March Meeting, Fun and Informative

The Thurday, March 9, meeting was not only educational but fun as well. Of course, we always have fun at Garden Club!

Kris ran a fast and efficient meeting so we would have plenty of time to learn about gardening for pollinators. 

Kim Wheeler, previous of Crex Meadows, now working with Fort Folle Avoine Historical Park, gave a very interesting and informative talk and slide show on ways to cater to pollinators in our gardens including avoiding pesticides whenever possible, allowing some debris to accumulate in the garden for habitat, planting in larger clumps to make it easier for pollinators to find the food they love and planting more native species that tend to have more of the nectar that pollinators need to survive and thrive. We hope Kim will be back in the future to teach us about harvest and preparing wild foods from the forest and prairie. 

A big thanks to Georgianne and Rhonda for the great treats!
We started eating before the meeting stated--always a good sign!

And a big thanks to Wanda for always making sure our room is available and open for us. 

Georgianne enjoying a laugh with friends!

Kim getting started with her talk 

The group listening intently to every word!

Thanks Kim for a great presentation.

Meeting Minutes, March 2017

Burnett Garden Club:  March 9, 2017
Meeting called to order at 6:40 PM

No visitors or new members

Secretary’s report from February 2016. Minutes posted on Blog by Kris Henning for secretary Linnea Seume. Motion to approve the posting by Janet Byers, second by Charlene Strabel —Correction on last months minutes.  The club DID vote to continue their membership in the Chamber of Commerce and Charlene has paid the dues. (As of posting, correction has been made to the February minutes).

Treasurer’s report by Charlene,  Current balance:  $1910.43 No discussion.  Report stands as reviewed. $50 went to the Chamber of Commerce, 4-$25 gift certificates purchased from Village Floral for guest speakers.

Announcements: List of upcoming events/seminars posted on blog.

Committee reports:
  •     Community plantings—plants have been ordered. Flagpole, library, fairground plantings need some additional clean-up this spring.
  •     Grantoberfest—September 16, 2017—We made $191 last year
  •     Holiday in the park—nothing new
  •     Plant sale—Linnea needs gallon size pots
  •     Tours—Nothing new to report
  •     Spring garden party:  Theme: Country, "Denim and Plaid", June 22—Baked beans and sloppy joes will be provided by hostess, Charlene Strabel.

Old business—Cookbooks—let Mary Charmoli know if you want to sell some at an event.  Janet B. said that she would try to sell
    some at her upcoming garage sales.

    Club logo and sign— Mark not available

New business—none
Brag time:  Georgianne and Pam just returned from Ecuador—they would be willing to present their trip at a future club meeting.

Next meeting—April 13, 6:30 PM, “Orchids”—by Mary Charmoli.  Kris and Ruth have refreshments.

Presentation—Kim Wheeler, “Native and Cultivated Plants for Pollinators”
Refreshments provided by Rhonda Johnson and Georgianne Kleiss

Members Present:  Linnea S, Kris H, Rhonda J, Janet B, Georgianne K, Charlene S, Pam D, Lisa S, Wanda B.
Linnea Seume, secretary


Meeting Minutes, February 2017

DATE: February 9, 2017  6:30 pm

Meeting called to order at 6:35 PM

Thank you to last year’s Officers and Committee Chairs *January meeting was cancelled due to illness and bad weather.  The meeting topics will be offered at this meeting.

Welcome—no new members or visitors

Secretary’s report from November 2016 by Kris H. posted on the Blog.  Motion approved: Pam D. Second: Janet B. Vote: approved

Treasurer’s report:  Charlene S.
Current balance: $2080.55

Announcements: Kris reviewed upcoming events:  Master gardener training, Burnett Dairy Beekeeping workshop and Raising chickens, Burnett C. Tree and Shrub sale, etc.

Committee Reports:  All reports were deferred as too early to report much.  More discussion as we move closer to Spring.

Old Business:  48 cookbooks remaining. Contact Kris if you want to purchase one.
            Mark unable to attend to discuss Logo—hopefully he will be able to be at the next meeting

New Business:  *Short discussion re: Chamber of Commerce—Georgianne reported that the chamber seems to be dwindling due to lack of interest and leadership. Moved, seconded and approved to continue our membership in the Chamber for 2017.

* Vote on January meetings: Most years we end of cancelling the meeting because of weather, so the club voted to cancel future January meetings.

Brag time:  Mary Griesbach brought in her 30 year old Paphioedilum Venustum orchid!!
          Wanda Bjorn has a tomato plant growing in her home, with a tomato forming!!

Next meeting:  March 9—Program on Native and Cultivated Pollinators, Kim Wheeler

Meeting adjourned at 7:05

Presentation:  Linnea Seume on “Growing Long day Onions” and Tips on Potato Growing.
              Kris Henning on Longwood Gardens

Refreshments—Pam Davies and Teresa Riewestahl

Members Present:  Sandra and MacKenzie Harmon, Wanda Bjorn, Charlene Strabel, Pam Davies, Rhonda Johnson, Linnea Seume, Janet Byers, Becky Tessman, Mary Charmoli, Mary Griesback, Kris Henning, Georgianne Kleiss, Theres Riewestahl


Meeting Reminder, Thursday, March 9, 6:30 PM, Room 114, Grantsburg High School

Regular Meeting Thursday, March 9, 6:30 PM at Room 114 Grantsburg High School.
  • The program for the evening is "Native and Cultivated Polinators" by Kim Wheeler
  • Refreshment by Rhonda and Georgianne
Hope to see you all there!!