Correction to minutes: We still need a President for 2019

Correction to minute of the November 2018 meeting. Georgianne did not offer to be co-president with Kris. We still need a candidate for the position of president for 2019. Sorry for the misinformation.


Holiday Gnome Workshop

After the meeting on Thursday, Mary G conducted a holiday gnome making workshop and it was great fun. Here are a few pictures of the evening's activity!

Mary getting set up

Lots of fun holiday socks and accessories to choose from

Sandy and Kris stuff a bag of rice into a sock for the gnome body

Fitting just the right hat...
is a two person job too!

The finished result! Couldn't be cuter!
Cynthia and Alma provided refreshments. You can see the gnome theme cupcakes in this last picture--at least what was left of them! A big thank you to Mary for the fun workshop and to Alma and Cynthia for the great refreshments!

Meeting Minutes: November 2018

Burnett Garden Club
Meeting Minutes for November 8, 2018

Present: Kris, Janet, Georgianne, Pam, Mary G, Sandy, Alma, Cynthia

Kris called the meeting to order at 6:40 PM

No new members or visitors present

Secretary’s Report : Minutes posted to the blog. No corrections or addition. Janet made a motion to approve minutes as posted, seconded by Georgianne. Unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report --treasurer not present. No report

Announcements/Upcoming events
  • North Woods Community Fair Nov 17 9-2 at Grantsburg High School; benefits community ed
  • National Daylily Convention in Madison July 10-13, 2019
  • Pink Squirrel, occasional sale shop on Main/Madison in Grantsburg opened in October. They will open Wed-Sunday on the third weekend of the month. Antiques, collectibles, vintage, home decor, clothing, seasonal. Linnea and Rhonda from the club both have booths as well as Carrie Byers. 26 vendors in all.

Standing Committee Reports:

       Community plantings:
  • Fairgrounds--Ruth will be chair
  • Flagpole--Pam will be chair
  • Library--Pam will be chair
  • Sign--Kris will be chair; pink petunias were great this year. Will check with Dean on what to do about white petunias not as vigorous as the pink. 
       Other committees:
  • Grantoberfest--Pam will chair
  • Holiday in the Park--Sandy will chair; Tentatively planning to set up Nov 19 Monday early evening. Sandy will contact Lisa for stand and giant wreath. Pam has sign post for sign and bells and large balls etc provided by Sandy. Pam also has tomato trellis lighted trees.
  • Plant Sale--Need Chair, Kris will help and do potting party. Sale s/b June 1, 2019
  • Tours--Linnea to Chair?
  • Holiday party: let Rhonda know what you will be bringing and how many attending, next year at Library.
Old Business:
  • Sign up sheets passed around
  • Suggestions from last meeting:
  1. more guest speakers
  2. hold meeting at an easier place to find and easier access to building--Pam will check with Library again and Grantsburg Town Hall, Kris to check with Trinity Church in Falun
New Business: Election of officers:
  • President: Open
  • Vice President: Kris willing to take this on
  • Secretary: Pam offered to be secretary
  • Treasurer: Charlene will continue
  • Blog/notification: Pam
  • We will have official election and installation of officers at the holiday party
  • Planning committee will meet after election
  • Question--Do we want to do an audit of books. It is in the by-laws (#1 section 2-D; the executive committee is responsible for conducting an audit in October).
No Other Business
Brag time: none
Adjourn Pam moved to adjourn/sandy seconded. Adjourned at 7:30
Program: Mary Griesback's Sock Gnome Workshop, thank you to her.
Refreshments: Thank you to Alma and Cynthia


Meeting Reminder: Thursday November 8 6:30 PM

We will be meeting November 8 Thursday for a regular meeting at 6:30 PM at Grantsburg High School room 115.
  • Agenda: Election of Officers for 2019, set up date for board meeting to finalize plans for 2019
  • Program: "Holiday Gnome Workshop" $5.00 project fee. Presented by Mary Griesbach
  • Refreshments: Alma and Cynthia
  Please RSVP for the Holiday Gnome Workshop to Mary gcyram13@gmail.com

Sock Gnomes project by Mary Griesbach

Each participant should bring 3+ cups of dry, uncooked rice or beans (rice will be cheaper, but beans work really good too), glue gun and glue sticks, scissors, and any assorted ribbons, buttons and other embellishments they think they might like to use. I will provide everything else through my own personal stash and parts purchased. In order for someone to think about what they might like to bring themselves for their gnome, they can go to YouTube and view a couple videos about how to make Sock Gnomes. My method is a blend of what they are going to see in the videos.
Materials cost will be $5.00 for each kit.

Don't worry if you don't have a glue gun, there will be enough to share! If we remember to bring them!!

Hope to see you all there!! 


Meeting Minutes: October 2018

Burnett Garden Club
October 11, 2018 Agenda

Meeting called to order at 6:36 PM by Kris Henning.

Welcome – Visitor – Bonnie Wicklund (who accompanied Kris on Scandinavian tour and will
assist with tonight’s presentation)

Secretary’s Report
  • Minutes from September by Linnea as posted on the blog amended under “Old Business” - there was a wrap up of the 30th Anniversary Party.
  • Motion to approve amended blog minutes by Janet,  Second by Rhonda.  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report by Charlene Strabel
  • Current Balance $1912.85
  • It was noted that the Village has not yet sent us their $300 pledge. 
  • There was discussion on the mechanism of reaching out to remind them.
  • The Treasurer’s report stands as read.

There is a “Moms for Kids” Craft Fair the first Saturday in November at the Siren School
Moms for Kids Crafts Show
Siren School
Saturday, November 3rd
9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

There was also some discussion about a craft event in Grantsburg but no details

Committee Reports:

    Community Plantings:
  •     Fairground Planting – no report
  •     Flagpole Planting – Pam  - Still needs cleaning
  •     Library Planting – Pam – Still needs cleaning – difficulty in getting library volunteers
  •     Sign Planting – Kris – Kris & Pam cleaned out garden and replaced it with fall themed items.
    Grantoberfest – Pam – Successful! 2 new members, much interest thanks to Sandy & Pam

    Holiday in the Park – Sandy – May be set up weekend of Nov. 17, w/ Pam & Becky

     Plant Sale – Kris – Charlene has plants to be dug in spring,

    Tours – no report

Old Business:
  • Sign-up sheets for 2019 continue to be passed around
  • Wanda Biorn showed her hand-crafted Thanks You cards which she made for the club as a donation.
  • Mary Griesbach spoke about the Sock Gnomes that will be the craft project in Nov. There was discussion of how it should be presented in the papers as well as the cost. A sign-up sheet was passed around and there will be a $5/kit activity fee. Each participant must RSVP.

New Business:
  • The Christmas Party Venue for 2019 has been reserved for the Grantsburg Library, but can be cancelled if necessary. This was selected as it is central, large and accessible.
  •  A thank you & donation of $50 from Cathy/Mike McCabe to use to beautify village

Brag Time:
  • Wanda Biorn is going to Florida next month to a stamping convention.
  •  Sandy Hinrichs and Janet Byers have delphiniums in bloom.

Next Meeting:
  •  Thursday, November 8 at 6:30 PM at school. 
  • “Making Sock Gnomes” – Mary Griesbach
  •  Refreshments in November by: Alma and Cynthia

Adjournment Time: 7:10 PM    Motion by Wanda, Second by Janet

Tonight’s Presentation:     “Scandinavian Flowers and Travel” by Kris Henning

Refreshments by Charlene and Janet

Members Present: Janet, Rhonda, Kris, Wanda, Pam, Charlene, Mary G, Sandy, & Mary C

Respectfully submitted by Mary Charmoli


Serve our club and our community (it's not as hard as it looks)

We are currently in the planning process for 2019. That means our president has been circulating signup sheets for refreshments, committees, hosting and ideas for programs for the coming year. Many spots remain to be filled. This is our club, we all need to participate to make 2019 the best year yet!!

Please respond to burnettgardenclub@gmail.com to volunteer for any of the below.

Committees for 2019:

  • Holiday in the Park/ Sandy Hinrichs and Pam
  • Community Gardens/ Kris Henning
  1.     Fairgrounds/ Ruth Anderson?
  2.     Memory Lake Flagpole/ Pam Davies
  3.     Library/ Pam Davies
  4.     Hwy 70 Sign/ Kris Henning
  • Grantoberfest:
  • Plant Sale: Need Chair   helpers: Pam, Sandy, Rhonda
  • PR/Hospitality: Need Chair
  • Tours: Need Chair
  • Program (put together and print booket): Need Chair

Refreshments for 2019:
  • February: Rhonda & Janet
  • March:  Pam & Georgianne
  • April (at Wood River Garden Center): Wanda & Mary G
  • July Garden Tour: Sandy 
  • September:  Linnea & Janet
  • October: 2 members needed
  • November:  2 members needed
Hosting for 2019:
  • Potting Party--May: at Kris Henning's will provide refreshments
  • Spring Garden Party--June: Need host
  • Summer BBQ--August: Need host
  • Holiday Party--December: Need host
 Ideas for Progams 2019--We need ideas for 4 meetings and 1 workshop, they are:
  • February:
  • March:
  • April: Wood River Garden Center preview
  • September:
  • October:
  • November (Workshop):  
If you would like to do a presentation or workshop or know someone who would be good, please offer the idea.
New Ideas offered so far this year:
  • Pumpkin, Squash and Gourds--ask the folks from Sunby (provides pumpkins for Grantoberfest) to talk about this. One young fellow was telling me all about this and he was very interesting.  
  • How to test your own soil with a kit--Pam is offering to do this presentation 
  • Need more ideas
Other Ideas from past years
  • Fruit trees             
  • maple syruping field trip in spring (Julie Chell might be someone to ask)
  • composting            
  • Fall garden cleanup            
  • Essential Oils --Sarah Byers? (sugg. by Mary C.)               
  • Butterflies, Bees, Bats            
  • Bluebirds (bluebird house workshop?)               
  • roses           
  • Have Konnie Jerabek again to talk about invasives!            
  • Butchart Gardens travelogue-Tim            

Election of Officers
We will be electing officers in November.
  • President -- Uses the preset agenda sheet to plan the meeting (6 meetings). Makes sure the presenter will have what they need for the meeting. Makes any decisions for the club not needing a quorum vote of the membership. Presides at the meetings. Kris can not be president due to commitments to Day Lily Association
  • Vice-president -- assists the president when needed and presides at the meeting in the absence of the president. Often the President and Vice-President share the responsibility of the president. Mary C can not be VP this year
  • Secretary -- takes minute of the meeting using the agenda sheet provided by the president. Types up the minutes and emails them to the blog admin (Pam). Linnea? 
  • Treasurer -- handles the bank account and check book and makes monthly reports on the clubs income and expenditures and the current balance and any issues that may arise. The treasurer has the thank-you notes and purchases the gas cards to give to presenter. Charlene?
  • Blog Admin/notification (Pam) if anyone is interested in learning how to administrate the blog, Pam would be happy to teach you and work with you on the blog.

We need members to step up to take on these officer positions. You can ask for and will get a helping hand from other members and especially from past officers. To make this club work we need members to rotate into these positions.

Planning Committee for 2019
The new officers and the committee chairs (and any members who wish to participate) will make up the planning committee. The planning committee will meet in November to determine what presentations we will have based on the ideas offered by members. They will decide who to ask to be  presenters, and will make sure all the slots are filled for refreshments, committees, and hosting. Planning committee members will be assigned to do the follow up on these items.  

A big, big, big thank you to everyone who participated this year as officers, committee chairs and support; for providing refreshments, growing plants for the sale, offering their gardens and homes as host and for showing up at meetings!! We wouldn't be a club without you!!

Let's make year 31 the best ever!!


October meeting happenings

Eight members and one guest, founding member Bonnie Wicklund, gathered on Thursday evening to take care of club business and enjoy a travelogue presented by Kris on her travels with Bonnie, sister Donna and member Ruthie to Sweden.

Before the presentation, Wanda presented a set of thank-you cards she created especially for the club and Mary Griesbach showed us the holiday gnome we will be making in November.

Details of the gnome project can be found below. If you didn't sign up at the October meeting, RSVP if you want to participate in this project directly to Mary or with a reply to this blog post in your email, Mary needs to know how many to plan for.

Just a few of the custom cards Wanda created
Mary G will lead a workshop in November

Items from Sweden

Sock Gnomes project by Mary Griesbach

Each participant should bring 3+ cups of dry, uncooked rice or beans (rice will be cheaper, but beans work really good too), glue gun and glue sticks (if you have them), scissors, and any assorted ribbons, buttons and other embellishments they think they might like to use. I will provide everything else through my own personal stash and parts purchased. In order for someone to think about what they might like to bring themselves for their gnome, they can go to YouTube and view a couple videos about how to make Sock Gnomes. My method is a blend of what they are going to see in the videos.
Materials cost will be $5.00 for each kit.