Prepare for the September presentation

Here is a message from Mary Griesbach who will be presenting in September on Gathering and Using Natural Materials for Fall/Winter Decorating! 

This is an advance "head's up" for our September presentation on gathering and using natural and wild materials for decorating: NOW is the time to collect CATTAILS! (Typha latifolia and Typha angustifolia) The ditches and marshes are still fairly dry and easy to access. Cut long stems in bunches and then bring inside a garage or shed to dry. You can hang them upside down, but it's not necessary. I just have mine upright in a 5 gallon bucket. If you wait until after the September meeting, it might be too late because the brown cattail heads will start to explode. Even if they're not exploding, they are so mature that they won't set up well for you and will disintegrate prematurely.

Another plant to gather NOW are stems of the yellow-blooming TANSY (Tanacetum vulgare). Although this is a non-native plant and somewhat invasive, it does make for nice fall arrangements. Their populations are scattered and I don't know of any real strong stands in our immediate area. However, they are common along most roadways and can be really dense. These should be cut and hung upside down to dry so that their stems stay straight when they dry and stiffen. Again, if you wait until our September meeting, tansies will likely be finished blooming, so you need to get them now if you want them this fall and winter.

Hope this gets everyone excited about our fall lineup of Burnett Garden Club meetings.  Bring a friend!!


2013 Summer Potluck, delightful as usual!

Nine of us (including Linnea's mom, Shirley, and photographer Pam) attended the 2013 Summer Potluck. The food was marvelous (as usual) as was the company. We missed everyone who could not attend.  

Lucille won the prize for best container garden. Alas, hers was the only entry but it was definitely worthy of first place! 

Becky took first place in the cut flowers competition with a lovely bouquet based on two! Beautiful!

Lucille took second place in the cut flowers competition with this lovely bouquet of summer flowers. 

Here is Lucille with her two winning entries.

Thank you to Linnea and Shirley for hosting the event!

The Grantsburg sign is looking great!

Thanks to everyone who has been weeding and caring for the Grantsburg sign garden. The sign has been recently painted (a few plants got a little trampled but oh well!) so it is looking bright and beautiful. The zinneas and perennials are looking fabulous despite the dry weather. I think visitors to Grantsburg will be impressed and we can be proud of our efforts!


Annual Summer Potluck and Container Garden/Cut Flowers Competition!! Thursday, August 8, 5:30 PM

We will be having our annual Summer Potluck at the Nelson/Seume cabin on Wood Lake on Thursday, August 8, at 5:30 PM, rain or shine--and most of us wouldn't mind some rain, it's been so dry!! Last year we had a little sun shower and a double rainbow!

We will also have our Container Garden Competition with 2 prizes, first and second place. Container gardens can include fairy gardens as well as pots and hanging baskets.

We will also have our Cut Flowers in a Vase Competition, 1 prize.   

Bring a dish to share. The club will provide meat and buns. 

This is a fun event for old and new members!! Everyone welcome.

Watch this blog or your email for any changes to this event. 

Where:  11601 North Shore Drive

Directions: HWY 70 to County Road Y (west of Alpha), south to North Shore Drive (left turn), about a quarter to half mile along the North Shore Drive look for cabin with lots of cars. That will be us!