Great place to shop for hostas!

Remember Homestead Perennials in North Branch? The club visited there in 2014. They have a fabulous collection of hostas, over 400 varieties, and lots of other stuff too. Here is a link of our visit to refresh your memories as well as a link to their website.


Georgianne and I visited them last week and thought we'd remind everyone what a wonderful place it is. They have beautiful gardens as well as a very nice selection, and some stuff is on sale now too!!

Hope to see everyone at Becky and Linnea's Monday evening July 15!


‘Bittersweet’ ending for Burnett Garden Club

This article appeared in the Burnett County Sentinel, February 13, 2919 

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30 years of sharing our love of gardening...

After 30 years of sharing our love of gardening with the community,
Burnett Garden Club has found it necessary to disband as a formal club. It
has been a fun and exciting 30 years with lots of tradition building and a
lot of change. Meeting new members, keeping in touch with old members and
saying goodbye to members who have gone on to their celestial gardens has
been a big part of being an ongoing institution in Burnett County these past
three decades. We have always been, first and foremost, lovers of plants and
growing things and have grown our community of gardeners in the same way. A
seed was planted and nurtured so many years ago that became something bigger
and grander over the years. But like the plants we love so much, all things
have their natural life span.

We would like to thank all of our members over the years for the
contributions they have made to our club and to our communities. We would
like to thank especially those who served as officers and chaired committees
over the years and kept us all in pursuit of the same goals which were
educating ourselves about gardening and nature, sharing this knowledge with
our community, and having a great time while doing it! We would also like to
thank all the gardeners in and outside our club who shared their lovely
gardens with us over the years. Wow! What talent we have in this community
for creating beautiful spaces to enjoy and grow in. We would like to thank
Wood River Garden Store and Village Floral for all of their support over the
years and for the expertise they so happily share with our community. We
would like to thank the Wisconsin Extension Service Spooner Ag Station's
Kevin Schoessow for his contributions to our club over the years. And we
would like to thank all the presenters who came to our club meetings to
share their knowledge and passions with us and the members themselves who
taught us so many new things at every meeting. 

Thank you to all who have helped make our club into an active and vital
part of our community in this little corner of Wisconsin these past three
This is the updated flyer.


Board Meeting Minutes, 10 Jan 2019

Burnett Garden Club
Final Board Meeting
Thursday, January 10, 2019

Meeting called to order: 7:05 PM by Kris Henning.

Members present: Kris Henning, Pam Davies, Charlene Strabel, Sandy Hinrichs, Janet Byers, & Mary Charmoli.
Secretary’s Report: On blog
Treasurer’s Report: $2333.47 on deposit + $18 cash = $2351.47
Old Business: None
New Business:     Disbursement of Garden Club Assets

Each attending member was asked how they would like to see the monies and club items disbursed. Suggestions from non-present members were also considered. From this list, pending more research into costs, etc, the committee determined the following:

1.    Dues paid for 2019: .Members will be offered a refund for their dues (all members present refused). Sandy will contact the two newest members.

2.    HWY 70 Grantsburg Sign. The club will no longer plant and maintain this sign but does feel an obligation to help with a low maintenance option.
  • A bench would be purchased throught GRO Grantsburg, matching those planned for downtown, with plaque inscribed: For 30 years of Beautification 1988-2018 Donated by the Burnett Garden Club. The cost, with inscribed plaque, shipping and installation would be approximately $919. The bench would be placed on the west side backed by existing shrubs and possibly more grasses. The village will provide a cement base to prevent theft.
  • A large cement planter would be in front of or adjacent to the bench at an approximate cost of $300 + shipping. More research into cost needed.
  •  For the east side, three to four hydrangea shrubs would be purchased from Wood River Garden Center and planted to hide mechanics of the sign.
  • The balance of the previously planted area would be re-seeded or mulched to be maintained by the Village of Grantsburg
3.    The Library Garden:
  •  Pam would continue to monitor weeding
  •  From the balance of funds, a one time donation would be made to the library earmarked for maintenance of the gardens. Amount to be determined.
  • Our soaker hose/timer from the sign garden will be donated to the library garden
4.    Memory Lake Flagpole Garden:
  •  The Club will no longer maintain this area which is becoming overgrown.
  •  Kris suggested to Sheila that someone could be hired to replant succulents such as Sedum.
  • The club will not be making any donation toward this.
5.    Fairgrounds:
  •  The Club will no longer maintain these planters   
  •  Village Floral has always donated plants. We would donate $100 to off-set this cost.
  •  Charlene will discuss with 4-H leaders about planting and maintaining
6.    Master Gardener Program:
  • Current members who are not yet Master Gardeners should be offered the opportunity to take the MG class beginning this spring in Spooner. Four members suggested as possibly interested were Sandy, Charlene, Wanda, and Rhonda. At $150/person, the estimated cost would be $600. Other members interested should contact Kris.
7.    Cookbooks:
  • Approximately 15 cookbooks were left and given to Pam to sell at the Pink Squirrel. Any members wanting a cookbook should contact Pam.
  • A few books were given to members present
8.    Banner:
  • The Garden Club Plant Sale Banners were donated to Janet’s Plants for all the donations made by Janet's Plants to the club and discounts offered to members over the years.
9.    Reference Book
  • The Club’s inscribed Wisconsin Flower Guide book was also donated to Janet’s Plants
10.    Hanging Baskets: Suggested as option for remaining funds
  •  Money may be donated to Grantsburg and Siren towards the summer floral hanging baskets along streets
  •  Update – Both Grantsburg and Siren already have money allocated towards these so this option will be omitted
11.    Hand-painted Garden Club Signs:
  • Will be offered first to Linnea (as they were painted by her mother), otherwise Pam would like them.
12.    Lucille Danielson’s Photo Albums:
  •  Donated to History Center - done
13.    Paper Products from Anniversary/Christmas Parties and School:
  • Taken to woman’s shelter by Rhonda - done
14.    With any leftover funds, planting trees was also suggested.

The board will continue to oversee the disbursal of funds until all is completed.

Formal Announcement of Termination/Thank You:
  •  A formal “thank you” will be written and printed in both newspapers
  •  Kris will contact Sentinel, Mary will contact the Leader about possible article in each of these papers.
  •  Pam will draft a “thank you” for the blog
  •  Thank you to board members for their hard work
  • Plant sale pots that everyone has been collecting--Janet will accept “clean” used plastic pots. Please soak in bleach water before taking them to her.
Continue meeting socially:
  • Proposal that members would gather “informally” during the summer months at various venues, such as members’ homes/gardens, for potlucks/tours, etc. These could be held on the 2nd Thursday of the month (our regular meeting day)
  • Christmas Parties would continue on the 2nd Thursday of December.
  •  Notification of these events would continue via the blog by Pam and would be open to current/former members.
A motion to adjourn was made by Charlene. A second was made by Janet.
The meeting ended at 8:50 PM

Respectfully submitted by Mary Charmoli


Meeting Minutes: December 2018, our last Burnett Garden Club Meeting

Kris called the meeting to order at 7:35 on December 13

Election of officers was the only agenda item. Since there were no members willing to step up to the positions of President and Vice President, Kris proposed that we dissolve the club. Other options were discussed.

A motion was made by Pam, amended by Charlene and seconded by Mary C that we set February 1, 2019 as the date of dissolution of the club as the board still has to meet to decide how to disburse funds. The motion carried.

The board will meet sometime in January. They are Kris, Mary C, Linnea, Charlene and Pam. Members are welcome. Mary C proposed meeting at her house where she would serve a meal. The date TBD and will be posted on the blog.

The club thought that funds should go toward beautification efforts, possibly a bench and planter boxes at the Grantsburg sign or an escrow account for flowers to be used by the Village. If you have ideas on how the funds should be disbursed, please send them to Kris or Pam or bring them to the board meeting. If you would like your dues returned to you for 2019, please let Kris, Pam or Charlene know.

Kris will talk to the village to let them know we will no longer be planting the sign garden.

Pam and Sandy will take care of taking the holiday display down.

This has been a very sad decision for the club to take. 

Holiday Potluck Delightful as Ever!!

Twelve members and three spouses gathered to celebrate the holidays with a delicious potluck meal and the traditional dice game! Here are a few snaps of the evenings festivities.

Couldn't get everyone around the table, sorry Georgianne!

At the kid's table!!

A little peak at the evening fare

Gathering for the meeting before the dice game.

A fine looking group! Thanks Alan for taking the picture.
Thanks so much to Rhonda and Alan for hosting the 2018 holiday party. We all had a great time!