Great meeting at Linnea's and...bat houses available for donation to the Garden Club!

About 13 members were present at our April meeting where we learned all the ins and outs of showing at the Grantsburg County Fairs. Linnea and Becky did a great job exciting our interest. We looked at the 2015 Fair Book where we learned about filling out the entry form, identifying what Department, Class and Lot we wish to enter. Entry is free and if by the time the fair comes around you don't have anything worthy, not to worry....

If you  missed out on this great presentation and wish to show at the fair, please contact either Linnea or Becky for the information sheet they prepared for this presentation.

Early arrivals in Linnea's beautiful new kitchen!

Becky and Linnea talking us through the Fair Book, be sure to make a copy of your entry form so you remember what you sighed up for come Fair time! If you are signing up for more than fits on one form, make copies and continue filling them in. There is a deadline for your entry forms listed in the book and on the form.

Linnea discussing showing veggies, when quantity specified, always select the most uniform specimens. Display your specimens on a paper plate. You can embellish with a napkin or piece of burlap if you choose.  When displaying individual flowers, be sure they stand up in whatever vessel you show them in. Being creative can have an impact--if all entries are of the same quality, it's possible the most well displayed will win out. 

Examples of containers that can be used to display individual flowers, plants or arrangements. When showing flowers be sure to note how many individual stems or blossoms the judges requires. Becky advises gathering your containers well ahead of Fair time so that you have time to plan and prepare your entries. Pick up your tags (see examples below) the Wednesday before the fair so you can label your entries at home if you don't want to do it at delivery time on Thursday morning. Be sure to return any labels that you won't be using--no penalty for not showing an item on you entry form, just let them know by returning the label!

Becky and Linnea answered a barrage of questions throughout the presentation like what is the dollar amount on the Class heading--that would be the prize money you win!! Prizes are awarded in November. Entries must be delivered on Thursday morning of the fair and must be picked up on Sunday afternoon at 4:00 on the dot!!

Be sure to watch this website for reminders about the fair. Becky and Linnea encourage all of us to consider entering something at the 2016 Burnett County Fairs!! Thanks to Becky and Linnea for a great presentation and to Kris and Ruthie for the delicious refreshments!

Get your bat house and Donate to the Club!!
The bats are back and looking for places to roost. Bats in your yard can keep the mosquito population down. Check out this website on why bats are good

Mary Griesbach, new member of  Siren Caldwell Banker as of this coming Monday(congrats Mary), has two bat houses available for a donation of $10.00 per bat house to the Garden Club. These will need to be painted as they are raw wood. Contact Mary listed in your booklet. 

Here are some examples of entries from Becky, Linnea and McKinzy Harmon. Click on the pictures for a larger view. Notice on some you can see what the labels look like. 


Meeting Reminder, Thursday April 14, 2016 6:30 at Linnea's

We will be meeting at Linnea's at 4 1 5 East Madison in Grantsburg. 

Becky, Linnea and Charlene who are very active in showing at the county fairs in Grantsburg and Webster will talk about how much fun it is to show at the fairs and win prizes and ribbons!! Even if you don't plan to show at the fairs, it will be very interesting to learn all the ins and outs of county fair competition.

As an added bonus, we get to see Linnea's new kitchen!

Our agenda will include:

Planning for community garden planting, potting party, plant sale and an update on the cookbook!!

Refreshments will be provided by Kris and Ruth

This should be a fun meeting!! Hope to see you all there.


Going to Press!!

Jackie has put all the final touches on our wonderful new cookbook!! It is going to press and we should have our copies well ahead of the annual garden club plant sale. Here is a sneak peak at the cover. The variety and quality of recipes, the inside art, cooking tips and kitchen shortcuts all round out a great book to have in our kitchens and to give as gifts. I for one can't wait to get my hands on this new volume!

Our next meeting is April 14, Thursday 6:30 PM at Linnea's house in Grantsburg. Becky, Linnea and Charlene will present on Preparing for Exhibiting at Fairs. On the agenda: Planning for community garden planting, potting party and plant sale. Refreshments will be provided by Kris and Ruth.Come and learn how to show your garden produce, plants and flowers at the two county fairs in Burnett County, win ribbons and cash prizes!! This should be a fun presentation!