May 2012 Meeting Minutes

Burnett Garden Club
May 10, 2012 meeting
6:30 PM @ Crex Meadows Wildlife Visitor Center

  1. President Pam Davies called the meeting to order at 6:40 PM.
  2. The Secretary’s report on the Garden Club Blog was approved as posted.
  3. The Treasurer being absent, the President read the Treasurer’s Report. Our beginning balance last month was $2,136.09. After expenses, which included payment of the hotel bill to Kris Henning for the Garden Expo trip, our balance is now $1,482.73.
  4. Kris Henning, Plant Sale Chair, led the discussion on the Plant Sale.
    1. We will need at least 5 transportation vehicles to pick up the plants at Kris’ house on Friday evening, June 1st, and deliver them to the sale tent in front of T’Dawgs by 6:30 AM on Saturday. Kris will not be home, but the plants will be behind the pumphouse and it is okay to drive on the lawn.
    2. Kris will contact Rosemary and Mary C. for the use of their canopies again.
    3. We need 4-5 more tables for setup. Kris has 3 @ 8’ tables plus a card table. Pam will bring sawhorse table. Bring what you can.
    4. We need a larger variety of plants to sell; our donations this year are way down. We have no annuals or vegetables or herbs. If you can bring some of these or pot some perennials up at your home and bring them at 6:30 AM to the sale, we can attract more customers and make better sales. We have a lot of obedient plant, named variety daylilies, evening primrose, yellow/dwarf/mixed irises, curly onion, yellow loosestrife, native switchgrass, tall blue spiderwort, mixed Asiatic & tiger lilies, common green and variegated hosta, and short sedums/sempervivums. We need whatever you have that is not above, please!
    5. Kris will bring marking pens, plant stakes, pens & notepads.
    6. Pam will create a poster to be emailed to the members so they can print and distribute them. She will also bring the Garden Club sign.
    7. The Treasurer will need to bring a cashbox and cash for the sale. We will need quarters, ones, fives, and tens.
    8. We will keep our prices the same as last year.
    9. We will also need boxes and paper or grocery bags for customers to take plants.
    10. Bring bug spray and sunscreen and a lawn chair for yourself.
    11. Please contact Kris or Pam if you can help with any of the above items; thanks!
  5. Sign planting will be May 31st at 5:30 PM. Becky has the plants ordered and will get Osmocote. Bring your trowels and planting tools.
  6. The President brought up that no final decision was made on joining the Chamber of Commerce. The Executive Committee has now met and approved the expenditure contingent upon approval by the membership. Discussion followed. Tim motioned, Becky seconded to join the C of C; motion approved.
  7. The President also brought up that no final decision was made on whether or not to offer partial reimbursement on any club member taking the Master Gardener Volunteer course. The Executive Committee approved the expenditure at their meeting contingent upon approval by the membership. The rule would be that the partial reimbursement of $75 would go to the first person applying for the money and who completely fulfills the requirements for volunteering (which takes almost a year). If the first person applying does not complete the volunteer requirements, the money would go to the second person applying for the money. Discussion followed. Kris motioned, Sue A. seconded to approve the expense; motion approved.
  8. The President brought up an item from the Executive Committee meeting regarding a thank you to Mark Johnson for using his classroom for our meetings. Becky motioned to approve a $20 Gift Certificate to Village Floral for him and Lucille seconded; motion approved for the Treasurer to purchase this.
  9. Club “Circle Nursery Tour” on June 9th to Homestead Gardens in North Branch, St. Croix Falls Greenhouse, and Sunshine Gardens, Cushing will leave at 8 AM from the High School. We will carpool and stop for lunch somewhere for lunch on our own. Please RSVP to Pam or Janet Byers (Tours Chair) by June 2 if you wish to go. If not enough interest, this tour will be cancelled.
  10. Meeting adjourned at 7:05 PM.
  11. After a short refreshment break, we had a wonderful presentation on “Photographing Flowers in our Gardens” by Dr. Dale Bohlke, President of Friends of Crex Meadows, in the Visitor Center auditorium. We learned all about correct exposure, backgrounds, focusing techniques, composition, point of view, and light. Dale had a great Powerpoint show and discussed not only the above, but also how to choose which pictures to keep or delete. We had a very interesting discussion with Dale.
  12. Attending: Pam , Kris H, Lucille, Cindy K, Sue A, Tim & Becky T.

Respectfully submitted,
Kris Henning,
Acting Secretary


Georgianne asked me to post this so the club could enjoy this amazing video. I was blown away!


Meeting Reminder, Thursday, May 10, 6:30 PM at Crex Meadows

We will meet at Crex Meadows Visitor Center on May 10 2012, 6:30 PM. Business to include Spring Plant Sale, Grantsburg Sign Planting and weeding schedule and Summer Circle and Community Gardens tours. Dale Bohlke will present on Photographing Flowers. Cindy K and Sue A will provide refreshments.

Hope to see everyone there!


Potting Party was a success!

The potting went well according to Mary G. She said there didn't seem to be as big a variety as in years past--mostly daylillies and green hostas. They will be looking good by June, though! Jim and Nori were there enjoying themselves immensely!  Also Mary C., Sue A., Linnea, Lucille and, of course, Kris. Thanks to everyone who came out to help with potting up plants. And thank you to our Plant Sale coordinator, Kris and to Mary for the up date. If anyone got pictures, please send them to me so I can post them!! If you have more plants for the sale, as the month goes on, you can bring them the day of the sale or drop them off at Kris' or Pam's