Seed stating and wood block competion

We all had a great time at the March meeting. About 12 members and guests participated. Refreshments were provided by Kris H and Ruth A. Here are a few pictures of the evening.

Kris conducting the meeting

 Marilyn Kooiker speaking about the community garden at Faith Lutheran Church

Cedar plank competition judging by members. 

Lots of great entries.

Entries will be donated to the club to sell at our plant sale and Grantoberfest.
Pam's bird house won first prize while Mary G took second and third for her trivets and garden caddy!

Georgianne conducted the seed starting workshop while members nibbled!
Kris talked about watering plants from below, placing a perforated flat of seeded starter soil into another flat of water, thus allowing to soil to soak up the moisture. It is important to pour off the excess water from the bottom flat to avoid too much moisture which will encourage mold formation. Watering from the bottom prevents seeds from being washed around and a top hard crust forming on top of the soil. 

Georgianna talked about how to use items we have at home to help make seed starting easier such as milk cartons to get good roots on tomato plants, toilet tissue rolls to keep away cut worms and half of a gallon milk jug to protect transplants from cold night temps.

Keeping seedlings watered, exposed to sufficient light and warmth and adding a fan to toughen the stems and reduce mold are all key to successful seed starting!

Marigold seedling four days later!! 

It is so fun to watch the little plants grow!

Meeting Minutes, March 2015

The Burnett Garden Club March meeting was called to order by President Kris Henning at 6:40 p.m.  The November, 2014 meeting notes were approved and seconded.

Treasure’s Report
Georgianne Kleiss reported that $50.00 was paid to the Grantsburg Chamber of Commerce for the Garden Club yearly membership.  There is about $1,600.00 in the account.  She will have a written report at the next meeting.

- Holiday In The Park display is down and in storage.
- July Garden Tour – Sharon Danielson, Dean & Sue Faulhaber and Sandra Harmon will be the homes we will go to for this event, and we will stop at the Faith Lutheran Church gardens.
- Plant Sale – Seeds will be planted at tonight’s meeting for this.  The sale won’t be open on Friday night this year.  It will be open only on Saturday, unless the weather is bad.  The displays will be on the hay wagon and ground, and have color coded dots to determine the price of the plants.
- Library Garden planting - Pam Davies updated the attendees on the Library garden.  Part of it will be a rain garden.  She will contact a local High School Biology class and ask if they would like to video the garden.  There is a $2,500 budget given to her for this project.
- The Memory Lake Flag pole garden will also be planted, as well as the garden at Grantsburg sign on Hwy. 70.   Planting time depends on the weather.  Pam will notify the club of when this can be done, and anyone interested in helping plant these gardens is welcome.  Once these gardens are planted Pam will have a sign up sheet for club members to take a week or two to help maintain these gardens.
- Fairgrounds Planting – Lisa Slater and Audrey Edmunds will plant this again, asking the local Flower Shop for donations.  Planting time will also depend on the weather.  A 4-H group will maintain the planters.

Old Business
- The Treasure’s job description was updated and reviewed by each member.  A motion was made and approved to put the updated description into the Garden Club by-laws.

New Business
- Garden Club t-shirts:  Lisa Slater and Pamela Davies had sent emails to all members a few months ago, with designs and colors.  A sign up sheet was passed around to put your name, color and shirt size on.  Anyone who was not at the meeting and would like to order a t-shirt should contact Lisa to get one ordered.  The time of shirt ordering has not been determined.
- Lisa Slater will send emails to the Leader and the Burnett County Sentinel with information about Garden Club meetings and activities that the Garden Club is involved in.
- Pam Davies will set up a Garden Club face book page.
- Mary Griesbach suggests having an alternate Garden Club meeting date designated, for 1 week after the original date, in case the meeting is cancelled.   Mary Charmoli suggested not scheduling a meeting for the month of January due to the weather, travels and other factors.  After group discussion, a motion was made and seconded to have an alternate meeting date of one week after the original planned meeting date, if the original meeting date needs to be cancelled.  As far as not having a January meeting, this will be discussed further at future meetings.

*April 30 – Blooming Gardeners Community Education class is being held.  Kris Henning is instructing this.   There is no charge for it.  Contact Kris for further details.
*March 21 - New Ventures Garden Seminar in Minong.  Pam sent an email.  If you need any more information, please contact her.
*April 25 – Grantsburg Library Gala.  If anyone has donations for the Silent Auction items, please contact Deb Norling, at the Grantsburg Public Library.

Brag Time
- Mary Griesbach informed us that she will no longer be making soap, and is liquidating her supplies.  She is now a Wisconsin realtor, working for the Realty Executive company.

Marilyn from the Faith Lutheran Church in Grantsburg talked to us about the church garden on the north side of this church.  Vegetables are planted for the food pantry, Sr. Housing and the community.  If anyone is interested in helping to promote this and can work at the gardens, please let her know.  Pam will post this information on the Garden Club website and make a flyer for distribution to promote this.  These gardens at the church will be included in the July garden tour.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m.

The evening program had voting for the wood block projects.  Georgianne and Kris demonstrated seed starting.


Meeting Reminder, Thursday March 12, 6:30 PM at Grantsburg High School

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Our next meeting:

March 12, Thursday 6:30 PM Grantsburg High School room 111
  • Starting Plants from Seeds Indoors Workshop. Georgianne and Kris leading
  • Each participant who wishes to nurture plants for the plant sale will get a small flat of planted seeds to start at home with instructions!! 
  • Refreshments: Kris H and Ruthie A
  • Agenda: Potting Party, Plant Sale, Sign planting, Memory Lake planting, Library Gardens project, Summer garden tours
Cedar Board Competition judging will also take place at this meeting so bring your cedar board projects!!