May 4 Sunday, Tea Party meeting!! Molly Byer's house, 1:30 pm

May 4 Sunday, Tea Party meeting!! Molly Byer's house, 1:30 pm

Those who attended last year can't wait to participate in this fun event again this year.

You must have pre-paid for this event. However, if you wish to attend the business portion of this meeting, there will probably be standing room.

Dress for a tea party, as lavishly or as plainly as you desire.  Teresa says, "We will have an array of jewels and hats and gloves for anyone who wishes to use them. Molly also has lacy blouses, long skirts and some furs(!) in lots of different sizes. She has a room off the dining room for Dress Up so people can browse thru there while we get ready for Tea. It was a great hit at our Valentines Tea."

Hats will be available at the party if you did not make your own at our March meeting!! Bring a camera, you will want pictures.

Eat a late breakfast and forego lunch as there will be plenty to eat at this event!

The Byers/Halls girls do a fabulous job of decorating and laying a table not to mention the teas and treats!!

Directions: 23327 St. Rd 48/87 Gburg. Directions are: go ½ mile South of stoplight on 87 (towards St. Croix Falls) the first big farm on the right. Plenty of parking and just come right in. Door is next to the garage on left. There will be signs.

Carpool at Pam's at 1:15 if you are unsure where to go.


Two Gardens to Plan

It was decided that some revamping of the Grantsburg Sign Garden is in order. Here are some pictures of what we are looking at this spring!!

We will have a garden cleanup date on Thursday, May 22 at 5:30. We can discuss possibilities then, maybe divide some of the plants at that time and decide what we need in perennials. We will plant the zinnias,   marigolds and possibly some new perennials on Thursday, May 29 at 5:30.

 Front of garden
There might have been some snowmobile damage 
to this part of the garden

Back side of garden

Here is front of the garden last summer. 
Looks pretty dang good to me!!

The Club has decided to take on the Memory Lake flagpole garden if the Village still wants the help.  Here is what's happening there. The Village would like this garden looking good for Watercross in mid-July.

 There are some shrubs left

 We might want to see what we have when things leaf out a bit

This is a very manageable sized garden. 

If inspiration strikes you, please share your ideas!!


Wood River Garden Center Preview was fun and educational!!

While I had to leave early to go to work, I did get a few pictures to share of our meeting at the Wood River Garden Center.

Dean discussed the economy of buying combo packs of patented plants for building your own hanging plant pots. 
Wave petunia are designed especially for pots and planters. 
 Wire hangers on this years hanging pots will make them easier to use as standing pots later.
 Rosemary listens while grandson entertains himself with the cat!
 Can't wait to start shopping for spring planting!

Meeting Minutes, April 2014

Burnett Garden Club meeting April 12, 2014, Wood River Garden Store

President brought the meeting to order at 10:05am.

Present: Pam Davies, Georgianne Kleiss, Wanda Biorn, Nori and Jim Katzmark, Rosemary Burkman and grandson, Tim and Becky Tessman.

The Grantsburg community design event is in progress through April 12. Watch for reports on this effort in the Sentinel.

Old Business:Plant Sale Two banners have been ordered. A list of member-seeded plants was circulated for updates. Mary Griesbach asked if the club could pay for soil and rooting hormone for her geranium cuttings for the sale. After discussion it was agreed unanimously to offer her $20-$30 reimbursement upon receipt. Further discussion included camping at T-Dawg’s Friday night to safeguard the flatbed trailer and other supplies left overnight.Committee Reports
  • Potting Party. This is scheduled for Thursday,May 8; back-up date is May 15. Location is Kris Henning’s property on Spirit Lake at 6:00pm. BRING divided plants to be potted, pots (1 qt – 1 gallon), trowel, gloves, a snack to share if you like, and wear mud boots.
  • Sign Clean-up is scheduled for Thursday, May 22, 5:30pm. BRING tools. We will discuss ideas for how to revamp this garden. 
  • Sign Planting Thursday, May 29, 5:30pm at the Olson Drive flag poles/sign. Pam will order zinnias today at the WRGS. The bed looks good. Linnea has large marigolds growing for it. Decorative boulders were suggested to help keep snowmobilers off the garden. Does anyone have some to get rid of? Watering was also discussed; we need to notify the Village when it is ready to be watered. It was suggested that a season-end report be submitted to the Village. Also Garden Club will take on the Memory Lake flagpole garden if the Village is willing to trust us on the design. We will incorporate it in with the Sign Garden duties. Anyone with ideas on what to plant should send them to Pam.
  • Holiday in the Park Our display is all cleaned up – Thanks to Pam! Reminder – Lisa and Audrey will chair this committee in future. They can use what they like of what Pam has and some things Becky and Tim have.  Can we get a small hay wagon to build the display onto for easier removal in January.  Georgianne will send thanks to the Village for their assistance.
  • Grantoberfest is now designated a regular committee. Georgianne is chair. All are welcome to join in the fun.
New Business:
  • Garden planning software could be helpful to support our community gardens into the future. 
  • Rosemary suggested that Shirley Nelson, Linnea's mom, would be very good at designing public area gardens such as the library/community center, if she is able and willing. 
  • Perhaps someone would enjoy doing drawings for all the gardens.

Other Business/more announcements:

  • Plaques for BGC-maintained public gardens--ideas or sources for these plaques.
  • We still need someone to submit press releases to the Sentinel and the Leader and maybe WCMP about our upcoming calender dates. 
  • Burnett Medical Center has a part-time gardener position open.
  • Club Outing to Rush City has changed from Saturday, June 28 to June 21. Wanda apologized for this necessity and hopes that everyone can still come. See calendar for details on this outing.
  • High Tea Sunday, May 4 in the afternoon. Please get your RSVPs in as the venue will be determined by the number of participants.  Call or email right away if you didn’t reserve your spot. A lot of advanced planning and preparation is needed for this event, so an early attendance number is critical. Janet Byers or Teresa Halls.

Tip!Try planting daffodils to repel moles.

Brags and fun stuff to share!Wanda and other members have bulbs up and some blooms!! Spring is here!

Meeting adjourned 10:45am. Motion, Wanda; second, Becky. 

Wonderful refreshments were provided by Nori and Jim and Becky and Tim. Treats were left for the staff at the garden center to enjoy.  

While we "refreshed" Dean spoke about the challenges of this past winter including damage from severe winter winds to spruce and pine trees. If the buds survived, the tree may survive.

A great tour and update at the WRGS by Dean was enjoyed by all.

Minutes submitted by Georgianne.


Meeting Reminder, Saturday, April 12 at 10:00 am Wood River Garden Center

Our next meeting will be held on Saturday, April 12, at 10:00 AM, Wood River Garden Center. It looks like we will be having a lovely spring day this year (knock on wood!!).

This is our annual preview tour of the greenhouses with Dean.  He will show us what is new and exciting for 2014!!

This is always a fun event.  Bring a note pad and camera to record what you want to buy at opening!!

Refreshments: Sue and Nori

All meetings are open to the public!

Hope to see you there!

Change for June outing to Wanda's.  That date will be pushed forward from June 28 to June 21 at Wanda's request.  Same itinerary. Please note the change in your booklets.