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The Minnesota State Horticultural Society/Northern Gardener has a blog now and a Facebook page.

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Meeting Reminder, Thursday, February 14

Join us on Thursday, February 14, at 6:30 PM at  Grantsburg High School, room 111.  Kris Henning will be presenting a slide show of the 2012 National Daylily Convention in Columbus, Ohio and a video of Rose propagation!

Refreshments will be provided by Carrie and Teresa.

Public is welcome!! 



The annual Burnett County Tree and Wildflower sale is back!!

Time to order your trees and wildflowers from the county! Below is a link to the Programs page. The fourth item down is the Tree and Wildflower sale. Links to the brochure and to an order form are found there. Pickup is at the Webster fairgrounds at the end of April for trees and shrubs and the beginning of June for seedlings and seeds. If you can't get there for pickup, someone from the club can probably pick up your items for you. Note: Anything not picked up on the pickup days will be disposed of and no refund given.

Here is the link:
Burnett County Tree and Wildflower sale is back!! Order now!

As trees are in bundles of 25 and shrubs in bundles of 5, any extra trees and shrubs you have can be donated to the club's annual plant sale!!