Correction from Becky!

Becky corrected me on some of the plants she brought to the potting party. She did have plants up in her gardens after the warm spell we had the previous week.  She brought FIVE types of flowers from her home including or in addition to ferns and fringed bleeding heart. 

From the Grantsburg sign she brought latris and aster.

Last evening was so conducive to gardening that she potted up two types of grasses from the sign (13 pots). She also started two type of sunflowers from seeds (24 pot) and potted up sedum (six pots) and prim rose (six pots).

Wow!! Lets all get out there and pot like crazy!! Becky has given us a really great start!!
Thank you so much Becky. 

Remember, if you need pots or potting soil, contact Kris or me.


Update on Potting Party

We has a cold bluster day for the potting party. Nonetheless Kris, Nori and Jim, Mary G, and Pam arrived ready to work but without any plants! We all settled in around Kris' dining room table to drink wine and coffee, eat goodies and commiserate on our situation.... Well, the weather, you know, couldn't be helped (as my Grandmother used to say). Nothing was quite ready in any of our gardens to be dug up and separated. Even with the extra week and a couple of nice warm sunny days, the return of the cold slowed everything down again.

Then Becky arrived to save the day! Becky brought plants!

Becky spent an hour and a half cleaning up the Grantsburg sign.  She couldn't stand it looking so raggedy!. She found plants needing separating and since her garden wasn't ready to dig up yet, brought big clumps of stuff from the sign. Great thinking Becky!  We should start using the sign gardens as a space to propagate plants for our sale, mostly everything we've put in does quite well there.

We were able to pot up 70 plants from the items Becky brought.  Thank you so much Becky!!

We will need lots, lots, lots more for the sale so please, please, please set aside plants for the sale.

You can pick up premixed potting soil and pots from Kris or Pam to pot up what you have or if we get requests for another potting party we could work on setting that up.


Wonderful afternoon at the Victorian Tea Party!

Our final meeting before the summer activities schedule kicks in was an amazing afternoon in a Victorian wonderland! I knew that Teresa, Carrie, Janet and Molly were going to make this event spectacular but they went way beyond!! We all had a great time. Everything was beautiful and the food was fabulous! Thank you to these very talented women. We are so lucky to have you in our club!