Meeting Minutes, November 2013


The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm.
We have 12 members present.

The minutes from the last meeting are on the blog. No corrections noted- minutes were approved.
Treasurer's report: Balance as of end of Oct. is $1876.44.
There were a few expenses for Grantoberfest and there were some dues collected since then.
Balance as of today is $1852.48.

There was an audit of the books on Nov 12 with Georgianne, Mary G. and Janet. There are a few items to clarify, then the books will be audited again, with the same members,  before the New Year.

Old business: The garden club received a very nice Thank you card from the Grantoberfest Committee. We hope to have a booth again next year. Please think about whether or not you would be interested in setting up the booth and/or helping at the booth.

New Business: The Christmas party potluck this year will be held at the home of Jim and Mary Charmoli at 6 pm on Thursday Dec. 12.  Please sign up on a sheet on the back table to indicate what type of food you will be bringing (list will be posted on the blog, email Pam with your contribution). There is an optional exchange of gifts, also. $10 limit on the gift. Homemade items encouraged. Spouses are welcome.

The Burnett Garden Club was featured in the Grantsburg Chamber of Commerce newsletter celebrating the 25th Anniversary for the club! What a nice write up.

We have been contacted by the Spooner Advocate newspaper and they would like to feature our garden club, also.

Thank you to those who helped with cleaning up at the Welcome to Grantsburg sign: Kris, Janet and Lisa. It looks very nice.
We discussed dividing some of the plants at the sign for the plant sale next year. The plants are expanding very nicely and do need to be divided. These plants can be potted up for our plant sale. Please let Pam know if you would like to be a part of a group to meet and redesign the sign gardens in the early Spring. There was also discussion that we may want to add more Zinnias and or other annuals to the sign next Spring.

We are participating in Holiday in the Park in Grantsburg by Memory Lake again this year. We can start setting up at early as Nov. 25th. We would like to tweak our design a bit from last year. Becky T. has some additional decorations that we can use. Please let Pam know if you would like to help set up and if you have any items to add to our design. Pam will send out an email soon to let us know the date for setting up.

We need to set up a date soon for planning the events for next year. The current officers usually gather for a planning session, but all members of the club are welcome to come to the planning session. Please look for an email from Pam in the near future for the date. Kris will print up the books and try to have them ready to hand out at the Christmas party.

We did have some discussion about planting at the Grantsburg library again. We have not participated in that for awhile. We will need to find out if they have a budget to work with? Do they want us to plant and they will take care of the garden? We need to find out a few more details and then have further discussion at a future meeting.

We also discussed planting again at the Grantsburg Fairgrounds. Lisa and Audrey will talk to fair board and 4-H members. Do they just want us to choose and plant the plants and they manage it for the summer?  There will be more discussion at future meetings.


PRESIDENT: Co-Presidents  Pam and Kris
SECRETARY:  Co-Secretaries  Lisa and Audrey
TREASURER: Georgianne


Meeting adjourned at 7:05 pm.

Rosemary Burkman is here to present a Wreath Making class for us. The club has provided straw and styrofoam wreaths as the base and a few members brought the items to decorate the wreaths. Thank you so much for your presentation and assistance, Rosemary.

Submitted by Janet Byers


Annual Holiday Potluck and gift exchange 6:00 PM, Thursday, Dec 12 2013!!

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We will be having the annual holiday potluck on Thursday December 12 at 6:00 PM at Mary Charmoli's at 9664 County Road D.  (See map above-click on the minus sign to get a distance view.)

We have an optional $10.00 gift exchange. Bring a wrapped gift and participate in the dice game!! Homemade and hand crafted items encouraged.

Spouses welcome!!

Wondering what to bring?  Check out the sign up sheet to see what is still needed!  http://burnettgardenclub.blogspot.com/2013/11/holiday-potluck-sign-up-sheet.html

Anyone who wants to carpool from Grantsburg can meet at Pam's house at 5:30 -- 216 N Pine St.

Anyone else who needs a lift, let me know and I will help arrange a ride.

Hope to see you all there!


Holiday Potluck Sign-up sheet

The Holiday Potluck will be held at Mary Charmoli's (directions in another post)

Please sign up for  the type of dish you are planning to bring so we don't get too much of one thing!!

Hors d'oeuvers (pre-meal munchies): Rosemary, Kris (cheese plate), Georgianne (deviled eggs)

Enters: Kris

Side dishes (potatoes, rice, etc): Jennifer (chicken tortellini salad)

Vegie: Lisa

Salad: Rosemary, Pam

Dessert: Audrey, Susan A.

Beverages: Tim and Becky (3 bottles of wine and 3 bottles of sparkling pear juice),

Candy and cookies:  Lucille, we are counting on your--Rick is for sure!
Jolene (cookies)

Whatever (don't know yet):

The club will reimburse Mary C for paper products (plates, napkins, flatware, cups, etc)

Email Pam if you wish to add your name to the list (pameladavies @ yahoo.com)

Even the creatively challenged can succeed with capable guidance!

We had a good turnout for the November meeting of the garden club and got lots of work done!!

Our roster of officers for 2014

Co-presidents: Pam Davies and Kris Henning
Vice President: Wanda Biorn
Co-Secretaries: Lisa Slater and Audrey Edmunds!! This is a first for the club, co-secretaries!
Treasurer: Georgianne Kleiss!

Thank you to all the new officers. We will schedule a planning committee meeting to meet prior to the December Holiday Potluck. Note: anyone who is interested can join the planning committee so if you are a natural at organizing and planning, come join us!

Rosemary guided us in creating some fun and creative wreathes for fall and holiday display. Even Pam, who hasn't got a create bone in her body where crafts are concerned, came up with a really fun wreath!

Thanks Rosemary for helping us create some wonderful wreaths! Jolene and Jennifer--send me pictures of your wreaths so I can display them on the blog!!

Watch for the minutes of the meeting in subsequent posts!! See you at the Holiday pot luck.


2014 Officers

Co-presidents-Pam Davies 715-463-4289 Grantsburg pameladavies@yahoo.com and Kris Henning 715-689-2333 Frederic henning@grantsburgtelcom.net
Vice-President-Wanda Biorn 320-358-3858 Rush City, Mn
Co-secretaries-Lisa Slater and Audrey Edmunds
Treasurer-Georgianne Kleiss, 715-463-3343 Grantsburg georgianne@kleissgears.com
Historian-Lucille Danielson, 715-689-2288 Grantsburg lumd@grantsburgtelcom.net
Notification and blog admin-Pam Davies 715-463-4289 Grantsburg pameladavies@yahoo.com