2017 Annual Garden Club BBQ at Lisa's, a fun time for all

It was great to get together with garden club members and Lucille's daughter Sue Segelstrom. Mark and Theresa came despite a very full schedule of getting ready for a family wedding and a trip to Maine where Mark will be starting school, not to mention a new job for Theresa. Congrats to the Riewestahl family and best of luck to Mark on this new chapter of his life! We will miss you at garden club Mark.

Conversation also included Becky's new digs on Mud Hen Lake, baby bunnies in Pam's zinnia planter, and who will be entering the county fair this year. Look for entries in the fair from Becky and Linnea, Rhonda and Sandy! Sunday afternoon is a great time to peruse the entries and prize awards.

In our garden club competitions, first prizes were awarded for best container garden to Sandy Hinrichs, and best arrangement of cut flowers to Georgianne Kleiss. Congratulations to Sandy and Georgianne. Second place was not awarded in the container garden category as has been the tradition as there were only three entries in that category but five entries in the cut flowers category. In the cut flowers category we hoped to give a second prize but there was a three-way tie for second place. The prize for second place will be equally divided between the two first place winners by decision of the quorum present at the event.

We were a group of 11 until Lisa's husband, Charlie, showed up at the perfect time to grab a quick bite to eat, take a group photo, then ferry some of us on a cruise of the lake. A big "Thank You" to Charlie Slater!

Here are a few snaps of the evening:

Linnea, Becky, Mark, Theresa, Georgianne and Lucille 

Theresa, Georgianne, Sue, Lucille, Rhonda and Lisa

A lovely spread. Blueberry pie was brought by Theresa
who picked the blueberries herself!

Enjoying the great weather on the deck with a big plate of food!

First place for cut flowers went to 
Georgianne for her dramatic presentation 
of zinneas and hydrangia

First place for container went to
Sandy for this planter of 
pink and white petunias and 
speckled caladium

Other Entries: 

Lucille's signature glads are always a joy

Pam's fairly garden 

This entry in a beautiful of pot by Linnea

And lots of color in arrangements by Rhonda, Becky 
and Pam

A group shot with Pam, Sandy, Becky, Rhonda, Lisa
Lucille, Theresa, Sue, Mark, Georgianne and Linnea!

Ready for a chilly cruise on the pontoon around the lake
Thanks you everyone for a fun evening! And a big "Thank You" to Lisa for hosting again this year--her 4th year of hosting this event. 


Annual August BBQ at Lisa's, Thursday, August 10 5:30 - dusk

Burnett Garden Club will meet at Lisa Slater's (see map below) on Thursday, August 10 at 5:30 for our annual BBQ. The club provides the meat, members should bring a dish to share. If you can not arrive at 5:30, come when you can. We want a good turnout!

Don't forget to bring your entry for the container garden and cut flowers competitions!!
1st and 2nd prizes will be awarded for best container gardens
1st prize will be awarded for best cut flower arrangement

Past entries/winners