2016 Planning Meeting at big success!!

Once again the planning committee, made up of the new Officers for 2016 and committee chairs, got together to plan out our next year calendar. We hope you like what we came up with for you!! We had a great time. Here are a couple of pictures to show you how much fun it is to be an officer or a committee chair and attend the planning meeting!!

What would a planning meeting be without food!! 

We need to get a club selfie stick so everyone can get into the picture!!

Thanks to Lisa for hosting us at Harvey Allen Outdoor Store!


2016 Officers

President-Mary Charmoli 715-349-8388 Webster marycharmoli@gmail.com
Co-President and Secretary-Kris Henning 715-689-2333 Frederic henning@grantsburgtelcom.net
Vice-President-Wanda Biorn 320-358-3858 Rush City, Mn wanda.biorn@grantsburg.k12.wi
Treasurer-Jackie Gerrick 612 270 7247 Grantsburg jrolsen925@gmail.com
Historian-Lucille Danielson, 715-689-2288 Grantsburg lumd@grantsburgtelcom.net
Notification, blog admin-Pam Davies, Grantsburg pameladavies@yahoo.com


Holiday Potluck, Get signed up for the type of dish you want to bring

We will be having our Annual Holiday Potluck on December 10, Thursday 6:00 PM  at Pam Davies' house in downtown Grantsburg. Check the blog tab for Potluck! to see what is needed then let me know what type of dish you plan to bring (or the specific dish if you know--I never know until the last minute). I will try to keep the Potluck! page updated.

The potluck is open to spouses, significant others and friends! as are all meetings.

A little heads up for the new members. You can bring a $10.00 gift if you choose. We do encourage home made items as we have a lot of talented members. We always play a dice game to distribute the gifts. If you choose to opt out that is okay too!

For anyone who wants to carpool or needs a ride be sure to let someone know--me or an officer. No one should miss the party for want of a ride. We have members coming from all over so there will surely be someone handy to pick you up and bring you home!

I will post directions as the dates get nearer.

P.S. to anyone considering joining our club, the holiday potluck is a good way to get to know us. We are a lot of fun!

Meeting minutes, November 2015

Burnett Garden Club
Meeting minutes November 12 2015

The meeting was called to order by Kris H at 7:40 due to the workshop (paint needed time to dry!) Attending were: Kris, Mary C, Rosemary, Mary G, Traci J (new member), Gail L (new member), Georgianne, Pam, Jackie, Lisa, Sue, Charlene, Jennifer (left before meeting), Mark and Teresa (new members), Becky, Tim. ( I think that’s everyone but I’m not sure).
Minutes from the Oct. 8th meeting were summarized by the President as they were posted late. No corrections offered.  Motion to accept minutes, Mary C, seconded Pam. Minutes accepted.
Georgianne gave the treasurer’s report. Beginning balance was $1935.69; funds added brought subtotal to $2049.73 (dues, new members, t-shirt sales). Payouts brought total to $1,922.98 (MSHS memberships, other reimbursements).
New members were introduced—from last month Jackie Gerrick and Charlene Strabel.  This month we have Mark and Teresa Riewestahl, Gail Lando and Traci Johnson. Rosemary has enrolled her 7-year-old granddaughter Dakotah Johnson as a new member – she really wants to be a member.   No other announcements.

Standing Committee Reports.
Holiday in the Park-Lisa & Audrey. Pam suggested setting up as soon as possible for good weather and the ground isn’t frozen, no snow. Lisa plans for wreath from last year. Pam offered metal trees with lights. Lisa suggested anyone can add to the display if they have something to add. Installation will be as time permits.
Special Committee reports—county fair float. Pam plans to decorate her pickup truck bed as a basket full of flowers. Wants donations of artificial flowers.

Old Business
T-shirts available, $10 each. Check blog for sizes still available.
Club cookbooks. Lisa & Jackie. Jackie presented options. Found a likely publisher with good prices and lots of options.  We seemed to prefer the three-ring notebook type. Small run of less than 150 would put retail price at about $13.00. Larger run reduces price substantially, could probably retail at $10.00 with a run of 200.  We need to collect recipes. Pam will digitize any recipes that are hand written if they are mailed or handed over to her.  March 1 is the deadline for getting recipes to Pam. Pam will send out email regarding recipes.
June Garden party in place of June garden/green house tour--third Thursday evening in June. Ruthie will host.

New Business.
Election of Officers for 2016. Slate: Pres-Mary Charmoli, Co-Pres-Kris H., Vice-Pres-Wanda, Treasurer-Jackie, Secretary-Kris H. Charlene moved to accept these officers as the 2016 officers. Pam seconded. Motion carried.

Any Other Business.
Planning committee meeting will be Friday November 20 at 4:30 pm at Pam’s house.
Georgianne suggested we have a meeting where members bring a guest. Pam suggested it be the garden party meeting.  This seemed to be accepted.  Include in old business next meeting to affirm.
Adjourn. Pam moved to adjourn, Mary C seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:10.
Tonight: Workshop on creating wood block quilt panels.
Next meeting: Christmas Party Potluck at Pam’s. $10 gift exchange voluntary. Club provides paper products—hostess procures. Pam will send out email on signing up for potluck.
Refreshments tonight provided by Georgianne and Susan.
Many thanks to Lisa for hosting tonight meeting at Harvey Allen Outdoor Store and providing paint and brushes and a great place to work!! 
Minutes submitted by Pam, edited by Kris H


Meeting Minutes October 2015

Burnett Garden Club
Oct. 8, 2015 Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 6:40pm
Secretary report: The minutes from the Sept. meeting are on the blog. The minutes were approved. Our secretary, Audrey, is not present for the meeting, so Janet will take notes.
Treasurer's report:   We have collected $50 in member dues and $40 in T shirt sales since last month and no expenses for the month. Our total is now $1,935.61. The report was approved.
Sign-up sheets were passed around again for members to sign up for bringing refreshments to meetings, sign up for various committees, list ideas for future programs and workshops for next year, sign up for hosting the Christmas party next year and sign up to have your garden or recommend someone else's garden to be on our Community Garden Tour for next year. We still have openings for providing meeting refreshments and we need lots more ideas for programs for next year.
Pam Davies will host the Christmas party at her lovely home this year. Thanks Pam.
Committee Reports:
Grantoberfest went very well for us this year. We attracted some interest and maybe new members?
Holiday in the park:   Please contact Lisa & Audrey if you can help set up or donate items to be used in the display.
The Welcome to Grantsburg sign is looking very good, the Asters are looking lovely. We had a killing frost that wiped out the gorgeous zinnias.
Pam and Georgianne planted 20 large red tulips at the Grantsburg Library garden. They will add lovely color next spring. Kris will donate some daffodils to plant in the garden, too.
Old Business:
Pam brought the T Shirts that we have left. We have several sizes available and they are only $10 each. Please contact Pam if you are interested.
We are forming a committee to discuss how to re-vamp the Welcome to Grantsburg sign next year.
New Business:
We discussed having a June garden party next year instead of planning an outing going to various garden centers. We scheduled those outings for Saturdays and did not get many people to sign up. We would like to have a garden party on a Thursday evening in June and hope to attract more members with the event on a week night. The hostess will be able to choose a theme, members can decide what dish to bring and maybe we want to dress up?? ** Ruth Andersen has volunteered to host the garden party at her lovely home and gardens** More details to come soon.
We discussed the idea of creating a garden club cookbook with recipes, garden hints and tips, etc. to sell and raise money for the club.
Lisa is willing to chair the committee. New member, Jackie, has experience with creating cookbooks and will check on pricing for us. Thanks, Jackie and Lisa.
We discussed the possibility of creating a float for the Fair parade for next year. Pam has a lot of suggestions. Maybe a member has access to a hay wagon to use or Pam is willing to let us decorate her truck. Pam will chair this committee. We have time since the fair is next August. Never too early to start putting together our ideas.
Other Business:
We will have elections in November.
Mary C and Kris are willing to be co-presidents.
Wanda is willing to remain as vice president.
Secretary and treasurer positions are still open. Please consider being nominated for one of these positions.  *Note—Jackie Gerrick has volunteered as Treasurer.
We will now be using a different room at the High School for our meetings. We will move from room 111 to room 115, which is across the hall way from 111.
In late November or early December the Executive Committee (the officers) will meet to discuss and decide the agenda for next year.
Teresa Halls was a club member, but she moved away to Spokane, WA in early August. Janet gave the club an update on how well Teresa is doing out there. Pam brought in a very nice card that was sent around for club members to write a note to Teresa. Janet will mail the card to Teresa.
Janet and Rhonda provided refreshments this evening. Thanks so much.
Our next meeting will be at the Harvey Allen Outdoor Sports building on Hwy. 70 just west of Grantsburg. Lisa will be hosting our meeting. The members will be painting wooden quilt blocks. The club will supply the primer. Pam and Kris will bring the blocks to Lisa prior to the meeting to prime them. Each member will have a block to paint. Please dress in painting clothes.
We have 2 new members joining the club this evening. Please welcome Charlene Strabel and Jackie Gerrick.
Meeting was adjourned and we started our program for the evening: Gardening with Children presented by Pam Davies and her guest, Sara Jensen.
Pam had many books available for us to look at about gardening with children. Sara gardens with her two small boys. Pam and Sara had a lot of fun ideas about gardening with children, how to keep it interesting and fun for them, how to get them involved because they want to not because they HAVE to help out. Thank you very much to Pam and to Sara for all of the good advice.

Kris Henning brought in extra plants from her fairy garden to share with the club members. Thanks so much Kris.