Meeting Minutes, September 13, 2012

Fifteen garden club members were present. The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

Treasurer's report:  Balance of $1762.61.

Dues for 2013 are due at this time. Dues are still $5.00.  Please pay Mary G.

If you would like to join the MN Horticulture Society, please sign up soon for 2013. Price for individual is $37.00, dual is $40.00, household is $55.00.
Use our club #  07-60 to sign up.

We are now members of the Grantsburg Chamber of Commerce. They are looking for volunteers to work at Grantoberfest at the fairgrounds on Sept. 29th.

The plants at the Welcome to Grantsburg sign are looking GREAT per Becky T.

Janet B. had an announcement that she has a daylily/perennial bed that will be torn up to be replaced by a shed. The plants are free for the taking on Sept. 15th and 16th.

We need more volunteers for the committee for the Holiday in the Park. Pam D. is the Chairperson. Kris H. is on the planning committee. Please contact Pam or Kris if you are interested in helping.

Please contact Pam with your list of general topics for programs for the next year. We need ideas.

Meeting was adjourned at 7 pm.

Donna Chell from Village Floral gave a wonderful presentation on "The Five B's of Gardening"

First B is Birds- Don't deadhead all of your plants in the fall so the birds can feed off the seeds and perch on the plants.

Second B is Berries- Plant trees and shrubs that produce berries for the birds to feast on during the winter.

Third B is Bark- Plant trees and shrubs that have a variety of barks- shiny, or smooth, rough or peeling-- try Burning Bush

Fourth B is Branches- Oak and maples have best branching for the birds. Try sugar maple or red maple, red dogwoods.

Fifth B is Benches- have benches in your yard or gardens for you and for the birds to sit upon.

Thank you Donna for a great presentation and for bringing many wonderful plants, trees and shrubs for examples.

Submitted by Janet B


For Facebookers and bird lovers!

If you are on Facebook and love birds, check out the WarblerCalls. I found this via Kim McDonald. Enjoy!



Free Plants for the digging for members

Janet Byer of Janet's Perennials 13017 Solness Rd is looking to clean out a bed of day lilies and other perennials to make way for a new shed. She is giving away plants to anyone who is willing to come this weekend, Sept 15-16, to dig them up. Call her for more info at 715 463 2008.

Membership Renewals for MSHS

The Burnett Garden Club has long been affiliated with the Minnesota State Horticulture Society. It takes only one member to subscribe to the MSHS for the whole club to be an affiliate. This year the discounted cost of membership to the MSHS is $37.00. $34.00 dollars is the discounted cost of the Northern Gardener Magazine that you get with your membership. The remaining $3.00 is dues paid to the Society. 

Subscribing on-line is apparently not an option at this time because of the discount so if you wish to become a member of the MSHS you will need to write a check for $37.00  (or the membership level you desire, individual, dual or household). Make the check payable to MSHS and get that to our Treasurer, Mary Griesbach (drop off at the Grantsburg Fitness Center on Tues or Thurs) or mail your check to the MSHS with your name, address, telephone, email, the name of our club and the level you are joining at.  

Mail the check to:
2705 Lincoln Drive
Roseville, MN  55113

MSHS Garden Club Rates 2013: 
$37 for an Individual garden club member
$40 for a Dual 
$55 for a Household 

These memberships are due November 1, 2012 (get them to Mary by October 15 so she can mail it in). 

The MSHS has a new blog!! and are now on Facebook. 

Check out the blog at: 

Like them on Facebook!:



Meeting Reminder, Thursday, September 13

We will resume our regular calendar of meetings on Thursday, September 13, at 6:30 at Grantsburg High School, room 111. Donna Chell of Village Floral and Garden Store will present to us on Fall/Winter Garden Interest.  

Business includes dues and planning for 2013. This is also our Annual Club Plant Exchange. If you have them, bring perennials and seeds you'd like to share with the club!!

Lucille and Wanda will provide refreshments.

Door Prize!! As is our new, old tradition (resurrected from days gone by) we will be presenting a door prize! Mary G is providing and presenting the prize. It's a surprise--she wouldn't event tell me!!

You can find the minutes of our last regular meeting in May 2012 by clicking on the Minutes tab.

Planning for 2013

To help get us thinking about what we want to do in 2013, here are some questions to ask ourselves and answer to get the creative thoughts bubbling: Which question really gets you thinking about what you want to know and what you already know that you'd like to share with the club?

  • I joined the garden club in (year) because....
  • My favorite garden tool is ______________ because.....
  • My favorite gardening product is _______________ or I wish there was a product that would _______________ because....
  • My least favorite part of gardening (besides weeding!) is _____________________
  • When I break ground on a new bed I like to or wish I knew how to  ....
  • The worst pest in my gardens are ________________
  • I would really like to become better at or more knowledgeable about __________(garden related) because....
  • I use a lot of __________ (plants, pots, planters, structural features, products, or ?) in my gardens because ....
  • I am so proud of how _______________turned out because....
  • My big dream is to ____________ in my garden but I am holding off because.....
  • Three things about my gardens that I'd like to change or wish I'd done differently.
  • If I could start over with my gardens I would ....


Great pond idea!!

I came across this picture on pinterest. Thought it was a really fun idea. For the original post on hometalk.com check out the link.


Please share any wonderful gardening ideas you come accross by emailing them to me pameladavies @ yahoo.com