Another fun BBQ/Potluck

Nine members gathered at Lisa's on Trade Lake for the 2016 Garden Club BBQ/Potluck. As usual the food was fantastic! Here are some snapshots of the event.

Plenty to eat!

Buns may be a thing of the past at least in NW Wisconsin! 

A pleasant evening out on the deck
despite the humidity and the threat of rain!

Container garden entry in our competition for
 the best planter of any type.
This "study in yellow and violet!" took second place.
Four more container garden entries--they all happened to be
fairy gardens! I wonder why!
Cut flowers entries. Ah gladiolas!
I wonder who could have brought those. Ummm, could it be Lucille!
The glads took the prize!

And the winners are: Lucille (as usual!!) and
Sandy with two entries in the container garden category!
Congratulations you two!!
The winning container garden entry; a fairy garden with an African
 violet and some wonderful ferns.

And here we are, the whole group out on the deck.
Even at dusk the bugs left us alone--pretty much.

Thank you so much to Lisa for hosting this event again this year. And to Charlie for taking pictures of the group with 4 different cameras/phones!


Deadline for Entries in the Grantsburg Burnett Co Fair Aug 11

The deadline for entering the Grantsburg Burnett County Fair is fast approaching. You will find the Fair Book at the Kozy Kitchen or at the Sentinel office in Grantsburg. You can download the Fair Book and entry forms at this link:

Get your entry form in by August 11.  Mail to: Burnett County Agricultural Society Fair, 13100 Carl Berg Rd., Grantsburg, WI 54840

Departments over 100 are the ones you want to look at in the book. Department 115 is Flowers and House Plants.

Becky received some questions about what category fairy gardens and hanging baskets are in. She spoke with Coke Scheider who apologized for not creating a separate category for fairy gardens for this year’s fair. Here is the scoop:

  • If your fairy garden contains “outdoor” plants it would go in that section with mixed planter or any other annual or succulents, depending on the type of plants.
  • If your fairy garden contains “house” plants it would go in that section depending on the type of plants.
  • Hanging baskets would be the “outdoor” section with mixed planter or if a single plant type such as geranium in the basket, it would go in the geranium category.

Becky will be happy to assist anyone in filling out their form. You will find her contact info in the garden club yearbook.

Remember too that there are a lot of other categories where you can show off your many and varied talents so have fun!!


Our Handiwork about Town!

The gardens around town are looking great. From the revamped Grantsburg sign gardens out on the highway to the flagpole garden at Memory Lake, the Grantsburg Library gardens and the planters at the fairgrounds, we have a lot to be proud of!!

 Kris' design and a whole lot of work from club members is paying off with this eye popping display at the Grantsburg sign out on the highway!

Garden as seen from the highway, July 21

Garden as seen from Olson Drive, July 21

Lisa and her team did a great job on the planters at the fairgrounds!
Fairgrounds planter, July 21

Fairgrounds planter box by the barn

Fairgrounds planter box by the barn

2 of 4 planter boxes at Fairgrounds building entrance

1 of 2 planter boxes at the back of the Fairgrounds building

 The Grantsburg Library Gardens are in their second year maturing and changing with each season.
Grantsburg Library garden

Grantsburg Library Garden

Grantsburg Library Garden
The Memory Lake flagpole garden is also maturing nicely! 
Memory Lake Flagpole Garden
Take a little tour around town and enjoy these lovely gardens. One day Grantsburg may be known as the Garden Gateway to NW Wisconsin!!