Meeting Minutes, May 2016

Burnett Garden Club
Secretary’s report for May 12, 2016
General meeting, Grantsburg High School @ 6:30 pm.

President Mary Charmoli called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

The speaker for the evening was first on the agenda as she had a long drive back home. Kathryn Scheidermayer is a Master Gardener from Springbrook, WI.  She spoke on ‘A Dozen Herbs to Grow in your Backyard’, teaching us how to grow and use herbs and the dozen that she considers indispensable in the garden. She is a very knowledgeable and informative speaker. She received a planter for her lecture in lieu of gas money, which she had previously declined. After her talk ended at 7:40 pm, we had refreshments and then reconvened for the meeting.

Secretary’s Report from April 14th by Kris was previously posted to the Blog. There being no discussion on it, Wanda motioned and Lucille seconded to approve the minutes. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report was read by President Mary as Jackie was absent at the time.
Beginning Balance: $1776.62
Expenses: $524.15 (Cookbooks)
$75.00 (Gift Certificates)
Deposits: $200.00 (donations to sign garden)
$.03 (Interest)
Current balance: $1377.50
Plus other outstanding deposits and checks. No further discussion, report stands as read.

Committee Reports:
 1. Community Plantings–

  •  a. Pam reported that someone had ‘cleaned up’ the flagpole garden and pulled out the little marigold seedlings that had germinated. She and Georgianne will be planting that garden at a different time than the sign and fairgrounds. 
  •  b. Kris reported that she had spoken to Chris Bartlett at the Village Shop. He said they would deliver compost and spread it free before the May 16th sign work day. Kris will look at the mulch before delivery; this will not be delivered and put next to the sign until just before planting day on Thursday, May 26th. There will be another clean-up day at the sign on Monday, May 16th at 5:30 pm. We will be pulling weeds, tilling in the compost, and edging the bed. Linnea‘s husband, Rick, will come and edge the bed for us.
  •  c. Fairgrounds Planting – Lisa, not present. Lisa mentioned last week that there was a possibility that the Fair Board thought we were doing the circular bed in front of the building, too. She is going to check it out.

 2. Plant Sale – Kris. A list of what we planted at the Potting Party has been posted on the Blog. We don’t have much. Kris has lots of potting soil and pots at her house; contact her to go and get some if you are potting at home. For the Sale, if you can’t come Saturday, you may bring your plants to the hay wagon behind TDawg’s on Friday night. For the plant sale, we want to use the colored dots for pricing again and will put the dot on the plant stick instead of the pot. Kris called for more volunteers for Saturday morning setup (6:00-8:00 AM), and got a few more helpers. We will price as many as we can on Friday night, too. Kris will have a cheat sheet at checkout of the dot prices. Send her a list of what you are bringing so she can make up some signs—it helps sell the product.

 3. Tours – Becky (not present). President Mary asked if anyone had contacted Karla Holmquist from the club. She will check with Becky to confirm Karla is on tour. If not, we will go to Rhonda’s garden first, then to Karlsborg for Charlene and Mary C’s gardens; Mary’s for refreshments.

 4. Fair Float – Pam. Nothing at this time.

 5. Grantoberfest – Georgianne. Anticipating same setup as last year, display only, no cost.

 6. Holiday in the Park – Lisa not present – nothing at this time.

 7. Cookbook – Mary C. & Jackie. President Mary said they have arrived @ Jackie’s. There were 4 available to show tonight. Originally we discussed charging $10 each but because they are so thin, Mary thought we should only charge $8. We paid about $5.24 each, plus received extras. Members would pay the same. Motion, seconded and passed to sell to everyone at $8 each.

Upcoming Events – (below–also going on the blog)
Next Meeting – Garden Party at Ruthie Andersen’s Thursday, June 16 @ 5:30 PM. Theme is Hawaiian Luau. This is also a membership drive, so bring a friend! Refreshment signup will be on the Blog; Jackie will set up a party signup online and Pam will put a link on the Blog. Put down what you will bring and how many coming. Ruth will be making the meat—pork.

Old Business – none.

New Business
 8. Pam has resigned as Chair of the Community Gardens effective this meeting; too much on her plate. President Mary proposed that the Club President be Chair of this oversight Committee, with separate sub-chairs under that for each garden we do—Sign, Flagpole, Fairgrounds, Library (though that one will be just until perennials mature—this year?), and with the Rotary’s future LED sign planting to be possibly included. Chairs are already in place for Library and Fairgrounds. The sign garden may need two sub-chairs. Much discussion on the topic followed. Mary passed a volunteer sign-up sheet around with descriptions for these sub-chairs (outlined below). Sub-chairs are: Library-Pam, Fairgrounds-Lisa, and Sign-Kris & Mark as Assistant. Flagpole-blank, and Rotary garden to be determined if needed.

Brag Time
Mark’s birthday is being celebrated at this meeting with a cake and some plant presents from members; two of his friends were also guests.

Kris motioned, Pam seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:25 pm.

Members Present: Mary C., Kris, Lucille, Jackie B., Linnea, Wanda, Mary G., Rosemary & Dakotah, Rhonda, Georgianne, Pam, Teresa & Mark R. & Mark’s 2 friends as guests, Sharon Johnson, guest.

Respectfully submitted,
Kris Henning, Secretary


2016 Garden Party at Ruthie's Fabulously Fun!!

The June 16th garden party at Ruth Anderson's Big Wood Lake home was a wonderful way to usher in our season of great food, great gardens and languorous evenings enjoying the company of friends. The club made quite a few new friends that evening. July 14 will be the Burnett Garden Club Community Garden Tour, then on August 11 we have our Summer Barbecue, both great events to welcome new members and reconnect with long time clubbers! Hope to see you all there!

Thank you to Ruthie and her wonderful husband for all their hard work!! We did so enjoy your hospitality and you beautiful gardens and lake shore!

Plant Sale a great fundraising success!

Our plant sale earlier this month was a great success raising close to a thousand dollars for the club! Great job everyone. Here are a few pictures from that event. Click on the images for a larger view.


Don't Forget!! Lots of plants, great prices!

Planting Completed at the HWY 70 Grantsburg Sign

 The revamping of the HWY 70 Sign Gardens was long overdue. Aside from the design and fund raising efforts spearheaded by Kris H, we had three club "events" to dig out the old plants, to prep the beds for the new plants and then to plant. 

The Big Dig took place on May 2 with lots of help from members to get all the old perennials removed and the beds tilled. Plants were later potted up to be sold at our annual plant sale.

After the Big Dig and before planting Kris, Linnea and Rick edged, weeded and spread compost donated by the Village of Grantsburg. An additional layer of compost was added by the Village crew.

Kris, Mary C and Georgianne set to work on May 26 to do the planting. It was a grueling task for only three members but they did a superb job getting the plants in, fertilized, the soaker hose down and the plants mulched. Kris came back another day to do the hose and mulching. 

After planting (before the mulch went down)!!

What a big job revamping these gardens was but it will look great with all this rain. Now we just need a little sun shine to show it off. Thank you to Kris, Mary C and Georgianne for getting the planting done and to everyone else who contributed their time to the effort. And a big thank you to Kris for her resolve on realizing this vision to bring dazzling color to Grantsburg--no small feat indeed!  It will be appreciated all summer by everyone who drives past.

And thank you to all who contributed funds for this revamping including: the Village of Grantsburg, Grantsburg American Legion Post 185, Grantsburg Lions Club, Grantsburg Rotary Club and individual donations as well as a discount on plants from Wood River Garden Center.

Please check the weeding schedule for your turn to weed the garden. If you are not on the list and would like to contribute, stop by any time and pull some weeds. It will be greatly appreciated!!