What we want to learn about in 2013

Below are some topics members selected for possible programs for next years. Slashes indicate the number of people who selected the item as a topic of interest. This partial list of topics was developed by the Minnesota State Horticultural Society but it serves a a good tool for us to use to think about what we want to learn next year. For a full list of topics from the MSHS visit.


If you have not already done so (at the August potluck) you will have an opportunity at our next meeting on September 13 to share your preferences for topics.

We will look for speakers in our own community to present the programs we select. If you know possible speakers, please share that information with the club.

Also, check out classes offered by the MSHS http://www.northerngardener.org/classes

List of topics

// Construction, any type of hardscaping such as walls, pathways, trellises, pergolas, etc

/ Composting, any type except worms

/ Cooking freezing canning drying with garden produce

/ Exhibiting/judging, methods of exhibiting at plant shows, judging plant shows, teaching plant judging

/ Flowers, perennials, flowers which are winter hardy in Minnesota, selection and propagation.

// Ferns, all aspects of gardening with ferns

/// Fruit, berries, grapes, any type of small fruit such as blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and grapes

///// Garden Art, introducing art and whimsy to the home garden

/// Garden crafts, crafts such as wreath making, topiary, and wall hangings which use items from the gardens.

/ Gardens-shade, selection of plants, design and maintenance of gardens designed for shade

/ Gardens to visit, gardens to tour in Minnesota

/ Ground covers, selection and propagation of plants that act as a dense covering for the ground.

/ Herbs, general, selection and propagation of plants used for culinary or medicinal purposes, includes herb garden design

/ Irrigation, use of man-made watering systems

// Japanese gardens, gardens designed in the Japanese style

/ Landscaping, edible, landscaping with plants that provide food for humans

/ Landscaping, low maintenance - a landscaping style that minimizes maintenance, includes plant selection and methods

/ Landscaping water - landscaping around ponds or lakes, does not include water gardening.

// Ornamental grasses - selection and maintenance of grasses grown for ornamental use, does not include turf grasses.

/ Pest control includes all types of pest control such as organic, chemical, biological, or integrated pest management

/ Seeds, seeds saving and starting

/ Travelogues, places to visit throughout the US or in foreign countries

/ Vegetables, plant selection and general methods of vegetable gardening

// Wildlife, living with, methods of gardening and living with wildlife, includes methods of animal control.


Call for Pictures of your fair entries and prizes.

Some of our members have entered the local fairs and are winners!! If you are one of those who have entered whether you are a winner or not, please send me pictures and info about your entry and any prizes you have won. If you have pictures from past entries and wins, please send those too. Lets encourage others to enter next year by sharing stories and pictures!

Send them to pameladavies@yahoo.com

Yes, we can show at the MSHS exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair

I received the following email from the person in the know running the MSHS exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair:

Hi Chuck and Pam,

Yes, anyone who has a potted plant, planter or collection can enter our show. The MSHS has become a source for all Northern Gardeners and as such, their show is open to all gardeners who have the same growing conditions.

I cannot however speak for the other two day shows at the state fair, each has their own set of rules. Our show is unique in that you do not have to pre-register, you can just show-up with what looks good on Wed. afternoon the day before the show opens, and enter your plants.

Sorry it took so long for me to respond, I have been out of town most of the month. Looking forward to seeing your plants this week!

MaryDon Beeson

The show is August 23 and 24. Bring your entry to the Horticulture building on Wednesday August 22nd. If you are interested in showing, check out the guidelines. Scroll down for rules.



Master Gardener Training in Polk County begins September 4

For anyone interested in Master Gardener Training through Wisconsin Extension, classes will be held in Polk County beginning September 4 and will meet every Tuesday 6pm - 9pm at the government center in Balsam Lake (35 miles from Grantsburg) until November 20. The cost including materials is $115.00. Email Jennifer at jennifer.blazek@ces.uwex.edu or phone 715 485-8600 about how to register.

Members, please apply to the Garden Club for partial reimbursement of tuition ($75.00). We will make one award for 2012 to the first person who applies (must complete the training and the service requirement by November 2013). If the first person to apply does not finish, the next person will be eligible if more than one applies.

(Burnett County training: I have not heard back from Kevin about whether there will be training offered in Burnett County this fall. I will post any info I receive from him asap.)

Ghana Herb Garden

Hi Gardeners,

My daughter, Vanessa, spent the last 2 months in Ghana.  One of her projects was to help create a vegetable garden so the kids at the orphanage could learn to grow, eat, and sell vegetables.  I thought some of you might enjoy this.

"Yao, our friend that Alec introduced us to,(and who last week introduced us to a scorpion after giving us an antidote) took all four of us to him and his friend's herbal farm.  They are both traditional herbal healers and are trying to start a school to educate the next generation about natural healing.

We saw and learned about plants used for cancer, anaemia, hypertension, and birth control. And we sampled leaves from the cinnamon tree, lemon grass, and basil. The car smelled really good on the way home."

Attached is a picture of part of the herb garden.

She is en route home now; we'll pick her up at MSP tomorrow night.  :)



Great time had by all at the annual summer potluck

We had a good showing at the August 9 2012 summer potluck. Twelve members brought scrumptious dishes including new members Lori and Brad who brought cream cheese brownies still warm from the oven! Besides gardening these two enjoy kayaking and organic foods. They are not only new members but new additions to the community choosing Grantsburg for the great schools for their two children ages 11 and 13.

The early evening was sunny and warm, perfect for grilling out. The food was great and plentiful, as usual, and we all partook heartily! Intermittent rain gave us a lovely double rainbow over the lake as well as exercise running inside to take shelter. Becky pointed out that all the laughing after dinner helped to alleviate that over stuffed feeling from eating too much!

We had 4 entries in the container garden competition and 3 entries in the cut flowers competition. Lucille took first place for her container garden featuring a variety of succulents in a rustic pot. Linnea took second prize for her abundantly overflowing hanging basket. She also took the prize in the cut flower category. She offered this tip: water outdoor potted plants with a little miracle grow once a week for profuse blooming and hearty foliage!  Congratulation to Lucille and Linnea.

Here are a few pictures of the evenings activities.

Janet and Mary G perusing the entries as people arrived, the Nelson-Seume cabin in the background.

Food accumulates on the table as more arrived and we prepare to eat

One table is not enough to contain all the dishes

Sporadic sun showers gave us the vivid colors of this double rainbow, the pot of gold was just out of reach on the opposite shore!

Enjoying the after dinner repose--good conversation and a lot of laughs.

Linnea, Teresa and Shirley enjoying the warm coziness of this wonderful cabin that has been in Linnea's family for many decades. 

Linnea talking to Janet, Lucille and Kris about her 2nd place basket elements.
Lucille next to her gorgeous glads and her winning succulents.
The whole group.
Front, left to right: Becky, Mary G, Lucille, Janet, Teresa and Linnea
Back, left to right: Tim, Pam, Kris, Brad and Lori
Rick served as photographer, thanks Rick.


Back at Linnea's Family cabin for our Annual Pot Luck, Thursday August 9, 6 PM

We will be back at the Nelson/Seume cabin on Wood Lake for our Annual Pot Luck. 

When: Thursday, August 9 at 6:00 PM

Where:  11601 North Shore Drive
Directions: HWY 70 to County Road Y (west of Alpha), south to North Shore Drive (left turn), about a quarter to half mile along the North Shore Drive look for cabin with lots of cars. That will be us!

Rick will have the grill running. Bring a dish to pass. The club will provide burgers, brats and buns as well as paper plates etc.  

Bring a swimming suit and towel if you want to swim!!

We will have our usual two competitions!! Enter one or both.

  • Container Garden, first and second place prizes
  • Cut Flowers in a vase, one prize
This is a fun event for old and new members!! Hope to see you all there. Questions? email pameladavies@yahoo.com 

In September and October:

September 13, 6:30 Grantsburg High School, room 111. Back to our regular meeting schedule after a busy summer! Donna Chell of Village Floral and Garden Store will present to us on Fall/Winter Garden Interest. Business includes dues and planning for 2013. This is also our Annual Club Plant Exchange. Bring perennials and seeds you'd like to share with the club!!  Lucille and Wanda will provide refreshments.  
Everyone, bring program ideas for 2013--your ideas will be turned into presentations and workshops!!

October 11, 6:30 Grantsburg High School, room 111. Idea sharing with Pine City area Clubs. Members from other clubs are invited to talk about their clubs events and programs. This should be a great opportunity to infuse fresh ideas into our 2013 planning!! Business includes dues, program planning and signup for 2013. Also, Holiday in the Park planning!! Rosemary and Janet will provide refreshments.