Annual Themed Garden Party! Denim and Plaid! Thursday, June 22, 5:30 PM

Our annual Garden Party will take place on Thursday, June 22, 5:30 PM

Bring a guest! This is an opportunity to bring new people to the club.
We also welcome anyone new to our community who wants to join our club to come to this event--membership is still only $5.00!

Potluck party at Charlene Strabel's home at 9705 County Road D in Webster
Dress appropriately for the theme "Denim and Plaid"
Bring a dish suggested by the theme!!

Directions: HWY 70 to Range Line Road, north on Range Line, east at D to 9705.


Very Busy Start to Summer!!

We had a very busy start to the summer season beginning with community garden planting and of course our plant sale.

Kris, Mary C and Sandy planted the HWY 70 sign on Thursday June 1. It was a big job and took the three of them a few hours to complete. Kris went back and laid the soaker hose. Mulching is left to do. The planters at the fair grounds got planted as well with Ruthie taking the lead on that. A big thank you to them for all their hard work.

HWY 70 sign garden

One of 10 planters at the fair grounds

Kris, Mary C and Lisa got the plant sale setup Friday evening June 2. Kris brought the hay wagon and a load of plants that she has been taking care of since the potting party. Lisa and Mary C brought loads of plants as well from Kris'. The hay wagon was set up behind TDawg. 

The plant sale setup got started promptly at 6 am on Saturday June 3. The hay wagon was put in place, tables set up and covered with paper to make cleanup easy. We had fewer plants than in previous years but they looked good and we had a good variety. Could have used more tomato plants and maybe some annuals.

Sales were steady beginning even before opening at 8 am. Despite fewer plants, sales were right in the ball park with previous years with net sales just under nine hundred dollars!  We all looked great in our Garden Club t-shirts!

Nori and Jim came to see us as well as Audrey!! It was great to see them.

Great to see Lisa at the plant sale
Rick Seume came by with Shirley Nelson. We all extended our sympathy to them and Linnea for the loss of their cabin which will not be saved.

A big thank you to Kris, Mary and Jim Charmoli, Lisa, Charlene, Sandy, Georgianne, Rhonda and Pam for their hard work on plant sale day! (let me know if I missed anyone).

Please check the weeding schedule on the blog for your week to keep the gardens looking their best!

The Memory Lake Flagpole garden has also been planted, by Georgianne and Pam, with annuals to add some more color for summer. Watering with buckets from Memory Lake still remains a bit of a problem but the garden is looking good. It will need mulching and weeding as well.

Memory Lake flagpole garden

The Library Garden was thoroughly weeded and planted with a few new items. We need more river rock and larger rock for the rain garden. Georgianne will be adding appropriate plants to the edges of the rain garden though the quantity of water that comes off the roof of  the addition is quite a torrent and precludes planting in the catch basin of rock least the plants be washed away. No pictures of the library garden at the moment.

We have a big summer ahead of us still. June 22 is the Denim and Plaid garden party at Charlene's. In July we have our Annual Community Garden Tour and in August we will be at Lisa's for our Annual Summer BBQ!  Look for detail in coming posts.