Phase I and II of the Grantsburg Library garden project!

The Grantsburg Library garden project is moving along. The sculpture of two children reading a book on a bench, donated by Bruce Erickson of the Friends of the Library, was installed this spring by the Village maintenance crew and a rain garden was begun with the help of Matt Berg's high school science class (see photos at the end of this post) after which edging bull nose pavers and mulch were installed by the Village maintenance crew.  A path to the sculpture intended to give children easy access without stepping on plants was put in by Pam and Georgianne using flagstones donated by Georgianne. All this was done in time for the Library addition open house on April 21!

Now we move on to Phase II, getting the woody ornamental in, or at least most of them. Georgianne and Pam visited WRGC on Thursday, April 30 to select plants. After a brief rest and lunch they set to work laying out and planting. 

Setting out pots to see what works. Hope we made good choices!!

Georgianne planting Juniper

Georgianne working hard on the other end of the garden!

Isn't this a great pot? We are hoping Linnea will want to put her vast container garden talents to work planting this wonderful planter we found at WRGC!!

Pam stopping for a water break! Being the photographer is hard work!

Piles of earth everywhere! 

Still more to plant? Oh my gosh, will we ever get done? Burgers at Dreamers tonight!

Check out these pictures of the kids that came to help us get the rain garden drainage rock in place.

The students, Matt, Georgianne and Pam. 
It was a chilly day but perfect for hard work. The front end loader helped a little too!! Matt's class had been learning about water sheds and the importance of providing an alternative to letting rainwater- runoff wash pollutants from our streets into the Wood and St. Croix Rivers. Putting in the drainage pit for our rain garden was the perfect project!

The first shovels full of earth were removed. A rain spout coming off the roof of the building and draining into the garden space made this a perfect spot for a rain garden.

The kids work hard digging a big pit by hand that was then filled with pea gravel and larger river rock to drain away rain from the drain spout to keep it from flooding the garden and running off into the street. Thanks kids, we couldn't have done it without you and thanks Georgianne for your wonderful idea to get Matt's class involved in this project! We couldn't have done it without them The kids even documented the project with photos and video!

Phase III of the Library garden project will be getting herbaceous ornamentals selected and planted! Donations of plants are being accepted! 
Drive by the library and check it out. Let us know if you'd like to lend a hand. And stay tuned for the latest updates!


Getting ready for the Potting Party Thursday, May 7, 5:30 at Kris'

The Burnett Garden Club potting party is a fun event and so very important to the success of our Big Gust Days plant sale. The more young plants we get potted up at the party, the better they look a month from now. And we do it all together!

Start digging up and separating those plants, store the whole clump in a plastic bag or a big bucket. Keep them moist and away from freezing temps but not too warm. Bring them and your gardening gloves to Kris'. If you have to be a little late, not problem, there will be plenty to do. And if you don't have plants, come anyway, we can use your help.

The club provides soil. Kris has some pots but bring 2 inch, 4 inch, quart and gallon pots if you have them.

Dress for the weather and for getting dirty. A few hand tools can be handy too though Kris usually has a bunch.

And there's always refreshments afterwards! Feel free to bring along something to add to the festivities afterward!

So don't miss out on the fun. Join us Thursday, May 7, 5:30 pm at Kris' on East Spirit Lake Road, # 22163.

2011 potting party in Kris' garage!

Gather what you need now for your fairy garden and RSVP to Kris by May 7

Gather up those tiny objects you want for your fairy garden as well as a nice broad pot that will accommodate a lot of lovely tiny plants and whatnots! May 14th is just around the corner. Make sure you let Kris know that you will be participating. Kris, I will be there!! Cost is $5.00. Membership is required, I believe, so bring a friend, sign her (or him) up as a member and join the fun. Sorry, this time membership is not included in the materials cost!

The business portion of the meeting (open to the public) will take place first as usual!


Meeting Minutes, April 2015

The April 11, 2015 Meeting of the Burnett Garden Club began with a tour of the Wood River Garden Center hosted by Dean and Sue Faulhaber and attended by garden club members as well as members of the current Master Gardener program led by Kevin Schoessow. Dean showed attendees the new plant options for this season as well as answered gardening questions.
Refreshments were provided by Deb and Rosemary.

The meeting was called to order at 11:30 AM by Kris Henning.

Secretary’s Report:
The online March meeting notes were approved and seconded.

The Treasurer’s Report:
Georgianne reported that $56.04 was spent on seed starting supplies used at the March meeting. The beginning balance was $1688.51 and the final balance was $1632.47.  Approved as read.

*Ag Station Plant Sale – Sat, May 16, Spooner at 8:00 AM
*Ag Station Twilight Tour – Tues, Aug 18 at 4:00 PM
*Blooming Gardeners Comm. Ed Class – Thurs, April 30 @ 6:30 PM  - Sign up @ Comm Ed
*Grantsburg Library Gala – Sat, April 25. Contact Deb Norling w/ donations

Committee Reports:
* Plant Sale – Kris
sign-up sheets passed for those who may have plants to bring & for those willing to
 work any portion of the sale.
The plant potting will be at Kris’s home May 7 at 6:00 PM.
The Sale will be Sat June 6.  AM set-up time has been moved up from 6:30 AM to 6:00 AM
Kris would like help bringing plants from her home to T-Dawgs on Fri and Sat
If you cannot participate you may drop off plants as late as Fri at Kris’s home
Georgianne will print up more club brochures for attendees
Signs, posters in the works
Seeds planted in March hopefully will be up and growing by sale

*Tours – Linnea – not present
Local and out of town tour dates in brochure
“Drive By” Faith Lutheran Church has been added to local tour route on July 16th

*Community and Sign Planting – Pam – not present
No report, dates in brochure

*Fairgrounds Planting –
No report

*Grantoberfest – Georgianne/Pam
No report

*Holiday in the Park –
No report

Old Business:
Faith Lutheran Church would like any help with plant donations or with weeding their garden. Contact Marilyn Kooiker.

New Business:
The Grantsburg Library has offered a two shelf case to the club for displays. Mary C suggested that this might be a great place to store our photo/activity albums plus photos of members in action (plant sale, planting signs, gardens, etc). Also club brochures could be available here.

Brag Time:
*Various members spoke about the seedling that they had planted and were coming up.
*The club welcomed new member Marilyn Nelson, of Siren.

Kris reminded everyone that the next meeting will be held at Village Floral. It will be a Fairy Garden Workshop. RSVP by May 7 to reserve a spot. Bring your own container for the workshop or purchase a container at the floral shop. There will be a fee of $5.00 for members to cover materials (fairies and small plants--does not include container). Additional supplies and plants may be purchased at the Village Floral on the day of the workshop.  (Be sure to dress for planting). Refreshments will be by Lisa and Audrey.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:05 PM.

Minutes provided by Mary Charmoli


Meeting Reminder, Saturday April 11, 10:00 am at Wood River Garden Center

Our next meeting:

April 11, Saturday at Wood River Garden Center.
This is our annual preview at Wood River Garden Center given by Dean and highlighting what is new for 2015. Dean gives a wonderful tour just when we need it after a long winter!
Refreshments Deb N and Rosemary B
Agenda: Annual potting party prep, fairy garden workshop details

Hope to see everyone there!