Treasurer Guidelines

Office of Treasurer, Burnett Garden Club

From the current by-laws: The Treasurer shall be the custodian of the funds of the Club and shall pay expenditures approved by the Executive Board or a simple majority at a regular meeting. Treasurer shall make financial report at every regular meeting, a yearly financial report at the Annual meeting, and be subject to an annual audit in October by the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall receive dues from the members, be in charge of filing membership reports to MSHS, and keep an up-to-date membership record at all times.

When the treasurer receives the books from the previous treasurer, an audit of those books should have been done and signed off on by the executive board. The treasurer must insist this be done before accepting the books. Hand off should be in November or early December as our year begins with the December meeting.

1. The old treasurer will accompany the new treasurer to the bank to get the new signature card made out and the old one destroyed. The new president if there is one will also needs to be added to the signature card and the old one removed.

2. The treasurer will receive: the check book and all registers current and archived, any ledgers that have been kept in hard copy or digital (should have 10 years as an archive), the yearly audit report with signatures of the executive board and auditors, all archived receipts in bundles by years for ten years.

3. The treasurer maintains the club checkbook recording all checks, whether issued or voided, in the check register with check number, date, who to (and for what if room permits or note on check what it was for) and the amount as well as a running balance. (Any voided checks should be marked VOID and added to the invoice/receipt archive).

4. The treasurer keeps invoices or receipts for every check written. Any missing receipts must be replaced with a written and dated explanation and signed off on by the president or vice president. Price tags do not constitute receipts. These receipts will be bundled for the year and labeled and kept as an archive for ten years.

5. When paying a presenter for materials or fees, a signed receipt must be received from the presenter with an explanation of the costs or fees. This can be drawn up by hand by the treasurer and signed and dated by the presenter or can be made up by the presenter.

6. Honoraria in the form of gas cards (as has been the custom of this club where appropriate) must be documented in the ledger as to who received it, the amount, the date, and the presentation. (A column or columns can be added to the spreadsheet for this purpose)

7. The treasurer will keep a supply of thank-you cards and prepare the thank-you card with the gas card for the speaker for each meeting to be given at the time of the meeting.

8. The treasurer will balance the monthly bank statements against the check register filling in any omitted information into the register and adjusting the running balance accordingly.

9. The treasurer will make checks out to cash only to supply change for the cash drawer for the plant sale (or other official garden club event requiring cash). Cash will be immediately returned to the account after the event.

10. The treasurer shall keep a ledger, either a hard copy or digital spreadsheet, that will record all transactions including a detailed description of each expenditure and who approved it, whether common expenditure or approved by the executive board/committee or a vote of the club.

11. The treasurer will confer with the executive board/committee on any questions or issues that arise. The treasurer should ask for help from the previous treasurer or the executive board if they are ever feeling overwhelmed by the duties.

12. The treasurer will participate in the year end audit to be conducted in October or early November prior to the November meeting or as soon as possible after the close of the year. The audit will be overseen by the executive board but can be conducted by 2 or more members in addition to the treasurer.

The club thanks the treasurer for their diligence as this is a hard job!!

created 11/8/2014

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