Christmas at the Cabin

Member Mary Griesbach is having a holiday boutique at her home on Saturday, December 1. This will be her third year. Her log cabin is decorated, the smells of the holidays permeate the air and she invites local artisans to show and sell their wares. And, of course, you can buy Log Cabin Soaps!! Oh yes, and there are refreshments!! 

Please note:
Any members with special events open to members and/or the public are welcome to share the information with the membership via this blog.  Submit information to me, with pictures if you have them! 


2013 Planning Committee Meeting Report

Four members of the Planning Committee--Pam, Kris, Georgianne and Janet--attended the planning committee meeting on Wednesday, November 14 at Pam's house. We enjoyed cheese and crackers, grapes, popcorn, wine and eggnog (with rum)!

What a fun meeting! We got a lot done and had a great time. We have a lot of creative activities planned for 2013 but you will have to wait for the program book that Kris is creating to find out what we have in store for you next year!.

You may be receiving phone calls over the next few weeks to get details hammer out so that Kris can print up the 2013 Program book for handing our at our holiday party. If we have as much fun at the meetings and events of 2013 as we had planning them, this is going to be a fantastic year!!

We were surprised to learn that 2013 is going to be the 25th anniversary of the Burnett Garden Club!!  Let's make this the best year ever while we celebrate us!! Let's create a fitting tribute to the founding members.

Tena Anderson
Lucille Danielson
Mary Ann Erickson
Dean and Sue Faulhaber
Elaine Frees
Delores Gibbons
Marcella Hanson
Arlene Heinrich
Kris Henning
Martha Iverson
Gertrude Johnson
Ray L. (Bob) Johnson
Eunice Kanne
Alma Karels
Louise Kimbel
Jane Martin
Frank and Jenni Pacyga
Roy Seifert
Doug Sundquist
Marc Swanson
Tom and Linda Swenson
Maryann White
Bonnie Wicklund
Dianne Wicklund
Laura Wicklund
Nina Wicklund

Knowing how hard it is to keep this club functioning, we want to thank the founding members for all the hard work they put into creating this wonderful club!! Let us hope we are living up to the original vision and adding to it every year!


2013 Officers

President-Pam Davies 715-463-4289 Grantsburg pameladavies@yahoo.com
Vice-President-Rick Seume 715-463-5452 seume2@grantsburgtelcom.net
Secretary-Janet Byers, 715-463-2008 Grantsburg kjbenterprises@grantsburgtelcom.net
Treasurer-Georgianne Kleiss, 715-463-3343 Grantsburg georgianne@kleissgears.com
Historian-Lucille Danielson, 715-689-2288 Grantsburg lumd@grantsburgtelcom.net
Notification and blog admin-Pam Davies 715-463-4289 Grantsburg pameladavies@yahoo.com


Meeting Minutes, November 8, 2012

The following members attended the meeting: Pam, Kris, Janet, Nori, Jim, Lucille, Becky, Georgianne

The meeting was called to order at approximately 7:00, late because of technical difficulties with presentation to follow.

Minutes from the October meeting were approved at posted on the blog.
Treasurer's report was not made as the treasurer was not present. Approximate account balance is $1700.
The old membership roster was printed out and circulated for any corrections.
Holiday in the Park committee report: Pam to check lights on existing display, checking for good site in the park, will try to get setup while weather is good, Georgianne volunteered to help.
Sign Planting committee: Becky cleaned out the zinnas and did some trimming
No old business discussed
New Business: Election of officers
Georgianne accepted treasurer position, approved by vote
Janet accepted the secretary position, approved by vote
Pam accepted the president position, approved by vote
Rick Seume who is not technically a member was nominated and voted to the VP job
We need to setup a date for the planning meeting for the 2013 program. Elected officers, past president and committee chairs should be present. All members welcome.
Meeting adjourned at 7:15

Minuted taken by Janet Byers, transcribed by Pam Davies


Holiday Potluck signup

The potluck will be held this year on Thursday, December 13, 6:00 PM at Georgianne Kleiss's home.  
Thank you Georgianne!

Here is the signup sheet for the holiday potluck as of 11/9/2012.
  • Hors d'oeuvres (pre-meal munchies): Chex Mix--Janet B.; pot stickers--Nori
  • Entre: BBQ meatballs--Kris H., ???--Becky Tessman
  • Side dish (potatoes, rice etc) ???--Pam
  • Vegie:
  • Salad:
  • Dessert: Cheesecake--Kris
  • Beverages: Juice--Janet
  • Candy and cookies: Lucille
Please let me know what you think you will be bringing so I can add it to the list!

Check for updated lists on this website on the menu where Weeding used to be.

Hope to see everyone at this year-end event.

A bit of a chaotic meeting last night!

Technical difficulties caused some havoc at our meeting last night but we ultimately prevailed. Getting connected to the school's WiFi was essential to our self-taught workshop but that was not so easily accomplished. After half an hour and numerous trips conferring with teacher Mr. Watt in the computer lab, that difficulty was overcome. 

We had the meeting while munching on bread, apples and cheese, and sipping hot cocoa, Kris with one hand in a tub of warm water holding down the wheat that needed to be soaked for 30 minutes before weaving. 

It was so good to see Nori and Jim at the meeting, and getting caught up with them was so enjoyable that the technical difficulties were overlooked (I hope!). 

Officers were elected and a signup sheet for the holiday potluck was circulated. 

Then we set to teaching ourselves the fine art of wheat weaving. After viewing the YouTube videos, we realized it would have been wiser to trim the stems of leaves before soaking them. It would have made the soaking part easier too!! 

The wheat was of two varieties, ND wheat and black bearded durum. We picked a simple project called a love knot. According to the video, these were made in Sweden by young men wanting to court a young woman. If she accepted his love knot and wore it on her belt, they were officially courting. 

This project involved only three stems and about 8 or so inches of braiding. Still, it was not so easy to get a nice even braid. We had hoped to work on some other projects as well but time ran out. 

Extra wheat stems were distributed among members for arrangements and perhaps more attempts at weaving.

We ordered our wheat from Black Beards in North Dakota. They specialize in growing wheat for weaving and for dried floral arranging. 

The Roster of Officers for 2013 and Planning Committee meeting

We elected officers for 2013 at last night's meeting.

2013 Officers

President: Pam Davies (also information officer by default)
Vice President: Rick Seume (Nominated by Tim last month. Kris offered to pay his dues!)
Secretary: Janet Byers
Treasurer: Georgianne Kleiss

We have scheduled the planning committee meeting for Wednesday, November 14 (next week). We will meet at my house at 216 N. Pine Street, Gburg, at 6:30 PM as it stands now.

Those who should attend:
Pam Davies as President and Chair of Holiday in the Park Committee
Rick Seume as VP
Janet Byers as Secretary
Georgianne Kleiss as Treasurer
Becky Tessman as Chair of the Sign Planting Committee
Kris Henning as Chair of the Plant Sale Commitee (she would like a new chair for this) and Yearbook

Any other members who wish to attend are invited and encouraged to come.

Thanks so much.


Meeting Reminder, Thursday November 8, 6:30

Our November meeting is scheduled for November 8, at 6:30 PM at the Grantsburg High School, room 111.

This is our annual meeting for electing officers for 2013, scheduling the 2013 planning committee meeting and Christmas party potluck signup and Holiday in the Park progress report!!

A door prize will be given out to one lucky attendee!

Pam and Nori will provide refreshments. Nori and Jim will try to make the meeting. We will all be happy to see them.

We will be having a Braided Wheat Craft Workshop. This workshop will be conducted with the help of YouTube videos and handouts. The wheat has been ordered and should be here in time!! I ordered black bearded duram and North Dakota wheat which is the usual color. You can check out the what I got at this website http://blackbeards-wheat.cc/index.htm. Members cost will be covered by the club. Non-members will be asked to provide $3.00 for materials. Or become a member for $5.00 and get materials free!!

Check out the videos we will be using on the blog at http://burnettgardenclub.blogspot.com/2012/10/wheat-weaving-in-november.html

Bring small items to embellish your ornaments such as colored threads, small beads, narrow ribbon, berries etc.

See you all next Thursday!!