Meeting Minutes, March 2016

Burnett Garden Club
Secretary’s report for Mar 10, 2016
General meeting, Grantsburg High School @ 6:30 pm.

President Mary Charmoli called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.
Secretary’s report: Last month’s minutes were posted on the blog. No additions or corrections. Charlene moved, Pam seconded to approve the minutes as posted.
Treasurer’s report: Jackie reported that our beginning balance last month was $1,817.09; ending balance was $1,817.50. Wanda moved, Janet seconded to approve; the report stands as read.
Committee Reports:
  • Community Planting-Pam & Kris. Kris reported first on the Sign Renovation Committee meeting of last week. The Committee decided to go back to planting annuals for showiness at the Welcome sign. We will be asking other organizations to help fund it each year. We will be digging all the perennials out and bringing them to pot up at the Potting Party to sell. Kris has created a PowerPoint slideshow and an estimated budget for the project. Kris & Pam & Committee members will be making presentations next week to the Village Board and the Legion; other presentations will be scheduled as the meetings come up.
Pam reported the weed list will be on the blog—this is for weeding and watering the three gardens we maintain at the Sign, the Library, and the Flagpole on the north side of Memory Lake Park. Pam said the flagpole is mulched well and doesn’t take much care. This list is based upon last year’s schedule. Please review it and let Pam know if the same week will work for you. This is based on physical ability and locality to do the weeding.
  • Fairgrounds planting-Lisa. Nothing to report yet.
  • Plant Sale-Kris. Kris passed around the signup sheet again for anticipated contributions. She would like to highlight Pollinator Plants this year. We do want vegetable & annual plants; we will have some perennials from the sign. Charlene said there is an elderly lady in Siren that wants us to remove her large perennial garden and use it for our sale; she will find out more details and let us know.
  • Tours-Becky. Becky not present, but tour gardens have been signed up already.
  • Fair Float-Pam. Pam reported that she may not be able to do it this year; the project is on hold for now.
  • Grantoberfest-Georgianne.
  • Holiday in the Park-Lisa. Nothing to report yet. Decorations have been taken down and stored.
  • Cookbook-Jackie & Pam. The Executive Board has picked out the cover. Mary and Kris have a few more recipes to submit to Jackie and then we should have our 150 needed. Proofreaders are needed; Georgianne will help, and anyone can just go online and do that. Our final due date is March 15th to get them before the Plant Sale.
Announcements: Our next meeting will be at Linnea’s home: 415 E. Madison, Grantsburg @ 6:30 pm.; topic ‘Preparing for the Fairs’ by Linnea, Charlene and Becky.
The President passed around a sheet of coming events. She highlighted:-
  • 3/19—New Ventures Gardening seminars – Minong
  • 4/2—Let’s Get Growing, Pine County Master Gardeners, Pine City
  • 4/9—Spring Dahlia Sale, MN. Dahlia Society, Minneapolis
Old Business:
New Business:
  • Kris told about a Ladies Night Out at Winter Greenhouse in Winter, WI., on 6/22 6-9 pm and passed around the sheet.
  • Charlene suggested that the club set up one of the small display exhibits (3’x4’) at both fairs as a way to promote our club. All agreed it would be a good idea. We will discuss it further at our next meeting.
Brag time: Wanda has 2 tomatoes growing from plants that were given to her!
Adjourn: Wanda motioned, Jackie seconded to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm.
Program: Our program for the evening was Valerie Vollendorf about ‘Heritage Flowers’, and Tom Bell on ‘Vermiculture
Next Meeting: April 14th @ Linnea’s @ 6:30 pm; ‘Preparing for the Fairs’ by Linnea, Charlene, and Becky
Refreshments tonight by Sue and Wanda

Attendance-Mary C., Jackie Bedworth, Kris, Rosemary & Dakota, Lisa, Pam, Jackie G., Georgianne, Peggy Johnson, Rhonda, Wanda, Sue A., Janet, Charlene, Mary G., Mark & Teresa Riewestahl, and our speakers.  

Executive Board Meeting Minutes for March 10, 2016

Burnett Garden Club
Executive Board meeting
Grantsburg High School @ 5:30 pm
Secretary’s report for Mar 10, 2016

President Mary Charmoli called the meeting to order at 5:40 pm.
Discussion on Constitution:
  1. a. #7 Meetings, Section 1—remove the room number (we sometimes meet in other rooms)
b. (Comment only) #7 Meetings, Section 2—Executive Board is supposed to meet semi-annually (need to enforce)
Discussion on Bylaws:
  1. a. #1 Officers, Section 1, E. “No officer may serve more than two terms consecutively”, add: “with the exception of information officer”.
b. (Comment only) #1 Officers, Section 1, H. “When co-Presidents preside, no Vice President will be elected (oops)
  1. #1 Officers, Section 2, D. Treasurer:
    1. Should we limit the amount that the Treasurer may write a check for (in order to protect both the Treasurer and the account)? This was possibly $50 and under without approval, $50 and over must have approval; regular annual expenses, no approval? Jackie & Kris will research what the bank can do; tabled this decision.
    2. (Comment only) The Treasurer has set up an electronic password and provided the password to the President.
  2. #4 Committees, Section 2.
    1. Add, “Fairgrounds Planting, Grantoberfest & Tours” to Standing Committees list.
    2. Discussion that Budgets are supposed to be set for all committees before expenditures can be approved. Should we set an annual date for this? Tabled. We will discuss these at the annual Organizational meeting.
  3. #5 Meetings, Section 2. Add “November” to the Annual Meeting phrase.

Pam motioned, Jackie seconded to approve item #’s 1.a., 2.a., 4.a., and 5 to the Constitution & Bylaws. Motion passed.
  1. Honoraria.
    1. Gift cards/certificates in the amount of $25 should be purchased according to the speaker: Local speaker (including club members, if they decide to keep them) at Village Floral [good at the Garden Store too]; Out of Town speaker at Holiday gas stations.
    2. Treasurer will purchase gift cards and thank you notes to give to the speakers at the time of their program; the notes are to be signed simply “Burnett Garden Club”.
    3. Treasurer will purchase stamps to have on hand for mailing gift notes (if needed) and correspondence.
  2. Sign Renovation—Kris presented the PowerPoint program she created which will be used for fund raising.
  3. Other business: Cookbook title—Jackie. The title “Burnett Garden Club Favorite Recipes” and a design were picked by those present. Mary C. motioned, Pam seconded to approve. Motion passed.
  4. Pam motioned, Lisa seconded to adjourn meeting; motion passed at 6:20 pm.
Attendance: Mary C., Wanda, Kris, Jackie G., Lisa, Pam, Charlene

March Meeting well attended and lots of fun!!

Valerie Vollendorf and Tom Bell spoke on two different topics at our March meeting to over 15 members and guests. We met both Valerie and Tom at our booth at Grantoberfest back in September 2015 and were facinated by what they were doing. We are so glad they came to share their passions with us!

Valerie spoke on heirloom flowers, what they are, and why they are important to maintaining bio-diversity.

Valerie grows her own seeds here in Grantsburg and at their home in Luck. She hand harvests the seeds, cleans them, sorts them, dries them and packages them for sale on eBay and Etsy.

Here are the links to her two "shops"


Tom spoke on Vermiculture!! That's worm to anyone who doesn't know. Tom suggested keeping a bucket of worms in bedding under the kitchen sink so you can toss your veggie waste, coffee grounds and eggshells in and create great compost all winter long! He passed around a bucket of the worm castings to show us the beautiful soil these little creatures leave behind, and it had NO ODOR!!

Tom is planning to start a business with worms so watch for his castings and worm cocoons to be available locally some day.

Here are some vermiculture links:

Thanks so much to Valerie and Tom!!


Meeting Reminder: March 10, Thursday 6:30 PM Room 115 Grantsburg High School

Our next meeting will be held: Thursday, March 10, at 6:30 PM in Room 115 at Grantsburg High School. We will have two presenters:
Heritage Flowers presentation by Valerie Vollendorf
Vermiculture (worms!!) presentation by Tom Bell
Our agenda includes: Planning for the plant sale, update on the HWY 70 sign garden revamping, community garden planting and summer events
Refreshments will be provided by Wanda and Susan

Hope to see everyone there!!

Update on HWY 70 Grantsburg sign garden renovation!!

Burnett Garden Club
Sign Renovation Committee meeting
March 2, 2016 4.30-6:00 pm. @ Library History Room

The committee reviewed photos that Kris had taken of the current garden in different seasons and a past photo when it was all annuals. She drew up a schematic of what is planted in the garden now.
The committee then reviewed a schematic of proposed annual flower varieties/placement, an initial budget and possible funding sources done by Kris. An additional $30 would be added to the budget for Osmocote and Preen.

We discussed:
  • A more showy garden is needed, and to go back to planting all annuals there
  • Removing all perennials except Karl Foerster feather Reedgrass and the spirea bushes
  • Excess perennials would be potted up for the Plant Sale
  • After removal of perennials, the garden would need to be roto-tilled and compost tilled in before planting
  • Additional wood chips for mulch
  • Sources for funding

Actions to do:
  • Determine upcoming meetings for organizations and whether they would welcome a short presentation pitch for funding from Kris and available committee members
  • Organizations to be contacted—Chamber-Sandy, Lions-Sandy, Rotary-Pam, Village-Janet, Legion-Mary, Women’s Club-Kris. Everyone will let Kris know what they find out
  • Kris will develop a short PowerPoint presentation with budget
  • Compost and wood chip sources—Kris will contact the village to see if both are available; other sources were discussed if they don’t have any (chips-electric Co., compost-Charlene?)
  • Rototiller—Mary will check with Jim to see if theirs can be put in the truck
  • Removal of perennials—we will set up a day the week of the Potting Party on May 5th (weather-dependent) to remove all the perennials and bring to the party to be potted up
  • Kris will check with Flower Shop for plant availability

Meeting adjourned at 6:00 pm.
Present: Kris, Mary C., Janet, Pam, Sandy