Three Fabulous gardens!

Heavy overcast did not stop attendees of the 2017 Garden Club Community Garden Tour from thoroughly enjoying the three gardens we visited this year. Approximately 13 of us toured Julie Roberts', Jenn Doornink's and Rhonda Johnson's gardens. Here are a few snaps of the evening's tour.

Remember, you can click on pictures to get a bigger image.

Julie Roberts' Gardens

Julie's beautiful vegetable garden and potting shed
In front of the potting shed, Julie in the center with Sandy, Ruth,
Mary and Lucille to her right and Janet and Linnea on the left. 

I finally learned why these stakes have holes and hooks!!
Who knew! Well, Julie did, obviously! It's always great to
learn new things.

Cool cucumber trellis!

Noting many of the handy details in this great veggie garden

A fountain and a boardwalk around the house, some of my
favorite garden features!

Mary and Lucille enjoying the stroll around the house

Jenn Doornick's Gardens

Lushness and color are two of the outstanding features of Jenn's gardens

Jenn's gardens are all about color! 
These amazing day lilies dazzle the eye.

Kris and Jenn discussing this newest garden bed with the wonderful
rock edging

Georgianne, Ruth and Jenn 

A profusion of color and lushness

Rhonda Johnson's Gardens

The formal sweep of  this garden is set off with magnificent hosta. 

Rhonda uses empty space to accentuate the individual plants

Color and texture stand out against the white rails of the
wrap around porch

Purple, lavender and orange with a boarder of silver, beautiful!

Cutting garden with prairie wild flowers in the background

Another beautiful veggie garden! 

Tons of peas ready to pick! I enjoyed quite a large handful myself!

Can't get enough of this lavender and orange! Just beautiful!

Had to get a picture of  Rhonda next to the blue
of the wild chicory!

As usual, a wonderful spread of refreshments followed the tour (sorry, I forgot to get pictures). Thank you to Sandy, Charlene and Mary

Thank you to Linnea for organizing the tour and to the Julie, Jenn and Rhonda for sharing their magnificent gardens with us!!

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