Meeting Minutes, October 2013

Burnett Garden Club 25th Anniversary celebration October 10, 2013
We had our meeting outside at Pam's. She had a wonderful bonfire going foŗ us to enjoy. We had a terrific potluck dinner. We had 10 members present: Pam, Janet, Nori, Jim, Kris, Wanda, Audrey, Lisa, Georgianne and Rosemary. The meeting started at 7:10 pm.  The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

Treasurer's report   As of tonight we have $1861.44 . We had expenses for Grantoberfest for gas cards, prizes and the Sentinel newspaper. We gained 3 new members at Grantoberfest. We took in $15 for the new members.

New business  We are required to audit our books once a year. Janet and Mary G. have agreed to meet with Georgianne in November to audit the books.

We have 3 new members - two of them are present tonight. We want to welcome Audrey Edmunds, Lisa Slater, and Denise. Lisa and Audrey came tonight.

Do we want to start planting the containers at the Fairgrounds again? Lisa and Audrey will speak to the 4H groups to see if they would water the plants if we put them in. More discussion at the next meeting.

We need to clean up at the Welcome to Grantsburg sign. Please show up the sign on October 26th at 5:30 pm.

We will need to discuss Holiday in the Park at the November meeting. Set up is usually around Thanksgiving weekend. Any volunteers to help with it?

We had a wonderful booth at the Grantoberfest. It was a huge success. The booth was decorated beautifully. We had many visitors who stopped by. We drew names for prizes every one half hour. We should discuss if we want to make this an annual event for the club. If so, we need to form a planning committee for the next Grantoberfest.

We will be holding our elections at the November meeting. Wanda has agreed to be the VP. Pam has agreed to be President again only if she can have a co-president. We also have openings for treasurer and secretary.

We will be having a wreath making class at our November meeting. Rosemary will do the presentation. The club will furnish the frame for the wreath. Rosemary passed out hand outs at the meeting tonight which shows what you need to bring with to make your wreath. More info to come from Pam. Alma and Cynthia are signed up for refreshments.

Our Christmas party will be held at the home of Mary and Jim Charmoli. We always do a potluck dinner and we have a great time. Please sign up for the potluck at the November meeting.

Meeting adjourned about 8:15.



Thank you for a great job on the Grantsburg sign!!

A big thank you to Janet, Kris and new member Lisa for the great job cleaning up the Grantsburg sign!! This will really help next spring when we replant the sign.

Kris and Janet suggest that the gardens could use a bit of revamping in the spring. Ideas for what we might do will be added to the November agenda. Becky divided some things this past spring which we sold off at the garden club plant sale. We might keep this in mind when planning what changes we want to make.

Again, thank you to Janet, Kris and Lisa!!


Heads up on November 14 wreath making workshop--what to bring!!

Rosemary Burkman will be conducting a wreath making workshop at our November 14th meeting.  We will need to provide the supplies ourselves.  The Garden Club will be providing 10 bare wreaths for the Workshop.  If you want to do more than one wreath, you will need to provide your own. Walmart has the bare wreaths available. 

Rosemary passed out the handouts at the last meeting.  Items needed for creating our wreathes are listed on the handout. 

If you did not get the handout, here is a link to view it online.


We should bring hot glue guns, glue sticks, wire cutters, ribbon and whatever else we want to put on our wreaths. Rosemary will demonstrate how to put the wreaths together.

If a few of us have glue guns, and wire cutters we can work in teams and share these (I have a glue gun and a number of wire cutters I will bring).  Bring what you can of the tools and we will all share.  

Thrift stores are great places to get ribbon. I will bring what I have and am open to sharing. 

This should be a fun workshop!! 


25 years of sharing our love of gardening celebrated!!

Ten members came together tonight to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Burnett Garden Club with a weenie roast, pot luck meeting. 

The windy day threatened to put the kibosh on the bonfire but at 6 PM winds died and the fire came to life!! 

As members gathered the sumptuous selections grew! New members Audrey and Lisa joined Pam, Nori, Jim, Wanda, Janet, Kris, Georgianne and Rosemary for a fun evening. We all marveled at the weather and what a wonderful evening for a lawn party. 

The meeting took place after dark, around the fire, Pam struggling to read her notes!!

Founding member, Kris recalled the inception of the club and the first meeting around her kitchen table. Did any of those first member guess we'd be celebrating them 25 years later?! 

 Audrey brough a delicious spinach, strawberry and almond salad.
 Audry, Wanda, Janet, Kris, Nori and Jim 
Janet under the canope 

The fire blazed mightily then died down to lovely hot coals, perfect for roasting marshmallows!


Very Sad, Linders is closing their doors.

I saw this report on the news last night and on Facebook today. Linders is closing their doors. From truck farm to serving the gardening needs of St. Paul and well beyond, Linders has been an institution for over 100 years. What a loss to a community. We have to love our on Wood River Garden Store and keep it going by spending our dollars there. We do not want to ever be without it. I'm heading over there tomorrow to buy some shrubs before the weather turns!!


Meeting Reminder, October 10, Thursday, 6:30 PM at Pam's

Celebrating our 25th Anniversary!!

October 10, Thursday, 6:30 PM 

We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary with a bonfire and weenie roast. 

Where? 216 North Pine Street, far east side yard. You can park at the end of Brad Street where it dead ends at our yard just north of Fiedler Ford and the ambulance garage. You will see the bonfire (unless it is too windy then I will bring the grill down).

I will have hot dogs, buns and condiments, potato chips, and a cake!! Chris is bringing a cheese tray and some spiced wine!!  Everyone, bring what you would like to share for our weenie roast or just bring yourself!!    

Hope to see you there!


Meeting Minutes, September 2013


Meeting was called to order at 6:40pm

Members present::
Nori, Janet, Pam, Georgianne, Mary G., Mary C., Teresa, Wanda and Linnea.
Guests who became members tonight:: Jennifer Doornink and Jolene Meyer.
Welcome new members!

Pam read a nice poem to start the meeting. The last meeting was in May, which was the Tea Party at the home of Jesse Byers. 
There are no minutes from that meeting, as the secretary was one of the hostesses of the party and was not able to take notes.

Treasurer's report::  In July we had $2083 minus expenses for the planting party. In Aug. we had $2029.48 minus expenses for the picnic and container garden/ cut flowers competition at the cabin of Linnea Seume and family. Monetary prizes were given to the first and second place winners.  We had a wonderful time visiting and had great food, too. As of today, we now have $1946 in our account.

The speaker for our October meeting has been cancelled at the request of some of the club members. We now have no program for the Oct. meeting. Any suggestions??

Pam has invited members to come to her home on Oct. 10th at 6:30pm 
for the celebration of our garden club's 25th Anniversary. If the weather allows, we could have a bon fire and pot luck meal. Thanks so much Pam!!!!!

We are collecting dues for the next year. Still just $5.00. What a deal!  If you would like to order the Northern Gardener magazine, that is still $37.00. Please pay Georgianne for dues and magazines.

Our club will have a booth at Grantoberfest. Please let Pam know if you can help at the booth.

Does anyone know where the Club brochures have gone? We will need to order new ones from the Sentinel soon.

Committee reports:
Plant sale  $736.50 proceeds minus $114.50 for soil and potting expenses. Profit for the club was $622.00 .

Would we like to participate in Holiday in the Park again this year? We will discuss further at the next meeting. Pam is willing to chair the committee.

Officers will need to meet this fall to plan the book for the club for next year. Please provide your suggestions to any of the club officers. Kris will print the booklets when info is ready.

Mary and Jim Charmoli will host the Christmas party this year.  Thank you so much Jim and Mary!

Sign up sheets will be passed around for the next couple of meetings. Please sign up for the committees you would like to help with.

We need to hold election of officers in November. We will need a new President, Secretary and Treasurer. Wanda is willing to be Vice President.

We have plants here for our annual plant and seed exchange. A nice selection.

Tonight's program is: Gathering Wild Materials for Natural Decor. Mary Griesbach is presenting.

Thank you Mary for providing wonderful examples of the items we could pick, dry and use for our arrangements. She also gave us a nice and informative hand out.  Very nice presentation.

Refreshments were provided by Linnea and Becky T.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Janet B.