There is no charge.


Beautiful St. Croix River Book

Georgianne Kleiss passed on this link to me. Check out this new photo book on the St. Croix River. Even if you are not interested in buying this book, click on the link and page through it. The photos are absolutely beautiful. All proceeds go to the St. Croix River Association.

Scroll down to the preview screen.


Plant sale figures and a renewed member

The plant sale figures are in:

Cash in the box was 672.00
minus starting cash -150.00 = 522.00
plus plants sold at Pam's + 127.00 = 649.00
minus potting soil - 57.24 = 591.76
minus advertising - 20.00 = a grand total of $571.76
This is our main fund raiser. According to our newly adopted 2012 spending plan, we hoped to add $800.00 to our coffers in 2012. Membership dues totaling $240.00 were collected in 2011 for 2012 giving a total of $811.76. Yippee!!

We (I) did not remember to include the expenses of the plant sale in our 2012 spending plan and so will want to remember to plan for about $60.00 for potting soil in 2013.

Our 2012 spending plan estimates yearly adverting at $30.00 so we have used up 2/3 of that and may wish to adjust that in our 2013 spending plan.

We did have a new site this year and with the persistently sluggish economy I think we did quite well.

Some suggesting mentioned for next year:
  • We need to take better care to know what we are potting up. (We had a lot of iris and other plants that we labeled as mixed colors because we weren't sure of the colors).
  • We also need to try to get a bigger variety of plants to sell. We had requests for more vegetables. Other requests?
  • We should also have knowledge of the plants we are selling to advise the purchasers. We saw a lot of return customers and hope to get them back again next year.
  • Anyone with suggestions about how to improve our next year sale should send them in to me or Kris.

Renewing member Kim McDonald has been very busy this past year taking courses to become an EMT. She has passed all her tests including carrying 120 pounds up a flight of stairs!!
Kim also enjoys motorcycling and you may have seen her at Family Foods working the counter and registers. Congatulations and welcome back Kim!


Classes offered by Isanti Master Gardeners

These classes are offered by the Isanti Master Gardeners, Thursday evening, 7 - 8 pm, free to public, Isanti County Govt Center, 555 18th Avenue SW, Cambridge, MN

July 12 Best Natural Resource Management Practices - Barry Wendorf

Aug 9 Design Ideas to Shrink your Lawn - Evelyn Hadden

Sept 13 Winter Interest in the Garden - Chuck Levine

Oct 11 Common Mistakes in Gardening - Meleah Maynard

Nov 8 Garden Art and Decoration - Philippe Gallandat


We are the Grantsburg Chamber of Commerce newsletter featured member for July!!

I invite you to check out the July 2012 Grantsburg Chamber of Commerce newsletter. We are the featured member this month!!


The Chamber is calling for assistance with Water Cross. Any member who wish to donate time here is the info right from Nicki, the president of the Chamber. I will forward Nicki's email to everyone in the club. You can also reach Nicki by posting to the Grantsburg, WI facebook page.

If you are available the weekend of Watercross, the Chamber could use your help. We will be manning the Olson Dr. gate, checking in campers Thurs and Fri. Also, Fri-Sun we will have a booth selling Grantsburg shirts. Let me know if you can help – this is a GREAT way to help us promote our community…not to mention, you get a free wristband for Watercross. No need to be a Chamber member to help – so invite a friend/family member to share your shift!


Details for the Community Garden Tour are being worked out now. The tour order and addresses will be announced here soon. Hope to see you all there.

Happy 4th of July!!