Meeting Minute, December 2015

Burnett Garden Club
Dec. 10, 2015
Short meeting @ Christmas Party

  1. President Mary Charmoli called the meeting to order at 8:00 pm.
  2. Secretary’s report was posted on the blog and approved.
  3. Treasurer’s report- Jackie Gerrick. After expenses, current balance is $1,975.73. Report stands.
  4. Old Business:
    1. Cookbook report- Lisa Slater and Jackie Gerrick.
  • 3-ring binder books cost $8.20; can sell for $11-13
  • Spiral binder books cost $4.40; can sell for $8-10
  • Minimums are 100 books with 150 recipes; recipe/culture notes cost additional $0.25 each, but if we type in the books ourselves, we save that .25.
  • Turnaround time is about 30 days for production.
Vote was taken to go ahead with this project, and to get the spiral bound book.
For our January meeting, Jackie will get a firm price from the company and we will set an upper limit on our budget for it.
Each person send in 6-7 recipes apiece to Pam or Jackie, specify the category (appetizer, dessert, etc.), and number them all in order of priority for the book in case we get too many (#1-favorite, #7 can leave out). Recipes need to be turned in by March.
    1. Block quilt report- Lisa. We need about 15 more blocks done to finish the quilt. At the January meeting, we will schedule a get-together and paint more blocks.
  1. New Business:
    1. Think about who could teach the November wreath workshop.
    2. Plant Sale ideas for promotion-Charlene suggested using a Gator-type ATV downtown for promotion (subject to Big Gust Days & Village rules). Susan Augustson does have a mini-donkey we could use with a signboard, too. Tabled until January meeting.
  2. Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.


Another Holiday Potuck come and gone...

Thursday December 10 was our 2015 Holiday Potluck and a great time it was!
We missed all those who could not make it this year.
15 members and 3 spouses attended.
Here are a few moments in the evening (click on the pictures for a bigger view).
Getting everything ready for the arrival of the guests!
Beverage and dessert table

Oops, forgot to move the kitty's scratching post.
Mary C preparing her dish 

Mary G chatting with Rick. Sorry Mary, I got you with your mouth full!

Mary, Kris, Lisa, Linnea and Georgianne
Becky and Tim. Oops, caught Becky in a yawn.    
Left to right: Lucille, Jackie (our new treasurer) Janet, Susan, Charlene and Mary C
Ruth, Kris and Lucille

Charlene, Mary C, Audrey, Jackie, Linnea and Janet

Mary C, our new president for 2016

Audrey, Jackie, Linnea and Janet opening gifts after the dice game

Susan opening her gift with husband Scott

Here is the whole group of members (except for Becky as she had to leave early).
Thanks to Scott Augustson for taking this group photo!
Left to right and front to back: Georgianne, Jackie; Susan, Janet, Lucille, Mary G, Charlene; Lisa, Kris, Pam, Linnea, Audrey, Ruth and Mary C


Annual Holiday Potluck is this Thursday, 6:00 at Pam's house

The holiday potluck is almost here. 

If you did not sign up, no problem. Just bring what you want and come. The more the merrier.

If you have to be late, no problem, better late than not at all, we want to see you!

Need a ride? no problem. Just call a member near you or call me, Kris or Mary C for help finding a ride.

We do welcome spouses/significant others. We also welcome other guests, especially those thinking about becoming members!!

Kris      715 *  689  2333
Mary C 715 *  349  8388
Pam     612 *  978  0234 is the best number to get me at. 

Directions: 216 N Pine Street in Grantsburg. I am half a block north of the post office on Pine Street. 

From east or west on HWY 70 go north at the stoplight in Grantsburg. Stay on this street (this is Pine Street) until you run into my garage--just past the post office. There is demolition of a building going on across the street so I hope there won't be a lot o machinery in the way. 

Hope to see you all here!!

2014 Holiday Potluck at Kris'