Great Workshop at the November meeting

A big thank you to Sue Faulhaber and Donna Chell from Village Floral for a great workshop on creating season floral centerpieces at the last meeting. Village Floral provided materials and all participants took home a finished centerpiece!

Meeting Minutes, November 2016

Burnett Garden Club
Nov. 10, 2016, 6:30 PM meeting
Grantsburg High School

1. President Mary Charmoli called the meeting to order at 6:34 PM

2. Secretary’s report-Kris Henning. October minutes were posted on our Blog. No comments / discussion. Kris motioned, Ruth seconded to approve. Motion passed.

3. Treasurer’s report-Kris Henning. Jackie being absent, Kris read the report. Our current balance is $2,050.17. No discussion. Report stands as read.

4. Committee Reports:

  • a. Plant Sale-Kris Henning. Date will be Big Gust weekend again.
  • b. Holiday in the Park-Lisa Slater. She needs help with ideas, manpower, and decoration materials. If you can help in any way, please contact Lisa ASAP. 
  • c. Cookbooks-Mary Charmoli. We have 64 cookbooks left; if you have signed up for one, Mary brought them with her tonight. We have donated 2 last month and 2 this month (including 2 to Village Floral tonight). Great for Christmas presents, too. Village Floral offered to sell them for us at the shop. 
  • d. No other Chairs present.

5. Announcements. 
a. Mary passed around a sheet with upcoming events.
b. Next meeting is Christmas Party potluck at Tessman’s on Dec. 8 @ 6 PM. Optional $10 gift swap. A signup sheet was passed around for the potluck.

6. Election of Officers. 
President Mary said we still need a President, but Kris said she will be President if no one offers. Other Officers previously signed up are: Vice-President-Mary Charmoli, Secretary-Linnea Seume, and Treasurer-Charlene Strabel. No other nominations were made. Charlene made a motion to cast a unanimous ballot for the slate, Sandy Hinrichs seconded, motion passed.

7. Signups for 2017 and dues payment. Mary passed around the signup sheets and Kris collected money for dues and cookbooks.

8. Old Business: Club Logo and sign update—Mark R. Mark was not present, but Mary informed us that he is working on a club logo and cost of new signs for us.

9. New Business: none.
Brag time: Several members commented that they still had flowers blooming due to the nice weather.

10. Adjourn. Charlene motioned, Sandy H. seconded to adjourn at 6:50 PM.
Attendance: Mary C., Ruth A., Daisy Oman Mott, Charlene, Rhonda, Jackie B., Kris, Rosemary & Dakota, Janet, Wanda, Mary G., Sandy Hinrichs, Lisa, and Becky stopped in after the program.
Respectfully submitted, Kris Henning, Secretary

Program: Sue Faulhaber and Donna Chell from Village Floral presented a wonderful workshop at no charge on how to do a small fall table arrangement. Sue instructed the group on placement of carnations, chrysanthemums and limonium in a bowl with evergreens, leaves, etc. Ruth A.’s daughter, Daisy, contributed pheasant feathers from Jerome’s recent hunting trip, adding to the fun centerpiece. Donna helped members with their arrangements, which we took home. Mary gave each of them a cookbook as thanks, with TDawg cards coming too.


2017 Officers

President-Kris Henning 715-689-2333 Frederic henning@grantsburgtelcom.net
Vice-President-Mary Charmoli 715-349-8388 Webster marycharmoli@gmail.com
Secretary-Linnea Seume 715-529-2958 Grantsburg daylilydiva54@icloud.com
Treasurer-Charlene Strabel 715-349-5935 Webster strabel@sirentel.net
Historian-Lucille Danielson, 715-689-2288 Grantsburg lumd@grantsburgtelcom.net
Notification, blog admin-Pam Davies, Grantsburg pameladavies@yahoo.com


Meeting Reminder, Thursday November 10 6:30PM GHS room 115

Wow, what an amazing fall!! 

Our next regular meeting is this week! 

November 10, Thursday 6:30 PM Room 115 Grantsburg High School. Hope to see you all there!
  • Demonstration: How to create beautiful seasonal evergreen planters! By Donna Chell of Village Floral.
  • Election of officers for 2017, collection of dues, schedule planning meeting for 2017 for officers and committee chairs, details of holiday party
  • Refreshments: Jackie and Rosemary
Please be prepared to pay your 2017 dues if you have not already done so--still a bargain at $5.00! We have lots of cookbooks so be sure to pick up a few for gifts! and one for yourself of course. They are a bargain at $8.00. Also, we need ideas for programs in 2017 and if you can step up to an officer position, I think we are still looking for a president for 2017!!!