Meeting Minutes, February 2016

Burnett Garden Club
Secretary’s report for 2-11-16
Smoland Prairie Inn

President Mary Charmoli called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm.
Secretary’s report: Kris reported that last month’s minutes as taken by Mary C. & Pam were posted on the blog. No additions or corrections. Pam moved, Jackie seconded to approve the minutes as posted.
Treasurer’s report: Jackie reported that our beginning balance last month was $1,817.04; we got $.05 interest, so our ending balance was $1,817.09. Kris moved, Charlene seconded to approve; the report stands as read.
Committee Reports:

  • Community Planting-Pam. Not much to report; weed list will be coming soon—this is for weeding and watering the three gardens we maintain at the Sign, the Library, and the Flagpole on the north side of Memory Lake Park. This list is based upon last year’s schedule. Please review it and let Pam know if the same week will work for you. This is based on physical ability and locality to do the weeding. 
  • Renovation of the Sign Garden subcommittee—Kris. Kris went down and measured the sign for layout. We used to have mostly annuals in that garden; it was a huge attraction coming into town, though more expensive to plant. Currently it is not as noticed; as an example, the Minnesota Design Team working with the GRO Grantsburg project told the audience that there needs to be a sign coming into town—they completely missed it. Charlene suggested milk weeds at the sign; however, they are quite invasive, but other pollinators can be incorporated into the plan. A planning meeting will be called soon so plants can be ordered. Pam talked about the Olson Drive project from the GRO Grantsburg plan that she is working on; they have done some native plantings there.
  • Fairgrounds planting-Lisa. Nothing to report yet.
  • Plant Sale-Kris. Kris passed around an initial signup for anticipated contributions. She would like to highlight Pollinator Plants this year. We do want vegetable & annual plants, plus perennials.
  • Tours-Becky. Becky not present, but tour gardens have been signed up already.
  • Fair Float-Pam. Pam reported that she may not be able to do it this year; she will have to see.
  • Grantoberfest-Georgianne. Nothing to report yet.
  • Holiday in the Park-Lisa. Decorations have been taken down and stored.
  • Cookbook-Jackie & Pam. Jackie called the company to get a final price. They said it would be a base of $4.40 each, $5.50-6.00 each with shipping. More recipes are needed—everyone can send 10 recipes. Pam will do a report and send out on what we have, so we can see what is needed and send in recipes accordingly. Our final due date is March 15th to get them before the Plant Sale.

Announcements: President announced the following events-

  • 2/12-14 – “WPT Garden Expo” – Madison
  • 2/16 – “Gardening for Bees and Butterflies” – MSHS - $15 member/$20 non-member. 
  • 2/21-3/1 – “MG Educational Tour” – Costa Rica
  • 3/19 – “New Venture in Gardening” – Minong
  • HostasDirect.com – recent sale over, but tag website for future sales–located in Roseville-Mary C. favorite

Old Business:
Signup sheets passed around for Plant Sale and Community Planting projects.
New Business:

  • Quilt Blocks-we still need 14-15 Quilt Blocks to be done; 
  • Board meeting and a painting meeting was set for next Friday, Feb. 19th at 2:00 PM at Harvey Allen Outdoors. This is an official Board meeting, but anyone can come and do some Quilt Blocks, too.

April Meeting-Linnea asked if the April meeting that she, Becky and Charlene are doing could be held at her home. This way, she could talk about her setup and we could see it. We will do that.
Brag time:
Georgianne just got back from a trip to Costa Rica and had a wonderful time. She will do a presentation for us next year.
Adjourn: Pam motioned, Lisa seconded to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 7:03 pm.
Next Meeting: March 19 “Heritage Flowers” – Valerie Vollendorf  and "Vermiculture" -- Tom Bell at Grantsburg High School room 115 6:30 PM.
Tonight’s Program: “Overview of Wine Making” by Virginia and Shamus Hennessey. We also were treated to a tasting of Virginia’s Crabapple-Cranberry Liqueur.
Refreshments: tonight by Pam and Georgianne.
Attendance-Mary C., Audrey, Lisa, Kris, Pam, Georgianne, Jackie, Charlene, Linnea, Melody Schneider (new), Rosemary, Rhonda.

Beekeeping Seminar, February 25, Thursday, Burnett Dairy


Meeting Reminder, February 11, Thursday 6:30 PM Smoland Praire Farm (opposite Dairy Store in Alpha)

The Garden club will be meeting this Thursday, February 11, at 6:30 PM at Smoland Praire Farm (opposite Dairy Store in Alpha)
We will enjoy a wine making overview with Virginia and Shamus Hennessey.  We will have the opportunity to taste one of the wines. We will also have the opportunity to purchase the breads they produce at the farm.

The business meeting will include:
Signup and planning for plant sale and community garden planting
Refreshments: Georgianne and Pam