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Thanks to everyone for the great ideas for our annual plant sale!! And Feb CSA farm presentation!!

We had a great turnout at our January meeting. 14 members participated in a brainstorming cession led by Kris to pre-plan for our annual plant sale. Lots of great ideas were put out there from a Friday night presale to more annuals and salad bowl plant pots to baked goods. We are hoping to add new interest to our sale and attract more customers.

After our cession we broke up into four teams of three for a gardening trivia contest. Lots of tough questions!! Team four walked a way with the prizes!! Congrats to Mary G, Lisa and Jolene!

In February we will be having a CSA farm presentation.  Rosemary bought a share in Treasured Haven Farm near Rush City last summer and loved the wonderful produce she got from them each week thoughout the summer and early fall. CSA farming stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Treasured Haven Farm produces all organic fruits and vegies. Peg and her husband will present to us on the concept and the practice of CSA farming. If vegie gardening isn't your thing but you love all that luscious produce in the summer, consider buying a full or partial share and enjoy a wide variety of fresh produce including fruits and berries for 18 weeks of summer.

Check out Treasured Haven Farm's website treasuredhavenfarm.com 

Meeting Minutes, January 2014

The Burnett Garden Club January 9, 2014 meeting was called to order at 6:40 p.m. by Pam Davies.  The November, 2013 meeting minutes were approved.  There are no meeting notes from the December meeting as it was a potluck dinner and gift exchange.

Georgianne Kleiss gave the Treasure’s report.  She has the 2013 year end report if anyone would like to see this.  She asked members to look at the 2014 Garden Club Member roster and advise her of any changes.

- The Home and Patio Show in St. Paul and the Home & Garden Show in Mpls. are in Feb. and March.  There is information about the Mpls. show in the 2014 directory.
-  Sue Auguston’s sister recently passed away and the Garden Club sent her and her family flowers.  Please let either Pam D. or Kris H. know if any member’s loved ones passes on so flowers can be sent to the member and their family.
- Holiday In the Park display will be taken down when the weather is warmer.  Lisa Slater and Audrey Edmunds will do this and be in charge of getting the display put up in 2014.  Pam encourages more businesses to participate in Holiday In The Park.
- Georgianne’s husband has groomed almost 11 k of cross country ski trails in the park.  The route begins at the north edge of the bridge by the dam, and does not go close to the snowmobile trail.
- Grantoberfest Committee for the Garden Club needs a chair person.  If anyone is interested, please advise Pam D. or Kris H.  We discussed the possibility of having a tent at the Grantoberfest in September 2014 to sell plants.  This will be determined as the time comes near.
- Kris H. brought up the Community Garden Tour on July 10.  Becky Lake and Janet Byers have offered for the group to come to their homes.  If there are one or two others who would like to offer to have the Garden Club come to see their garden, please let Kris know. Mary C offered her gardens. The tour will conclude at Janet’s home.

Old Business
- Lisa Slater and Audrey Edmunds will plant flowers at the Fairgrounds this spring/summer.  There will need to be new planters made, and they will get this done.  Kris H. will talk to Mike Chell about getting money from the Fair Board to purchase plants for these.  After the plants are in the ground, Lisa and Audrey will ask for volunteers to help keep them watered throughout the summer.
- Flowers will not be planted at the Library this year due to building expansion at the Library.  We may plant flowers there again in 2015.

New Business
- Pam described that the Treasure’s job has acquired a lot more duties.  She, Mary and Georgianne have compiled a job description for this.
- Pam says that press releases need to be assigned to someone to do.  If anyone is interested, please let her know.
A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 7:10 p.m.

Kris H. talked about the May 2014 Plant Sale at T-Dawg’s parking lot..  Lisa S. suggested having the plant sale on Friday eve also, from 4 – 7 p.m., as many people will be coming into town and would stop then.  This was discussed and will be pursued.  There needs to be more pre-sale signage.  There will be hay wagons with lights and decorations to put plants on for sale.  A sheet was out for people to sign up for when they are available to work at the sale.  Discussion was also had about selling some baked goods and/or baskets of salsa making, spaghetti sauce ingredients, herbs, and other ideas for a sale possibility.  This will be discussed more.

Kris H. will contact two different local vendors and get prices for having signs made for various sales and events of the Garden Club.

Refreshments were provided by Kris H. and Ruth.


Thursday, January 9th Meeting, Revised Refreshments List and MSHS and Crex Meadows Calendar Links!!

December was a brutal month but it looks like January could be worse!! Casting our minds to gardening will certainly help us get through.

Our first meeting of the new calendar year 2014 is set for Thursday, January 9 at 6:30 PM room 111, Grantsburg High School.

  • Bring seed catalogs and gardening magazines to share with the club.  
  • We will be planning for our 2014 Annual Plant sale. Kris will lead a brainstorming/discussion session on what lessons we've learned from the past and how we can make the 2014 the best ever!!  
  • There will be a fabulous door prize so don't miss this meeting!
  • Refreshments will be provided by Ruth and Kris.

Check out the revised refreshments calendar on the blog.  If you need to trade with someone, feel free to work out the trade and let me know so I can make the change on the blog.

Check out this link to the Minnesota State Horticultural Society calendar. There are lots of workshops and programs happening every week.

Also Check out events and activities right here at our own Crex Meadows.  Scroll down to find the 2014 listings!