Happy Holidays!!

The whole gang at Georgianne's for the 2012 Holiday Potluck.  Wow, what a great picture!! Thanks Linnea, and thanks Rick for taking the picture.


Wonderful time at the holiday potluck!

We had a crowd of 17 at Georgianne's for the 2012 holiday potluck and of course more food than we could eat. Thank you Georgianne for being a great hostess. A great time was had by all!!


Holiday Potluck at Georgianne's! Reminder

We are all getting excited about meeting at Georgianne's for the 2012 Holiday Potluck.

December 13, 6:00 PM at Georgianne Kleiss's home, 313 N Russell St at the junction of W Jackson and N Russell, back in the woods!!  

While it is not necessary to sign up to bring a specific dish, it will help Georgianne if she knows how many to expect. Signed up as of 12/06/2012

Hors d'oeuvres (pre-meal munchies) 

  • Chex Mix--Janet B.; 
  • potstickers--Nori; 
  • phyllo hors d'oeuvres--Mary C.; 
  • mini-weinies wrapped in bacon and brown sugar---Teresa Hall

Entre BBQ 

  • meatballs--Kris H., 
  • ???--Becky Tessman

Side dish (potatoes, rice etc)  

  • ???--Pam


  • black bean veggie salad--Mary G


  • Pasta Salad with ham, cheese and pinapple--Sue; oriental cole slaw salad--Janet


  • Cheesecake--Kris; cream puff dessert -- Teresa


  • Juice--Janet;  
  • coffee/latte, hot cider, cranberry punch--Georgianne (if she can swing it!)

Candy and cookies

  • Lucille

Voluntary $10.00 gift exhange (home made gifts are always appreciated!). December is our official date for handing over the club to the new officers!


Christmas at the Cabin

Member Mary Griesbach is having a holiday boutique at her home on Saturday, December 1. This will be her third year. Her log cabin is decorated, the smells of the holidays permeate the air and she invites local artisans to show and sell their wares. And, of course, you can buy Log Cabin Soaps!! Oh yes, and there are refreshments!! 

Please note:
Any members with special events open to members and/or the public are welcome to share the information with the membership via this blog.  Submit information to me, with pictures if you have them! 


2013 Planning Committee Meeting Report

Four members of the Planning Committee--Pam, Kris, Georgianne and Janet--attended the planning committee meeting on Wednesday, November 14 at Pam's house. We enjoyed cheese and crackers, grapes, popcorn, wine and eggnog (with rum)!

What a fun meeting! We got a lot done and had a great time. We have a lot of creative activities planned for 2013 but you will have to wait for the program book that Kris is creating to find out what we have in store for you next year!.

You may be receiving phone calls over the next few weeks to get details hammer out so that Kris can print up the 2013 Program book for handing our at our holiday party. If we have as much fun at the meetings and events of 2013 as we had planning them, this is going to be a fantastic year!!

We were surprised to learn that 2013 is going to be the 25th anniversary of the Burnett Garden Club!!  Let's make this the best year ever while we celebrate us!! Let's create a fitting tribute to the founding members.

Tena Anderson
Lucille Danielson
Mary Ann Erickson
Dean and Sue Faulhaber
Elaine Frees
Delores Gibbons
Marcella Hanson
Arlene Heinrich
Kris Henning
Martha Iverson
Gertrude Johnson
Ray L. (Bob) Johnson
Eunice Kanne
Alma Karels
Louise Kimbel
Jane Martin
Frank and Jenni Pacyga
Roy Seifert
Doug Sundquist
Marc Swanson
Tom and Linda Swenson
Maryann White
Bonnie Wicklund
Dianne Wicklund
Laura Wicklund
Nina Wicklund

Knowing how hard it is to keep this club functioning, we want to thank the founding members for all the hard work they put into creating this wonderful club!! Let us hope we are living up to the original vision and adding to it every year!


2013 Officers

President-Pam Davies 715-463-4289 Grantsburg pameladavies@yahoo.com
Vice-President-Rick Seume 715-463-5452 seume2@grantsburgtelcom.net
Secretary-Janet Byers, 715-463-2008 Grantsburg kjbenterprises@grantsburgtelcom.net
Treasurer-Georgianne Kleiss, 715-463-3343 Grantsburg georgianne@kleissgears.com
Historian-Lucille Danielson, 715-689-2288 Grantsburg lumd@grantsburgtelcom.net
Notification and blog admin-Pam Davies 715-463-4289 Grantsburg pameladavies@yahoo.com


Meeting Minutes, November 8, 2012

The following members attended the meeting: Pam, Kris, Janet, Nori, Jim, Lucille, Becky, Georgianne

The meeting was called to order at approximately 7:00, late because of technical difficulties with presentation to follow.

Minutes from the October meeting were approved at posted on the blog.
Treasurer's report was not made as the treasurer was not present. Approximate account balance is $1700.
The old membership roster was printed out and circulated for any corrections.
Holiday in the Park committee report: Pam to check lights on existing display, checking for good site in the park, will try to get setup while weather is good, Georgianne volunteered to help.
Sign Planting committee: Becky cleaned out the zinnas and did some trimming
No old business discussed
New Business: Election of officers
Georgianne accepted treasurer position, approved by vote
Janet accepted the secretary position, approved by vote
Pam accepted the president position, approved by vote
Rick Seume who is not technically a member was nominated and voted to the VP job
We need to setup a date for the planning meeting for the 2013 program. Elected officers, past president and committee chairs should be present. All members welcome.
Meeting adjourned at 7:15

Minuted taken by Janet Byers, transcribed by Pam Davies


Holiday Potluck signup

The potluck will be held this year on Thursday, December 13, 6:00 PM at Georgianne Kleiss's home.  
Thank you Georgianne!

Here is the signup sheet for the holiday potluck as of 11/9/2012.
  • Hors d'oeuvres (pre-meal munchies): Chex Mix--Janet B.; pot stickers--Nori
  • Entre: BBQ meatballs--Kris H., ???--Becky Tessman
  • Side dish (potatoes, rice etc) ???--Pam
  • Vegie:
  • Salad:
  • Dessert: Cheesecake--Kris
  • Beverages: Juice--Janet
  • Candy and cookies: Lucille
Please let me know what you think you will be bringing so I can add it to the list!

Check for updated lists on this website on the menu where Weeding used to be.

Hope to see everyone at this year-end event.

A bit of a chaotic meeting last night!

Technical difficulties caused some havoc at our meeting last night but we ultimately prevailed. Getting connected to the school's WiFi was essential to our self-taught workshop but that was not so easily accomplished. After half an hour and numerous trips conferring with teacher Mr. Watt in the computer lab, that difficulty was overcome. 

We had the meeting while munching on bread, apples and cheese, and sipping hot cocoa, Kris with one hand in a tub of warm water holding down the wheat that needed to be soaked for 30 minutes before weaving. 

It was so good to see Nori and Jim at the meeting, and getting caught up with them was so enjoyable that the technical difficulties were overlooked (I hope!). 

Officers were elected and a signup sheet for the holiday potluck was circulated. 

Then we set to teaching ourselves the fine art of wheat weaving. After viewing the YouTube videos, we realized it would have been wiser to trim the stems of leaves before soaking them. It would have made the soaking part easier too!! 

The wheat was of two varieties, ND wheat and black bearded durum. We picked a simple project called a love knot. According to the video, these were made in Sweden by young men wanting to court a young woman. If she accepted his love knot and wore it on her belt, they were officially courting. 

This project involved only three stems and about 8 or so inches of braiding. Still, it was not so easy to get a nice even braid. We had hoped to work on some other projects as well but time ran out. 

Extra wheat stems were distributed among members for arrangements and perhaps more attempts at weaving.

We ordered our wheat from Black Beards in North Dakota. They specialize in growing wheat for weaving and for dried floral arranging. 

The Roster of Officers for 2013 and Planning Committee meeting

We elected officers for 2013 at last night's meeting.

2013 Officers

President: Pam Davies (also information officer by default)
Vice President: Rick Seume (Nominated by Tim last month. Kris offered to pay his dues!)
Secretary: Janet Byers
Treasurer: Georgianne Kleiss

We have scheduled the planning committee meeting for Wednesday, November 14 (next week). We will meet at my house at 216 N. Pine Street, Gburg, at 6:30 PM as it stands now.

Those who should attend:
Pam Davies as President and Chair of Holiday in the Park Committee
Rick Seume as VP
Janet Byers as Secretary
Georgianne Kleiss as Treasurer
Becky Tessman as Chair of the Sign Planting Committee
Kris Henning as Chair of the Plant Sale Commitee (she would like a new chair for this) and Yearbook

Any other members who wish to attend are invited and encouraged to come.

Thanks so much.


Meeting Reminder, Thursday November 8, 6:30

Our November meeting is scheduled for November 8, at 6:30 PM at the Grantsburg High School, room 111.

This is our annual meeting for electing officers for 2013, scheduling the 2013 planning committee meeting and Christmas party potluck signup and Holiday in the Park progress report!!

A door prize will be given out to one lucky attendee!

Pam and Nori will provide refreshments. Nori and Jim will try to make the meeting. We will all be happy to see them.

We will be having a Braided Wheat Craft Workshop. This workshop will be conducted with the help of YouTube videos and handouts. The wheat has been ordered and should be here in time!! I ordered black bearded duram and North Dakota wheat which is the usual color. You can check out the what I got at this website http://blackbeards-wheat.cc/index.htm. Members cost will be covered by the club. Non-members will be asked to provide $3.00 for materials. Or become a member for $5.00 and get materials free!!

Check out the videos we will be using on the blog at http://burnettgardenclub.blogspot.com/2012/10/wheat-weaving-in-november.html

Bring small items to embellish your ornaments such as colored threads, small beads, narrow ribbon, berries etc.

See you all next Thursday!!


Grantsburg sign clean up

Anyone with time is asked to stop by the Grantsburg sign to help with cleanup. The old zinneas and any weeds can be pulled and discarded nearby in the brushy area. This would be a big help and make the sign look better for the winter. In the spring we trim back bushes and perennials so you need not do that. Thanks so much.

Meeting Minutes, October 11, 2012

Seven garden club members were present for the meeting.

The treasurer was not able to attend the meeting so there was no treasurer's report. Everyone was told that the minutes from the September meeting are available on the blog.

Pam showed us a pamphlet that she created and printed as advertising for the garden club. It looks great! At the November meeting she will show it again and hopefully, we will have enough members present to discuss the pamphlet again and decide how many we would like to order for the club. There is money budgeted for club advertising (such as the pamphlet) that is separate from the money budgeted for advertising the annual plant sale.

We still need to collect annual dues from some of the members. The price is still only $5.00. What a deal. Memberships to the Horticulture Society are due, as well, if you would like to join them.

We discussed that the Welcome to Grantsburg sign looked great this year and we still need to come up with a group to do fall clean up at the sign. Pam will post it on the blog asking for volunteers.

We discussed that we will keep the same theme this year for our spot for the Holiday in the Park. We still need volunteers to help with that. We will revisit that at the November meeting, too.

We still need to do some planning of events for next year so we can plan for our yearbook. We will discuss that in November and we need to elect new officers for the next year. Kris H. indicated that she will NOT be able to be the Vice President for the next term. Mary G. will NOT be available to be the treasurer for the next term.

Sign up sheets for volunteers for committees and for refreshments were passed around. We still have many open slots that need to be filled.

Pam D. attended the Grantsburg Chamber of Commerce meeting today. She discussed that a little bit. Pam had a survey for us to answer regarding attracting more tourism to Grantsburg. It was interesting discussing it and being able to write down our input.

Our November meeting will be about making braided wheat items. We are looking for a source of wheat. Anyone know where we may get some?? The next meeting is on November 8.

Pam provided us with a trivia game about gardening that included questions relating to the presentations and guest speakers that we had at our meetings this year. It was so much fun. Tim T. was the big winner and took home the door prize (which he gave to his lovely wife, as it was a beautiful blue wallet purse). Thank you so much, Pam, for the fun trivia game. You put a lot of work in to it and it was wonderful.

Janet provided the refreshments. We sure hope that Nori, Carrie and Rosemary will be better soon.

See you all in November.

Submitted by Janet B.


Fun time at the October meeting

Seven of us gathered for the October meeting (watch for meeting minutes). Since our planned hosting of members from Pine City Garden Clubs did not work out and we were only 7 in number we decided to have the meeting at the food table!! Janet, thanks so much for the goodies.

After the business part of the meeting, at which we did a survey for the Chamber's new Grantsburg revitalization initiative, we played a gardening trivia game. Pay attention at those presentations because many of the questions came right from what we've learned from speakers and workshops. For instance, what are three of the 5 Bs of creating fall and winter interest in the garden. Sue got this one correct for 3 points with birds, branches and bark. The other two are berries and benches.

The winner got the door prize. After three rounds Janet and Tim were neck in neck. Two rounds later Tim pulled out in front naming two reasons why a gardener might want to test soil for 6 points. He gave his prize to Becky as he could not fit the feminine light blue clutch wallet into his shirt pocket and was afraid of sitting on it if he put it in his back pocket. Congrats Becky on Tim's win!!

We missed everyone who could not attend. Nori, Carrie and Rosemary we hope you are on the mend and will be at meetings again soon.

Oh and Rick was nominated for VP and was the incorrect answer to about three of the trivia questions. That's what happens when you skip garden club!

Wheat Weaving in November

Our November meeting should be pretty fun. We will be teaching ourselves how to weave with wheat. Evidently, wheat weaving is a very old tradition used to entice the wheat spirits to provide a good harvest!! We will be enticing the creativity spirits to help us come up with pleasing ornaments!

Some years ago a wheat weaver conducted a workshop for the club. We are hoping some members recall what they learned and can help us find our way. To get an idea of how this will work and what supplies we need, I have embedded a couple of videos from YouTube. You can learn how to do most anything from YouTube! Enjoy!

PS: If anyone know a source of wheat, a local farmer perhaps, we will need a good quantity so we don't have to worry about making mistakes!!


A note from Kim...

In regards to winter hardy perennials, I have a book which I highly recommend "Growing Perennials in Cold Climates by Mike Heger & John Whitman.   Mike Heger is considered one of the nation's leading experts on growing perennials in cold climates.  He worked at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum before founding his own nursery.  John Whitman was a grower at Bachman's.

It is a beautiful book that recommends specific varieties by common and  names, how & when to divide and transplant. It also gives sources for hard to find varieties.   I think it would be helpful to anyone who loves perennials and hates it when they don't survive the winter.

I will try to make it to the meeting on the 11th and bring my copy so people can look at it to decide if they want to add it to their library.I have also included the link to it on Amazon.

Regards - Kim McDonald  


Planning for 2013

I had a lot of fun at our last meeting talking about answers to some of the questions I posed on the website prior to the meeting to get us all thinking about what we want to do in 2013. While I did not write down specific answers (I'm such a bad note taker), here are some of the things we talked about:

Meeting new people, talking about gardening, visiting gardens and sharing gardening information are some of the reasons why we joined the club whether more recently or as founding members. I think we all like the refreshments as well!

Becky's favorite garden tool is a short shovel that can be used from a kneeling position to dig weeds or plant.

Preen and Osmocote, for weed suppression and time release fertilizing, are favorites among gardeners in the club. Liquid Fence and Deer Stop (from Menards) were mentioned as deer and rabbit repellents. Deer Stop is pleasant smelling and will not clog spray nozzles.

Spray Roundup along the edges of gardens to keep grass from encroaching on beds--be careful to use a narrow spray to avoid killing desirable plants! Can also be used next to fences and buildings as well as sidewalk cracks. Can also be applied to a broom and swept on weeds to avoid contaminating desirable plants (done by an Amish garden, I believe).

Linnea, though not at the meeting, mentioned at the summer potluck and container garden competition in August that she likes to add a little Miracle Grow to her watering can once a week to give her containers and hanging plants a boost.  She has luscious planters and pots.

Weeds being the most disliked part of gardening, animal and bug pests are also high on the list, as well as soil that needs amending. Testing your soil was recommended. This can be done through the University of Wisconsin.  Here is a handy link for testing http://uwlab.soils.wisc.edu/lawn-garden/. Kits are also available at garden centers.

If anyone remembers any other specifics discussed, please make comments on this blog and I will follow up.

Most popular topics for 2013

I handed out a list of possible topics for presentations in 2013 for members to indicate what topics appeal to them. Here is the tally of the results (I misplaced or did not get back one of these handouts. I got back 4 but thought there were 5 so I will update this list if I find the 5th handout). I combined a few and noted these.  Slash marks indicate individual interest in the topic. I included topics with 3 or more members indicating interest.

/// Bulbs, spring blooming

///// Construction, any type of hardscaping such as walls, pathways, trellises, pergolas, etc

/// Cooking freezing canning drying with garden produce

/// Flowers, perennials, flowers which are winter hardy in Minnesota, selection and propagation.

/// Ferns, all aspects of gardening with ferns

/// Fruit, berries, grapes, any type of small fruit such as blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and grapes

///// Garden Art, introducing art and whimsy to the home garden combine with hands on workshops in willow weaving, trellises, and making benches and planters

/// Gardens, shade, selection of plants, design and maintenance of gardens designed for shade

/// Gardens to visit, gardens to tour in Minnesota

/// Ground covers, selection and propagation of plants that act as a dense covering for the ground.

/// Irrigation, use of man-made watering systems

//// Landscape renovation of current for low maintenance or new ideas including landscaping around water not to include water gardening.   combined

/// Pest control includes all types of pest control such as organic, chemical, biological, or integrated pest management

/// Vegetables, plant selection and general methods of vegetable gardening

/// Wildlife, living with, methods of gardening and living with wildlife, includes methods of animal control.

Our next meeting is:

October 11, 6:30 Grantsburg High School, room 111. Idea sharing with Pine City area Clubs. Members for other clubs are invited to talk about their clubs events and programs. This should be a great opportunity to infuse fresh ideas into our 2013 planning!! Business includes dues, program planning and signup for 2013. Also, Holiday in the Park planning!! Rosemary and Janet will provide refreshments.

Reminders will be sent out early next week.


Meeting Minutes, September 13, 2012

Fifteen garden club members were present. The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

Treasurer's report:  Balance of $1762.61.

Dues for 2013 are due at this time. Dues are still $5.00.  Please pay Mary G.

If you would like to join the MN Horticulture Society, please sign up soon for 2013. Price for individual is $37.00, dual is $40.00, household is $55.00.
Use our club #  07-60 to sign up.

We are now members of the Grantsburg Chamber of Commerce. They are looking for volunteers to work at Grantoberfest at the fairgrounds on Sept. 29th.

The plants at the Welcome to Grantsburg sign are looking GREAT per Becky T.

Janet B. had an announcement that she has a daylily/perennial bed that will be torn up to be replaced by a shed. The plants are free for the taking on Sept. 15th and 16th.

We need more volunteers for the committee for the Holiday in the Park. Pam D. is the Chairperson. Kris H. is on the planning committee. Please contact Pam or Kris if you are interested in helping.

Please contact Pam with your list of general topics for programs for the next year. We need ideas.

Meeting was adjourned at 7 pm.

Donna Chell from Village Floral gave a wonderful presentation on "The Five B's of Gardening"

First B is Birds- Don't deadhead all of your plants in the fall so the birds can feed off the seeds and perch on the plants.

Second B is Berries- Plant trees and shrubs that produce berries for the birds to feast on during the winter.

Third B is Bark- Plant trees and shrubs that have a variety of barks- shiny, or smooth, rough or peeling-- try Burning Bush

Fourth B is Branches- Oak and maples have best branching for the birds. Try sugar maple or red maple, red dogwoods.

Fifth B is Benches- have benches in your yard or gardens for you and for the birds to sit upon.

Thank you Donna for a great presentation and for bringing many wonderful plants, trees and shrubs for examples.

Submitted by Janet B


For Facebookers and bird lovers!

If you are on Facebook and love birds, check out the WarblerCalls. I found this via Kim McDonald. Enjoy!



Free Plants for the digging for members

Janet Byer of Janet's Perennials 13017 Solness Rd is looking to clean out a bed of day lilies and other perennials to make way for a new shed. She is giving away plants to anyone who is willing to come this weekend, Sept 15-16, to dig them up. Call her for more info at 715 463 2008.

Membership Renewals for MSHS

The Burnett Garden Club has long been affiliated with the Minnesota State Horticulture Society. It takes only one member to subscribe to the MSHS for the whole club to be an affiliate. This year the discounted cost of membership to the MSHS is $37.00. $34.00 dollars is the discounted cost of the Northern Gardener Magazine that you get with your membership. The remaining $3.00 is dues paid to the Society. 

Subscribing on-line is apparently not an option at this time because of the discount so if you wish to become a member of the MSHS you will need to write a check for $37.00  (or the membership level you desire, individual, dual or household). Make the check payable to MSHS and get that to our Treasurer, Mary Griesbach (drop off at the Grantsburg Fitness Center on Tues or Thurs) or mail your check to the MSHS with your name, address, telephone, email, the name of our club and the level you are joining at.  

Mail the check to:
2705 Lincoln Drive
Roseville, MN  55113

MSHS Garden Club Rates 2013: 
$37 for an Individual garden club member
$40 for a Dual 
$55 for a Household 

These memberships are due November 1, 2012 (get them to Mary by October 15 so she can mail it in). 

The MSHS has a new blog!! and are now on Facebook. 

Check out the blog at: 

Like them on Facebook!:



Meeting Reminder, Thursday, September 13

We will resume our regular calendar of meetings on Thursday, September 13, at 6:30 at Grantsburg High School, room 111. Donna Chell of Village Floral and Garden Store will present to us on Fall/Winter Garden Interest.  

Business includes dues and planning for 2013. This is also our Annual Club Plant Exchange. If you have them, bring perennials and seeds you'd like to share with the club!!

Lucille and Wanda will provide refreshments.

Door Prize!! As is our new, old tradition (resurrected from days gone by) we will be presenting a door prize! Mary G is providing and presenting the prize. It's a surprise--she wouldn't event tell me!!

You can find the minutes of our last regular meeting in May 2012 by clicking on the Minutes tab.

Planning for 2013

To help get us thinking about what we want to do in 2013, here are some questions to ask ourselves and answer to get the creative thoughts bubbling: Which question really gets you thinking about what you want to know and what you already know that you'd like to share with the club?

  • I joined the garden club in (year) because....
  • My favorite garden tool is ______________ because.....
  • My favorite gardening product is _______________ or I wish there was a product that would _______________ because....
  • My least favorite part of gardening (besides weeding!) is _____________________
  • When I break ground on a new bed I like to or wish I knew how to  ....
  • The worst pest in my gardens are ________________
  • I would really like to become better at or more knowledgeable about __________(garden related) because....
  • I use a lot of __________ (plants, pots, planters, structural features, products, or ?) in my gardens because ....
  • I am so proud of how _______________turned out because....
  • My big dream is to ____________ in my garden but I am holding off because.....
  • Three things about my gardens that I'd like to change or wish I'd done differently.
  • If I could start over with my gardens I would ....


Great pond idea!!

I came across this picture on pinterest. Thought it was a really fun idea. For the original post on hometalk.com check out the link.


Please share any wonderful gardening ideas you come accross by emailing them to me pameladavies @ yahoo.com


What we want to learn about in 2013

Below are some topics members selected for possible programs for next years. Slashes indicate the number of people who selected the item as a topic of interest. This partial list of topics was developed by the Minnesota State Horticultural Society but it serves a a good tool for us to use to think about what we want to learn next year. For a full list of topics from the MSHS visit.


If you have not already done so (at the August potluck) you will have an opportunity at our next meeting on September 13 to share your preferences for topics.

We will look for speakers in our own community to present the programs we select. If you know possible speakers, please share that information with the club.

Also, check out classes offered by the MSHS http://www.northerngardener.org/classes

List of topics

// Construction, any type of hardscaping such as walls, pathways, trellises, pergolas, etc

/ Composting, any type except worms

/ Cooking freezing canning drying with garden produce

/ Exhibiting/judging, methods of exhibiting at plant shows, judging plant shows, teaching plant judging

/ Flowers, perennials, flowers which are winter hardy in Minnesota, selection and propagation.

// Ferns, all aspects of gardening with ferns

/// Fruit, berries, grapes, any type of small fruit such as blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and grapes

///// Garden Art, introducing art and whimsy to the home garden

/// Garden crafts, crafts such as wreath making, topiary, and wall hangings which use items from the gardens.

/ Gardens-shade, selection of plants, design and maintenance of gardens designed for shade

/ Gardens to visit, gardens to tour in Minnesota

/ Ground covers, selection and propagation of plants that act as a dense covering for the ground.

/ Herbs, general, selection and propagation of plants used for culinary or medicinal purposes, includes herb garden design

/ Irrigation, use of man-made watering systems

// Japanese gardens, gardens designed in the Japanese style

/ Landscaping, edible, landscaping with plants that provide food for humans

/ Landscaping, low maintenance - a landscaping style that minimizes maintenance, includes plant selection and methods

/ Landscaping water - landscaping around ponds or lakes, does not include water gardening.

// Ornamental grasses - selection and maintenance of grasses grown for ornamental use, does not include turf grasses.

/ Pest control includes all types of pest control such as organic, chemical, biological, or integrated pest management

/ Seeds, seeds saving and starting

/ Travelogues, places to visit throughout the US or in foreign countries

/ Vegetables, plant selection and general methods of vegetable gardening

// Wildlife, living with, methods of gardening and living with wildlife, includes methods of animal control.


Call for Pictures of your fair entries and prizes.

Some of our members have entered the local fairs and are winners!! If you are one of those who have entered whether you are a winner or not, please send me pictures and info about your entry and any prizes you have won. If you have pictures from past entries and wins, please send those too. Lets encourage others to enter next year by sharing stories and pictures!

Send them to pameladavies@yahoo.com

Yes, we can show at the MSHS exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair

I received the following email from the person in the know running the MSHS exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair:

Hi Chuck and Pam,

Yes, anyone who has a potted plant, planter or collection can enter our show. The MSHS has become a source for all Northern Gardeners and as such, their show is open to all gardeners who have the same growing conditions.

I cannot however speak for the other two day shows at the state fair, each has their own set of rules. Our show is unique in that you do not have to pre-register, you can just show-up with what looks good on Wed. afternoon the day before the show opens, and enter your plants.

Sorry it took so long for me to respond, I have been out of town most of the month. Looking forward to seeing your plants this week!

MaryDon Beeson

The show is August 23 and 24. Bring your entry to the Horticulture building on Wednesday August 22nd. If you are interested in showing, check out the guidelines. Scroll down for rules.



Master Gardener Training in Polk County begins September 4

For anyone interested in Master Gardener Training through Wisconsin Extension, classes will be held in Polk County beginning September 4 and will meet every Tuesday 6pm - 9pm at the government center in Balsam Lake (35 miles from Grantsburg) until November 20. The cost including materials is $115.00. Email Jennifer at jennifer.blazek@ces.uwex.edu or phone 715 485-8600 about how to register.

Members, please apply to the Garden Club for partial reimbursement of tuition ($75.00). We will make one award for 2012 to the first person who applies (must complete the training and the service requirement by November 2013). If the first person to apply does not finish, the next person will be eligible if more than one applies.

(Burnett County training: I have not heard back from Kevin about whether there will be training offered in Burnett County this fall. I will post any info I receive from him asap.)

Ghana Herb Garden

Hi Gardeners,

My daughter, Vanessa, spent the last 2 months in Ghana.  One of her projects was to help create a vegetable garden so the kids at the orphanage could learn to grow, eat, and sell vegetables.  I thought some of you might enjoy this.

"Yao, our friend that Alec introduced us to,(and who last week introduced us to a scorpion after giving us an antidote) took all four of us to him and his friend's herbal farm.  They are both traditional herbal healers and are trying to start a school to educate the next generation about natural healing.

We saw and learned about plants used for cancer, anaemia, hypertension, and birth control. And we sampled leaves from the cinnamon tree, lemon grass, and basil. The car smelled really good on the way home."

Attached is a picture of part of the herb garden.

She is en route home now; we'll pick her up at MSP tomorrow night.  :)



Great time had by all at the annual summer potluck

We had a good showing at the August 9 2012 summer potluck. Twelve members brought scrumptious dishes including new members Lori and Brad who brought cream cheese brownies still warm from the oven! Besides gardening these two enjoy kayaking and organic foods. They are not only new members but new additions to the community choosing Grantsburg for the great schools for their two children ages 11 and 13.

The early evening was sunny and warm, perfect for grilling out. The food was great and plentiful, as usual, and we all partook heartily! Intermittent rain gave us a lovely double rainbow over the lake as well as exercise running inside to take shelter. Becky pointed out that all the laughing after dinner helped to alleviate that over stuffed feeling from eating too much!

We had 4 entries in the container garden competition and 3 entries in the cut flowers competition. Lucille took first place for her container garden featuring a variety of succulents in a rustic pot. Linnea took second prize for her abundantly overflowing hanging basket. She also took the prize in the cut flower category. She offered this tip: water outdoor potted plants with a little miracle grow once a week for profuse blooming and hearty foliage!  Congratulation to Lucille and Linnea.

Here are a few pictures of the evenings activities.

Janet and Mary G perusing the entries as people arrived, the Nelson-Seume cabin in the background.

Food accumulates on the table as more arrived and we prepare to eat

One table is not enough to contain all the dishes

Sporadic sun showers gave us the vivid colors of this double rainbow, the pot of gold was just out of reach on the opposite shore!

Enjoying the after dinner repose--good conversation and a lot of laughs.

Linnea, Teresa and Shirley enjoying the warm coziness of this wonderful cabin that has been in Linnea's family for many decades. 

Linnea talking to Janet, Lucille and Kris about her 2nd place basket elements.
Lucille next to her gorgeous glads and her winning succulents.
The whole group.
Front, left to right: Becky, Mary G, Lucille, Janet, Teresa and Linnea
Back, left to right: Tim, Pam, Kris, Brad and Lori
Rick served as photographer, thanks Rick.


Back at Linnea's Family cabin for our Annual Pot Luck, Thursday August 9, 6 PM

We will be back at the Nelson/Seume cabin on Wood Lake for our Annual Pot Luck. 

When: Thursday, August 9 at 6:00 PM

Where:  11601 North Shore Drive
Directions: HWY 70 to County Road Y (west of Alpha), south to North Shore Drive (left turn), about a quarter to half mile along the North Shore Drive look for cabin with lots of cars. That will be us!

Rick will have the grill running. Bring a dish to pass. The club will provide burgers, brats and buns as well as paper plates etc.  

Bring a swimming suit and towel if you want to swim!!

We will have our usual two competitions!! Enter one or both.

  • Container Garden, first and second place prizes
  • Cut Flowers in a vase, one prize
This is a fun event for old and new members!! Hope to see you all there. Questions? email pameladavies@yahoo.com 

In September and October:

September 13, 6:30 Grantsburg High School, room 111. Back to our regular meeting schedule after a busy summer! Donna Chell of Village Floral and Garden Store will present to us on Fall/Winter Garden Interest. Business includes dues and planning for 2013. This is also our Annual Club Plant Exchange. Bring perennials and seeds you'd like to share with the club!!  Lucille and Wanda will provide refreshments.  
Everyone, bring program ideas for 2013--your ideas will be turned into presentations and workshops!!

October 11, 6:30 Grantsburg High School, room 111. Idea sharing with Pine City area Clubs. Members from other clubs are invited to talk about their clubs events and programs. This should be a great opportunity to infuse fresh ideas into our 2013 planning!! Business includes dues, program planning and signup for 2013. Also, Holiday in the Park planning!! Rosemary and Janet will provide refreshments.


A Great Garden Tour!

14 participants had a terrific time at the 2012 Burnett Garden Club garden tour. Here are some photos to drool over!!
The CCC Garden. Becky gave a wonderful tour explaining the history and purpose of the garden.
Enjoying the CCC gardens in transition. A work in progress as are all gardens!
Linnea and Rick Seume's shade to sun transformed gardens. Spectacular!!
Wandering about Linnea and Rick's extensive gardens...then, next door to Shirley's.
Shirley Nelson's back garden, Mary C paying the weeding toll!!
 Shirley's front garden, love those sculptures!!
 Jacki Bedworth's cottage garden. Willow gardens in back and a smudge fire!!
 Jacki let us see her willow weaving workshop. This is one of her creations. Watch for photos in later post.
 Georgianne Kleiss' terrace gardens overlooking a beautiful spring fed pond.
Georgianne's veggie garden with broccoli ready to harvest!

We enjoyed refreshments provided by Mary G, Nori and the BGC at Georgianne's where we had a tour of the original log house that has been incorporated into the dramatic home design.

Nori and Carrie, we missed you  both and hope you are on the mend.

A great big thank you to all the host gardeners. We had a terrific time!


Please note change to order of gardens in tour

The order of gardens in the tour have been adjusted to make travel more direct. Check previous post and note the new order. Also, here is a link to google maps with driving directions to each location.

Rain or shine!!


2012 Community Garden Tour Thursday, July 19, 5:30 pm

The Burnett Garden Club will be having our annual garden tour on Thursday evening, July 19 beginning at 5:30 pm.  Rain or shine!!

  • We will begin at the CCC Burnett Medical Center Garden at 5:30.  Park on the St. George Street side of the medical center. We can expect to spend about twenty to thirty minutes here. Those who want to carpool can leave some vehicles at the Medical center.
  • Then on to see Linnea  and Rick Seume's at 415 E Madison Ave (phone) 715 529 2958. We may wish to spend a little more time here
  • Then we go to see Jackie Bedworth at 519 N Pine St (phone) 715 463 5267. Jackie says about thirty minutes here.
  • We will finish at Georgianne Kleiss' at approximately 7:15 - 7:45, 313 N Russell St (phone) 715 463 3343 where we will have refreshments provided by Nori, Mary G and Carrie.

Thanks in advance to all the participating gardeners for welcoming us to their gardens. The public is welcome. There is no charge.


Beautiful St. Croix River Book

Georgianne Kleiss passed on this link to me. Check out this new photo book on the St. Croix River. Even if you are not interested in buying this book, click on the link and page through it. The photos are absolutely beautiful. All proceeds go to the St. Croix River Association.

Scroll down to the preview screen.


Plant sale figures and a renewed member

The plant sale figures are in:

Cash in the box was 672.00
minus starting cash -150.00 = 522.00
plus plants sold at Pam's + 127.00 = 649.00
minus potting soil - 57.24 = 591.76
minus advertising - 20.00 = a grand total of $571.76
This is our main fund raiser. According to our newly adopted 2012 spending plan, we hoped to add $800.00 to our coffers in 2012. Membership dues totaling $240.00 were collected in 2011 for 2012 giving a total of $811.76. Yippee!!

We (I) did not remember to include the expenses of the plant sale in our 2012 spending plan and so will want to remember to plan for about $60.00 for potting soil in 2013.

Our 2012 spending plan estimates yearly adverting at $30.00 so we have used up 2/3 of that and may wish to adjust that in our 2013 spending plan.

We did have a new site this year and with the persistently sluggish economy I think we did quite well.

Some suggesting mentioned for next year:
  • We need to take better care to know what we are potting up. (We had a lot of iris and other plants that we labeled as mixed colors because we weren't sure of the colors).
  • We also need to try to get a bigger variety of plants to sell. We had requests for more vegetables. Other requests?
  • We should also have knowledge of the plants we are selling to advise the purchasers. We saw a lot of return customers and hope to get them back again next year.
  • Anyone with suggestions about how to improve our next year sale should send them in to me or Kris.

Renewing member Kim McDonald has been very busy this past year taking courses to become an EMT. She has passed all her tests including carrying 120 pounds up a flight of stairs!!
Kim also enjoys motorcycling and you may have seen her at Family Foods working the counter and registers. Congatulations and welcome back Kim!


Classes offered by Isanti Master Gardeners

These classes are offered by the Isanti Master Gardeners, Thursday evening, 7 - 8 pm, free to public, Isanti County Govt Center, 555 18th Avenue SW, Cambridge, MN

July 12 Best Natural Resource Management Practices - Barry Wendorf

Aug 9 Design Ideas to Shrink your Lawn - Evelyn Hadden

Sept 13 Winter Interest in the Garden - Chuck Levine

Oct 11 Common Mistakes in Gardening - Meleah Maynard

Nov 8 Garden Art and Decoration - Philippe Gallandat


We are the Grantsburg Chamber of Commerce newsletter featured member for July!!

I invite you to check out the July 2012 Grantsburg Chamber of Commerce newsletter. We are the featured member this month!!


The Chamber is calling for assistance with Water Cross. Any member who wish to donate time here is the info right from Nicki, the president of the Chamber. I will forward Nicki's email to everyone in the club. You can also reach Nicki by posting to the Grantsburg, WI facebook page.

If you are available the weekend of Watercross, the Chamber could use your help. We will be manning the Olson Dr. gate, checking in campers Thurs and Fri. Also, Fri-Sun we will have a booth selling Grantsburg shirts. Let me know if you can help – this is a GREAT way to help us promote our community…not to mention, you get a free wristband for Watercross. No need to be a Chamber member to help – so invite a friend/family member to share your shift!


Details for the Community Garden Tour are being worked out now. The tour order and addresses will be announced here soon. Hope to see you all there.

Happy 4th of July!!


If you are interested in touring gardens in Mahtomedi, Minnesota

We received this invitation from the Mahtomedi Garden Club:

Mahtomedi Garden Club’s
2012 Garden Tour

Sunday, June 24th 2012
Noon to 4pm rain or shine
Tickets $10 advance, $12 day of tour

Featuring Six Spectacular Gardens:

  • Wander the lovely landscaped grounds near a pond and stream bed
  • Stroll with the butterflies through beautifully terraced gardens that move from shade to sun
  • Meander on woodland paths to a pond and poolside paradise filled with perennial gardens and colorful annuals
  • Admire a work-of-art pergola covered with grape ivy and wisteria surrounded by amazing island beds 

Tickets may be purchased in advance

· At Lila and Claudine’s Yarn and Gifts in Mahtomedi
· At the Mahtomedi Farmers Market on June 23rd
· Online at www.mahtomedigardenclub.org 

Or on the day of the tour at Triangle Park across from Coffee Cottage in Mahtomedi (Mahtomedi Avenue and Stillwater Road, Mahtomedi)
Proceeds support gardening education and community beautification projects


The Circle tour became a line tour!!

Wanda, Mary C and Pam met at the High School parking lot at 8am. Since there were only the three of us, we decided to change the itinerary. We headed to St.Croix Falls, stopping at Janet's Perennials on the way. We found a lovely assortment to choose from and started out spree!

Next Was Abrahamson's.

The prices were great! We loaded up on annuals and perennials.

On our way to Sunshine Gardens we stopped first at a Garage sale where we bought hand made aprons for one dollar each!

Then, on to Treasure Alley concessional sale. Oh my, if we'd had more room in the car....

We stopped next at Chateau St. Croix Vineyard for their summer festival where we bought soap from Mary G, ate gyros and heard some great music.

Sunshine Gardens was a real treat. Mary got outfitted with plants for a water garden and Wanda and I made selections from a wide assortment of coral bells and other perennials. We refreshed ourselves with lemonade provided by Joann's daughter Erin. Thanks for taking the picture of us in our aprons Joann and thanks for the lemonade Erin!!

Home by 1:30--time to get some planting done.We had a great time!

The Central Burnett County Fair is July 12 - 14, Exhibit registration deadline June 22

Exhibit at the Fair

Webster Fairgrounds, Webster, WI
Thursday, July 12 to Saturday, July 14, 2012
Anyone school age and up can enter in the fair. Even Adults!
Baking, crafts, photography, animals, gardening, flowers, and much more!
It is a great way to show off your talents. Plus, there is prize money!!

For more information and to download a booklet and registration form go to:

Check out our little ad in the Grantsburg Chamber of Commerce newsletter

We are now official members of the Grantsburg Chamber of Commerce. The monthly newsletter includes a small (last minute) ad announcing us as new members. Check it out at:


Scroll down about one page worth. You should recognize the photo of the Grantsburg sign (with Georgianne weeding!) currently featured on the blog!!


The Circle Tour is ON!! Join us!

We are headed out on Saturday, early, on an 82 mile round trip shopping spree to greenhouses in North Branch, and St. Croix Falls.  We will visit Homestead Perennials  in North Branch first then take 95 to Saint Croix Falls and visit Abrahamson Nursery and Sunshine Gardens.  (Click on the name of the locations to get a link).

If we have time and are not too tired, we could stop at Chateau St Croix to say hello to Mary G and check out the Fete des Fleurs Art Festival on our way home! 

We will eat lunch  in St Croix Falls--bring your own lunch or eat out. 

Bring a hat and sun screen and a beverage and snack to keep your blood sugar up. I will bring a small cooler for beverages--we don't want to get dehydrated! 

Also, bring a few bucks to pitch in for gas.

If you can't make the 8 am carpool, meet us along the way!!  Check our location at 612 978 0234 
We should be to St Croix Falls by 10:30 or 11:00


Annual Plant Sale at our new location

We thank T-Dawg's at Gateway Mall in Grantsburg for letting us use their lawn and parking lot for our plant sale.

With the early spring, and possibly the new location, we saw less traffic than in past years but then we had fewer plants. Still, we declare the event a success. Thanks Kris for chairing the plant sale again this year!!

And many thanks to everyone who donated plants, potted plants, provided materials, transported plants, assisted with setup and tear down and to Becky, Tim, Nori, Jim, Mary C, Kris and Pam for manning the sale.

We had great weather and lots of fun. Jim and Nori, the pancakes and sausages you picked up for us at the Fireman's breakfast were terrific as promised!! 

You can find some of the left over plants at Pam's if you missed out on making your purchases!! Email, give a call or stop by and make your selections.

Sign planting when great thanks to the earlier cleanup!!

Thanks to everyone who showed up to plant the Grantsburg sign on Thursday. Becky said it was a breeze with all the great cleanup work we did earlier in the month!

Becky, do you have the weeding schedule?!!


May 2012 Meeting Minutes

Burnett Garden Club
May 10, 2012 meeting
6:30 PM @ Crex Meadows Wildlife Visitor Center

  1. President Pam Davies called the meeting to order at 6:40 PM.
  2. The Secretary’s report on the Garden Club Blog was approved as posted.
  3. The Treasurer being absent, the President read the Treasurer’s Report. Our beginning balance last month was $2,136.09. After expenses, which included payment of the hotel bill to Kris Henning for the Garden Expo trip, our balance is now $1,482.73.
  4. Kris Henning, Plant Sale Chair, led the discussion on the Plant Sale.
    1. We will need at least 5 transportation vehicles to pick up the plants at Kris’ house on Friday evening, June 1st, and deliver them to the sale tent in front of T’Dawgs by 6:30 AM on Saturday. Kris will not be home, but the plants will be behind the pumphouse and it is okay to drive on the lawn.
    2. Kris will contact Rosemary and Mary C. for the use of their canopies again.
    3. We need 4-5 more tables for setup. Kris has 3 @ 8’ tables plus a card table. Pam will bring sawhorse table. Bring what you can.
    4. We need a larger variety of plants to sell; our donations this year are way down. We have no annuals or vegetables or herbs. If you can bring some of these or pot some perennials up at your home and bring them at 6:30 AM to the sale, we can attract more customers and make better sales. We have a lot of obedient plant, named variety daylilies, evening primrose, yellow/dwarf/mixed irises, curly onion, yellow loosestrife, native switchgrass, tall blue spiderwort, mixed Asiatic & tiger lilies, common green and variegated hosta, and short sedums/sempervivums. We need whatever you have that is not above, please!
    5. Kris will bring marking pens, plant stakes, pens & notepads.
    6. Pam will create a poster to be emailed to the members so they can print and distribute them. She will also bring the Garden Club sign.
    7. The Treasurer will need to bring a cashbox and cash for the sale. We will need quarters, ones, fives, and tens.
    8. We will keep our prices the same as last year.
    9. We will also need boxes and paper or grocery bags for customers to take plants.
    10. Bring bug spray and sunscreen and a lawn chair for yourself.
    11. Please contact Kris or Pam if you can help with any of the above items; thanks!
  5. Sign planting will be May 31st at 5:30 PM. Becky has the plants ordered and will get Osmocote. Bring your trowels and planting tools.
  6. The President brought up that no final decision was made on joining the Chamber of Commerce. The Executive Committee has now met and approved the expenditure contingent upon approval by the membership. Discussion followed. Tim motioned, Becky seconded to join the C of C; motion approved.
  7. The President also brought up that no final decision was made on whether or not to offer partial reimbursement on any club member taking the Master Gardener Volunteer course. The Executive Committee approved the expenditure at their meeting contingent upon approval by the membership. The rule would be that the partial reimbursement of $75 would go to the first person applying for the money and who completely fulfills the requirements for volunteering (which takes almost a year). If the first person applying does not complete the volunteer requirements, the money would go to the second person applying for the money. Discussion followed. Kris motioned, Sue A. seconded to approve the expense; motion approved.
  8. The President brought up an item from the Executive Committee meeting regarding a thank you to Mark Johnson for using his classroom for our meetings. Becky motioned to approve a $20 Gift Certificate to Village Floral for him and Lucille seconded; motion approved for the Treasurer to purchase this.
  9. Club “Circle Nursery Tour” on June 9th to Homestead Gardens in North Branch, St. Croix Falls Greenhouse, and Sunshine Gardens, Cushing will leave at 8 AM from the High School. We will carpool and stop for lunch somewhere for lunch on our own. Please RSVP to Pam or Janet Byers (Tours Chair) by June 2 if you wish to go. If not enough interest, this tour will be cancelled.
  10. Meeting adjourned at 7:05 PM.
  11. After a short refreshment break, we had a wonderful presentation on “Photographing Flowers in our Gardens” by Dr. Dale Bohlke, President of Friends of Crex Meadows, in the Visitor Center auditorium. We learned all about correct exposure, backgrounds, focusing techniques, composition, point of view, and light. Dale had a great Powerpoint show and discussed not only the above, but also how to choose which pictures to keep or delete. We had a very interesting discussion with Dale.
  12. Attending: Pam , Kris H, Lucille, Cindy K, Sue A, Tim & Becky T.

Respectfully submitted,
Kris Henning,
Acting Secretary