Meeting format

Burnett Garden Club
Meeting Agenda Template

  1. Call to order
  2. Secretary’s Report (minutes from past meetings) - needs motion/vote to approve.
  3. Treasurer’s Report (usually is just previous balance, items paid this month and/or pending, and current balance) - cannot have motion, it’s just read into the minutes as it’s just a listing of finances.
  4. Announcements (sometimes this goes after the Any Other Business section)
  5. Standing Committee Reports a. Plant Sale, b. Sign Planting, c. Holiday in the Park, d. Planning/Yearbook.
  6. Special Committee Reports
  7. Old Business (items previously discussed but not under any Standing Committee)
  8. New Business (new discussions but not under any Standing Committee) - needs motion/vote on major items.
  9. Any Other Business (not on the agenda; usually brought up by members, etc.)
Adjourn -needs motion/vote to approve.

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