It's not as easy as you might think...

Willow Globe Workshop with Jacki Bedworth

Eight of us joined willow weaver, Jacki Bedworth, for a willow globe making workshop. These willow globes are purposely "messy" in their construction so one might think they would be easy to make. Not so!

We all struggled to create something that was generally round and somewhat regular but alas, even this takes a level of expertise that one must learn through practice. We had fun and are hoping that nestled in the garden or hung from a tree our willow globes will add an element of interest in the snowy landscape and later in the beautiful summer sun!.

Okay, no hiding behind your globe!



Meeting Minutes, February 14, 2013

The February 2013 meeting of the Burnett Garden Club was called to order by Kris Henning at approximately 6:30 pm

Attending: Becky, Tim, Kris, Theresa, Carrie, Georgianne, Rick, Linnea and Roberta (?)

The Secretary’s report for the January meeting is posted on the blog.  No changes or corrections were put forward.  Motion to approve January minutes offered by Teresa, seconded by Rick, by vote minutes of the January meeting have been approved

Tresurer’s report was presented by Georgianne. We had $1756.2 at the last meeting. Expenses of $50.00 for chamber dues and $28.00 for brochures were incurred. Dues were collected from 3 new member adding $15.00. Total  current total $1693.24.

Old Business:
Weeding signup, Becky will get a weeding schedule signup sheet printed up for the March meeting.
Como Park Visit date in June to be decided. Organized by Community Education. Choose from last 2 Sundays in June.

Spring Fling in Woodbury is March 9 at the high school.
March seminars are listed in the garden club booklet, on the website or by contacting Janet Byers

Our next meeting is on Thursday, March 14, Willow Globe Workshop with Jacki Bedworth! with refreshment from Pam and Georgianne

Door prize was an antique berry picking basket provided by Pam won by Tim Tessman

Tonight’s presentation, Rebecca Kohls video on Spring Gardening, refreshments by Carrie and Teresa

Meeting was adjourned
Minutes taken by Becky Tessman in the absence of Janet Byers, transcribed and edited by Pam Davies

Please submit corrections to Pam Davies or at the next meeting.