Get your Pre-Registration in for Burnett Co Ag Society Fair by August 13

It is time to get your pre-registration in to the Burnett Co Ag Society Fair!! The process is made easy by everything you need being available on line or you can pick up Fair Books at the various locations throughout town.

Fair dates: Aug 27-30
Pre-Registration deadline: Aug 13 mailed in to 13100 Carl Berg Rd. • Grantsburg, WI 54840
Pick up entry tags Wednesday, August 26 from 3 to 7 p.m.
All entries may be taken home at 4 p.m. on August 30, 2015

Here are links for fair information and for PDFs of the fair book and entry form



If you have never exhibited at the fair, talk to Becky T. She will be happy to explain how the process works. Her number is in the Garden Club Booklet.

Scroll through exhibit rules and then find the Division (Open or Senior--over 62), Department, Class and Lot you are interested in.

For Gardening look for these and other classes

Class D - Apples (lots of 4)
Class F - Grapes (2 bunches)
Class J - Vegetables
Class K - Herbs (potted only)
Class L - Largest (measure not weight)
Class M - Garden Display

Class A - Cut Flowers
Class B - Potted Outdoor Plants
Class C - House Plants
Class D - Bouquets & Arrangements

SENIOR CITIZEN Division Age 62 & Over

Various Classes

Various Classes

There are other Departments such as photography, woodworking, clothing etc.

See you at the fair!!


Local garden tour a great success

We had a great turnout at the garden club annual community garden tour. Approximately 17 people turned out to have a look at five area gardens. Here are some pictures of what we saw!

We gathered at Sandra Harmon's at 6 PM 

We toured Sandra's garden last year and came back one year
 later to see what Sandra has accomplished!
This is only her second year at this site. 

 Delightfully whimsical is the best way to describe
Sandra's gardens!
Sandra has a great eye for what
works together.

Every space becomes an opportunity to combine props and plants

Always something for the eye to delight in

Fun and colorful use of found objects

Sandra telling us where she acquired many of the objects she's
incorporated into her gardens and yard

This huge bed is really coming together. Sandra adds new
plants as she acquires them.
Can't wait to see how this bed matures!

Hauling all these wood chips from the public works
dump site was quite a job!

Love the canoe! And the chairs and tables.
Thanks Sandra for another look at your gardens

Next stop, the Grantsburg Library to see how the
 new gardens are coming along

I forgot to take pictures so these are from a month ago.
The sculpture was donated by Bruce Erickson.
Georgianne donated and laid out the flagstone path
to allow children to get up close and enjoy the sculpture.

At Faith Lutheran Church we were invited to tour
the community vegetable garden

This is the second year for these raised bed gardens.
Everything was so beautiful and lush. 

Marilyn Kooiker came to a meeting last fall to
tell us about what they are doing

Food from these gardens are donated to the food shelf
 as well as being available to the community at large.
Thank you to all the FLC community garden gardeners
for letting us tour your garden 

Our next stop was the gardens of Sharon and Rick Danielson

The gently sloping land was a beautiful setting 

The gardens were in full bloom

The gentle rain let up so we could more comfortably
ramble about and take in all the delightful beds

This raised bed vegetable garden drew us to explore

We all loved the tunnel frame used for climbing beans!
And the sun flowers!
Another view of the pole beans climbing the the frame

Jolene enjoying this beautiful bed

Kris and Linnea checking out this beautifully landscaped pond.
 Breath taking!

Love the dry stream bed passing through the arbor

A massive lush vegie garden topped off the tour at the
 Danielson's. Thank you Sharon and Rick.

Our last garden, Sue and Dean Faulhaber's, topped off a great tour!

Dean talked about the storm that took away 100 trees in 2011
and how the gardens have changed since then

Dean talked about experiments with methods and plants,
 successes and failures

A view of the extensive deck off the house

Two different vegie gardens allow for rotation of some crops

Another view of the vegie bed 

Beautifully orchestrated gardens transition from ornamental
 to vegetables in one continuous bed

Dean is a great community resource for gardeners
and a born teacher!


Sue, Kris and Cynthia tend the fire that
awaits us at the end of the tour

Another view of these gorgeous gardens

My all time favorite touch, boardwalks!! Love, love, love them!

Georgianne enjoying the serenity of these wonderful gardens.
Thank you Sue and Dean 
Thanks to all the gardeners who let us enjoy their labors of love. And thank you to Sandy Hinrich, Jolene, Jennifer, and Kris for the sumptuous repast we enjoyed after the tour. Sorry I did not get a picture of the table--I was too busy eating and enjoying the fire.


Reminder: Annual Local Garden Tour, Thursday, July 16, 6:00 PM

The weather forecast for Thursday's Local Garden Tour shows rain in the AM but we should be good in the late afternoon!! Unless there is a deluge or a Tstorm, we will be touring three local gardens and possibly doing a drive by of two more in Grantsburg on our way out of town!!

If you have not arranged a carpool in advance, you can stop by the Grantsburg High School for potential carpoolers between 5:30 and 5:50ish. If no one is there, plan to carpool from the first garden on the tour. There will be plenty of folks returning to Grantsburg to ride with.

Our first stop at 6:00 PM  will be Sandra Harmon's Gardens, one year later. We visited Sandra in 2014 and saw the great job she did her first year. We will return again to see what she's been working on since!!

We will then drive by the Grantsburg Library to see how their new gardens are coming along. This is a project Pam and Georgianne took on last fall. Then we will drive by Faith Lutheran Church to see how their community garden is growing. This garden is open to all community members to work on and partake of.

Then we will head out of town on Hwy 87 south to Sharon Danielson's gardens on Danielson Road. We should be there around 6:45 or so if you are joining the tour there. We will be at Sharon's until about 7:15 or so.

Our last stop will be Dean and Sue Faulhaber (of Wood River Garden Center) residence gardens on Rylander Road.  We will arrive there at approximately 7:45. Refreshments will be served as part of this last stop. Our refreshment hosts will be: Sandy Hinrich, Jen D, Jolene M, Kris H.

As always, the Garden Club meetings and activities are open to the public! Please join us! If you wish to become a member, dues are $5.00. $15.00 will get you membership and a Tshirt!!