Wanda's Garden, Homestead Perennials and lunch at the Grant House in Rush City

Georgianne, Lucille, Pam and Wanda enjoyed the tour of Wanda's gardens, Homestead Perennials and lunch at Granthouse in Rush City. Plans to visit Peterson's and Treasured Haven Farm had to be postponed to another time.

 Wanda's gardens have grown and matured since we were last here.

New plants and new beds.

 Wanda and her yellow Siberians 

 The biggest jack in the pulpits I have ever seen!

Wanda's potting shed. I'm having potting shed envy!!

Ducks and Cornish game hens, yum!

 Chickens, yum, yum!

 Lisa will appreciate this picture!! 
Lots of crowing to be heard from the vicinity of the hen house!

We snacked on strawberries right out of the garden, visited the pond and the fire pit.

We moved on to Homestead Perennials

Such a welcoming entrance

 A real treat for hosta lovers!

 Lovely gardens surround the green houses.

 Everything is so healthy, neat and well kept.

 Selection of hostas is fantastic

 Heucheras, heucherellas and tiarellas too!

 Georgianne contemplating her choices.

 Georgianne, Wanda and Lucille.

Cute little frog on the price list!

Thanks Wanda for having us to your gardens and thank you Georgianne for driving!!


Reminder: Tour Wanda's garden in Rush city and on to other adventures!!

On Saturday, June 21, 9 AM we will leave Grantsburg and head to Wanda's in Rush City to tour her gardens. We were there a few years back and are anxious to see what new things Wanda has added.

(Carpool from the High School at 9 AM).

Then we will head to:

Homestead Perennials North Branch
Peterson's Country Mill North Branch

We will have lunch (at our own expense) at the Grant House in Rush City

Come and join the fun.

Address and directions will be emailed.


Presale great fun but not too lucrative...

We had great fun getting set up for the Friday presale but sales were very slow and the sky kept threatening to burst open on us.  Bugs weren't too bad. Saturday's sale should be cooler and maybe rainy but we will be out there pushing the green stuff. Even if you can't help, stop by and spend some money!!


Grantsburg sign garden taking shape and weeding schedule

Things are looking good at the Grantsburg sign gardens. What remains to be done right now? 

A small mountain of mulch to be spread on the garden.
If you have time to spread some mulch, stop by the garden with a large bucket and shovel to move mulch to the back side of the garden. Your help will be greatly appreciated!!

Weeding schedule is posted on the Weeding tab. Direct link is: http://burnettgardenclub.blogspot.com/p/weeding.html